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Why people act as if Zayn was never grateful for what he has achieved with one direction?

Because people never listen to him. Because they read his interviews just to find something that they don’t like and twist his every word. A year and a half later, they are still bitter that Zayn left, that somehow, in their own version of events, Zayn “betrayed” them and his boys. How dare Zayn choose HIS happiness and mental health over theirs? How dare Zayn spill the secrets of what happened behind the scenes and what he/they went through?

Just like Zayn said, “everyone has an opinion on social media, even though they don’t know you, and it gets exhausting. You get misquoted in the press or a bullshit rumor gets printed and it’s frustrating to watch people believe those things and form opinions on you based on what they read”. They never actually take the time to listen to his words and understand his actions. They have this perception of him and even when they’re proven wrong, they still go with it and hate him for every single word.

Because the music that 1D created wasn’t Zayn’s style. BUT, if they’d paid attention to him all those years, they would’ve known that he’s more into RnB.

“I genuinely enjoyed [the band] and did whatever I could to be myself within that, but it’s just not where I sit as a musician”

“As much as I was in that band, and I loved everything that we did, that’s not music that I would listen to. I don’t think that’s an offensive statement to make. That’s just not who I am.”

“I’m massively grateful for that, and if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be here. It’s not because I’m trying to be more successful or as successful as what was going on before, because there’s no comparison. I was in the biggest boy band in the world and I loved what we did as a boy band.” (AUDIO 5:00)

“No one can ever say I was ungrateful, even though it sort of comes across that way when I mention that I was frustrated with the band. That’s not the case at all.”

Let’s not forget that Zayn congratulated the boys after releasing Drag Me Down, their first single without him, and his tweet went unnoticed by “his brothers”, as these fans call them.

And last, but not least, Zayn publicly thanked the boys in his speech when he was awarded at The Asian Awards back in 2015, just 3 weeks after leaving the band.

“And also, I’d like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys I’ve ever met whilst being in the band and doing all the amazing things that I did. Some of the things that we did will stay with me for the rest of my life.”


prompt; “I’m so sorry.” “Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done.”


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        You didn’t know how it happened…well, that’s not exactly true, you knew how it happened but you never thought it would have gone this far. Sami had walked into your hotel room after a night at the bar to see you sitting on the bed, your head in your hands, wrapped in a warm white hotel bathrobe.

            “Y/N? Are you okay?” he asked as he sat down next to you and you shifted away from him. “What’s wrong?’

            “Sami,” you began, afraid to look him in the eye, knowing you were about to break his heart. “I did something…” you began and he looked confused, concerned. “Look, I-, Kevin came over tonight to talk. He’s been concerned because of how fragile and on edge our relationship has been recently and we ended up talking and-,” you couldn’t finish, your voice cracking as he took in your appearance; swollen lips, flushed skin, heavy eyes.

            “You didn’t,” Sami grunted, standing up from the bed and shaking his head before he punched a wall.

            “It was a moment of weakness, I missed the feeling of someone touching me and I’m disgusted with myself and I’m so sorry,” you whimpered as you frowned.

            “Don’t,- Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done,” he told you harshly before moving toward the door and leaving without another thought.


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           “I’m so sorry,” he told you, trying to explain but you weren’t having any of it, you were disgusted, hurt and you didn’t feel like you were anything to Roman at the moment.

           “Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done,” you spat and turned away from him to pace around the small hotel room. When the hell were you going to tell me? And how the hell did this even happen?” you yelled at him as he was folding up his clothes to head home after being suspended for 30 days. Your own boyfriend of two years hadn’t even told you he was suspended; you’d found out from the internet.

           “Look, I made a mistake,” Roman tried and you laughed dryly at his comment.

           “Which part? The part where you did drugs? The part where you didn’t tell me,” you told him as you threw his clothes toward him on the bed.

           “All of it,” he yelled back as he caught the shirt you threw at his face. “Look, my guy said they were muscle relaxers and they’d help the spasm I was having in my arm, I didn’t realize-,”

          “Your guy? Arm spasms?” you said weakly, looking away from him as you shook your head and opened the door. “Get out,” you whispered and his face was consumed with hurt and heartbreak.

          “Baby please,” Roman tried.

          “I don’t even know you anymore,” you whispered, looking away from him as a few tears slid down your cheeks. “You’ve had muscle spasms that you didn’t tell me about and you’ve got a guy who gives you drugs to get away from the pain. Get out,” you whispered as he quickly grabbed his bag and disappeared down the hallway, leaving you collapsed on the floor in tea.

Haha sorry D.A.R.E. I know you taught me not to fall for this… But I’m going in!!!

1d and zayn doing dares
  • harry: zayn, leave the band
  • zayn: done. louis, lets have a twitter fight.
  • louis: done. zayn, write some bullshit to naughty boy on twitter
  • zayn: done. niall, make a fake account saying ur gonna kill harry
  • niall: done. zayn, make people believe ur gonna come back and get #zayncomebackto1d trending.
  • zayn: done. louis, get a girl pregnant and make all the fans confused.
  • louis: done. zayn, get signed to a record label.
  • zayn: done. liam, drop a single.
  • liam: done. zayn, break up with perrie
  • zayn: done. now, louis, fuck everybody up and confirm the pregnancy shit.

An Ziam Au where Zayn’s a famous footie player, one of the best on the team along side Louis and Niall, and Liam is the new guy on the team, the rookie, and at first Zayn was iffy about him because he was good, dare Zayn say, better then him and that scared Zayn because what if he gets bunked to second string but dammit even though Zayn wants to ignore crinkling eyed, full lips and radiant smile Liam he just couldn’t because Liam was beautiful to Zayn and so Zayn pinned after Liam hiding it behind rude words and snarkie attitude but Liam just laughed and smiled whenever Zayn focused on him and so Zayn is screwed because who would’ve thought that he would fall in love with a walking contradiction that is Liam Payne and what is even more surprising is that Liam fell for Zayn too.