zayn doesn't even know the lyrics

anonymous asked:

Do you know why the official 1D website doesn't list Liam as a writer on No Control even though the album booklet does? www(.)onedirectionmusic(.)com/us/music/albums/four/songs/no-control

Because we’re talking about the crack team of experts that has, just in the last couple of months:

  • tweeted incorrect lyrics to Steal My Girl
  • linked to a fake Zayn Instagram on the official site
  • printed the wrong official Twitter handle on the Where We Are DVD packaging
  • gotten the starting time of their own livestream wrong by an entire 24 hours
  • consistently and repeatedly promoted merch with broken links

AND THAT’S JUST OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD. Like, I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if they copy/pasted those credits off the Wikipedia list, which was based off credits put together by fans who aren’t as good at being right as I am. Consequently, Wikipedia didn’t list Liam as a writer on No Control until…27 minutes ago, apparently. WEIRD COINCIDENCE.

Edit: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THEY ALSO DON’T LIST ZAYN ON CLOUDS, so this is definitely them working off Wikipedia or a Tumblr-made list other than mine. IF EVERYONE JUST LISTENED TO ME ALWAYS SHIT LIKE THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN.