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prompt; “I’m so sorry.” “Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done.”


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        You didn’t know how it happened…well, that’s not exactly true, you knew how it happened but you never thought it would have gone this far. Sami had walked into your hotel room after a night at the bar to see you sitting on the bed, your head in your hands, wrapped in a warm white hotel bathrobe.

            “Y/N? Are you okay?” he asked as he sat down next to you and you shifted away from him. “What’s wrong?’

            “Sami,” you began, afraid to look him in the eye, knowing you were about to break his heart. “I did something…” you began and he looked confused, concerned. “Look, I-, Kevin came over tonight to talk. He’s been concerned because of how fragile and on edge our relationship has been recently and we ended up talking and-,” you couldn’t finish, your voice cracking as he took in your appearance; swollen lips, flushed skin, heavy eyes.

            “You didn’t,” Sami grunted, standing up from the bed and shaking his head before he punched a wall.

            “It was a moment of weakness, I missed the feeling of someone touching me and I’m disgusted with myself and I’m so sorry,” you whimpered as you frowned.

            “Don’t,- Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done,” he told you harshly before moving toward the door and leaving without another thought.


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           “I’m so sorry,” he told you, trying to explain but you weren’t having any of it, you were disgusted, hurt and you didn’t feel like you were anything to Roman at the moment.

           “Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done,” you spat and turned away from him to pace around the small hotel room. When the hell were you going to tell me? And how the hell did this even happen?” you yelled at him as he was folding up his clothes to head home after being suspended for 30 days. Your own boyfriend of two years hadn’t even told you he was suspended; you’d found out from the internet.

           “Look, I made a mistake,” Roman tried and you laughed dryly at his comment.

           “Which part? The part where you did drugs? The part where you didn’t tell me,” you told him as you threw his clothes toward him on the bed.

           “All of it,” he yelled back as he caught the shirt you threw at his face. “Look, my guy said they were muscle relaxers and they’d help the spasm I was having in my arm, I didn’t realize-,”

          “Your guy? Arm spasms?” you said weakly, looking away from him as you shook your head and opened the door. “Get out,” you whispered and his face was consumed with hurt and heartbreak.

          “Baby please,” Roman tried.

          “I don’t even know you anymore,” you whispered, looking away from him as a few tears slid down your cheeks. “You’ve had muscle spasms that you didn’t tell me about and you’ve got a guy who gives you drugs to get away from the pain. Get out,” you whispered as he quickly grabbed his bag and disappeared down the hallway, leaving you collapsed on the floor in tea.

Attention Shady Ladies of the 1D Fandom

All you fork tongued harlots paying back-handed compliments to Zayn now are the same malicious hussies who were off blog last fall saying news of Zayn’s pill addiction would break in a matter of days. Where’s your bullshit inside source now?? I see you trying to save face with your mutuals. Instead of slandering the glorious Zayn Malik with your vicious fanfic gossip, maybe your time would be better spent figuring out which one of your pals sold you the fuck out. How’s that for drama, since you love it so much??

*drops mic, walks away*

i still think about how in the beginning of otra how liam cupped zayns face during story of my life like the whole world slowed down around them and how he dared zayn to make a new speech every night of the tour like why did he do that, why did he 

I was really into drama at school and I landed a role in Grease in my early teens. I was too short for the lead role, but they made new parts for me and this other guy, Aqib Khan, as the young T-Birds. We were good friends at school and did a few plays together. I also appeared in Arabian Nights and played Bugsy in Bugsy Malone, which was a brilliant moment.

I absolutely loved being on stage and becoming somebody else. I found being a character really liberating and I used to get such an adrenaline rush from acting. Singing was kind of secondary for me at that time. I joined the choir because the music teacher Mrs. Fox asked me to, so I was involved in music, but back then it was all about being on stage playing a character.

—  zayn (from dare to dream)