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1d as salespeople

harry: constantly hands out coupon codes, offers to pay when people are short of change, animatedly asks them how their day is and whether they need help finding something

liam: gives elaborate, detailed descriptions of things using technical terms literally no one can understand

niall: abuses his employee discount to buy ridiculous amounts of food, always forgets to put his uniform on, volunteers to stay after hours solely so he can reenact the risky business scene

louis: “i’m told to butter up products to potential buyers but i gotta be real with you i don’t have experience with this particular littlest pet shop set”

zayn: does gymnastics leaping over and ducking under displays to avoid customer interaction

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I just... 3of the boys have made comments that allude to a fallout between zayn and ot4. Zayn clearly made a choice that the boys feel betrayed by. Print zayn has said terrible things about 1D, but you only acknowledge the good things he's said on print as truth. Zayn didn't show up when Jay died. I think something happened that will never be revealed, and maybe no one is in the wrong, maybe everyone feels hurt. But the way u continually choose to make z the only victim doesn't make sense.

Liam over the last 2 years, when there wasn’t a solo record to sell:

Liam now:

And let me ask you, after hearing Liam AND Harry both say in repeated interviews for the last few weeks that One Direction’s music wasn’t their thing (and Liam even has flat out said that he doesn’t listen to Harry’s music), how is Zayn saying that any different? Last I checked, Zayn spoke warmly and fondly about the dudes of 1D themselves (where he took issue was with the 1D machine), or is that just because Liam and Harry are protected by white privilege and a lack of staggering double standards?

Because here’s a sampling of what I see when I see comments about Zayn speaking about the dudes of 1D:

Also, ALSUHHH, are you really going to bring up Jay when you have zero idea of what happened or what circumstances were, or whether there was any sort of phone call or what have you? Do you have a 24 hour Zouis Nest Cam feed were you got full access to the events surrounding that? Particularly when last I checked, Zayn tweeted out this message:

No one is saying that Zayn, for all he is a wondrous sparkle pony, hasn’t done or said problematic things - he’s not perfect. But the whole promo strategy of kicking a dude down 2 years later? 

“did zayn forget he’s actually a singer?”

did you forget he’s given us twenty six songs in the past year? and six music videos?? did you forget that outside of the 1d machine, musicians aren’t expected to be constantly churning out new music?? did you forget that he’s told us, on multiple occasions, that he’s working on z2?? did you forget that he’s always expressed interest in pursuing non-musical projects?? did you forget that he’s allowed to be a complex human being with diversified interests and not just a pawn in your ship’s endgame?????

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Zayn rarely smiled whilst out with 1D either. He rarely smiled with his friends & family too. He just has a miserable face that doesn't mean he's unhappy with Gigi. (I'm no Zigi fan)

“I’m no Zigi fan”. I feel like that’s a lot like the “I’m a Larry but, “ and “I’m not a Zigi shipper but”, that come just before asks that try and prove exactly the opposite, but who’s to say!

“He just has a miserable face that doesn’t mean he’s unhappy with Gigith”

I feel like you’re definition of “miserable face” and my definition of miserable face do nahhhhht match up? Because