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Why people act as if Zayn was never grateful for what he has achieved with one direction?

Because people never listen to him. Because they read his interviews just to find something that they don’t like and twist his every word. A year and a half later, they are still bitter that Zayn left, that somehow, in their own version of events, Zayn “betrayed” them and his boys. How dare Zayn choose HIS happiness and mental health over theirs? How dare Zayn spill the secrets of what happened behind the scenes and what he/they went through?

Just like Zayn said, “everyone has an opinion on social media, even though they don’t know you, and it gets exhausting. You get misquoted in the press or a bullshit rumor gets printed and it’s frustrating to watch people believe those things and form opinions on you based on what they read”. They never actually take the time to listen to his words and understand his actions. They have this perception of him and even when they’re proven wrong, they still go with it and hate him for every single word.

Because the music that 1D created wasn’t Zayn’s style. BUT, if they’d paid attention to him all those years, they would’ve known that he’s more into RnB.

“I genuinely enjoyed [the band] and did whatever I could to be myself within that, but it’s just not where I sit as a musician”

“As much as I was in that band, and I loved everything that we did, that’s not music that I would listen to. I don’t think that’s an offensive statement to make. That’s just not who I am.”

“I’m massively grateful for that, and if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be here. It’s not because I’m trying to be more successful or as successful as what was going on before, because there’s no comparison. I was in the biggest boy band in the world and I loved what we did as a boy band.” (AUDIO 5:00)

“No one can ever say I was ungrateful, even though it sort of comes across that way when I mention that I was frustrated with the band. That’s not the case at all.”

Let’s not forget that Zayn congratulated the boys after releasing Drag Me Down, their first single without him, and his tweet went unnoticed by “his brothers”, as these fans call them.

And last, but not least, Zayn publicly thanked the boys in his speech when he was awarded at The Asian Awards back in 2015, just 3 weeks after leaving the band.

“And also, I’d like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys I’ve ever met whilst being in the band and doing all the amazing things that I did. Some of the things that we did will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Truth or Dare?

Harry’s P.O.V.

“We should see if the next girls want to play truth or dare,” Niall suggested leaning on the couch waiting for the next group of Meet and Greet girls to show up.
“Yea I could go for a good round of Truth or Dare, it’s boring playing with you mates, cause I already know all the answers,” Louis said and Zayn nodded, agreeing with him completely.

“Let’s ask, it wouldn’t hurt to ask, they are the last group after all,” Liam suggested and we all starred at him with our mouths hanging open, Liam actually agreeing to a round of Truth or Dare with a group of girls we didn’t even know.

“Hey guys so there is only three girls in this next group and then we’re done,” Paul said opening the door for three girls to walk inside, one in particular catching my eye. I stood up with the others and gave each one a hug, spending a little extra time on the last girl.

“I’m Harry,” I said sticking my hand out for her to shake and she blushed an adorable pink color as she took my hand in hers.

“Y/N,” she said and I shook her hand, starring deep into her gorgeous eyes, only looking away from her stare when Paul shoved us both towards the others for the photos. We took some serious ones and then some silly ones and then Paul was telling us we had a half hour.

“Hey Paul can we have like maybe a couple hours?” Niall asked and Paul looked confused. Niall got up and walked over to Paul and whispered something to him, Paul rolled his eyes and then nodded, leaving the room and shutting the door, in which Niall locked it.

“So we were wondering if you girls wanted to play some Truth or Dare?” Louis asked and the other two girls nodded quickly, looking like they’d play anything with us, and Y/N looked a little afraid but nodded as well, taking a seat next to me as the others sat down as well.

“I’ll go first,” Niall said happily as he bounced in his seat and he looked around at all of us.

“Liam truth or dare?” he asked.

“Truth,” Liam said and me and the boys started laughing, already knowing he’d chose truth and that, that was probably what he’d chose for the rest of the night.

“Ok, ok,” Niall said shushing us, “When’s the last time you wanked?”

“Oh come one Ni, that’s not fair you know Cheryl and I just broke up,” Liam whined and I seriously thought Niall and Louis were going to pee themselves they were laughing and high fiving.

“Come on Li, answer the question,” I said to get the game moving and he sighed, his face turning a little red as the girls giggled.

“Two nights ago,” he said looking down into his lap and Niall and Louis laughed even harder, as the girls faces turned the same shade as Liam’s.

“Ok, you two cut it out, Zayn truth or dare?” Liam asked.

“Truth,” Zayn said.

“Have you ever had a wet dream?” Liam asked and I was even surprised he came up with such a good question.

“Yes,” Zayn said with no embarrassment.

“When?” Louis asked.

“Nope that’s another question,” Zayn said with a smirk and Louis frowned.

“Truth or dare Ashley?” Zayn asked the girl sitting next to him.

“Dare,” she said bravely.

“I dare you to take off your shirt and play the next three rounds in just your bra,” he said and she smirked as she raised her shirt over her head, all the guys starring at her as she sat there in just her bra, Liam and Niall even licking their lips looking at her, I however couldn’t keep my eyes off of the fully clothed Katlyn sitting next to me.

“Truth or dare Whitney?” Ashley asked the other girl.

“Truth,” she said quietly.

“Who here would you most want to kiss?” Ashley asked.

“Um probably Niall,” she said and Niall winked at her making her blush bright red.

“Truth or dare Louis?” Whitney asked.

“Dare,” Louis said.

“I dare you to strip completely naked and run around the room six times,” she said with an evil glint in her eye and Louis chuckled as he stood, dropped all of his clothes and ran around the room, willy flying in the wind as he went. He came back and threw his clothes on and sat back down with a triumphant smile.

“Truth or dare Y/N?” he asked and I felt her stiffen next to me.

“Truth,” she said.

“Who would you fuck in this room?” he asked and she turned red before even answering, my attention now seriously perked.

“Harry,” I heard her say under her breath and I sat up proudly.

“Who I couldn’t hear you?” Louis asked obnoxiously and I looked over to see her getting redder.

“She said me,” I said and she shot me a thank you look out of the corner of her eye.

“Truth or dare?” she turned and asked Niall.

“Dare,” he said smiling cockily.

“I dare you to kiss Liam,” she said and Niall’s smile totally left his face, making Zayn, Louis and I crack up. He quickly leaned across the circle and pecked Liam on the lips, sitting back with a disgusted face and making the girls giggle.

“Ok, truth or dare Harry?” he asked glaring at me as I sat there laughing hysterically at him kissing Liam.

“Dare,” I choked out through my laughter.

“Kiss Y/n, a make out for at least a minute,” he said with a snideness to his voice and not only did I feel her stiffen but I stiffened this time too, not only did I want to kiss her I wanted to do other things with her but I didn’t want to do it under this circumstance, and I didn’t want it to be awkward.

“Ni…” I started to say quietly but he pointed over my shoulder and I turned and sighed, looking Y/N in the eyes.

“You ok with this?” I asked and she nodded, a small smile tugging at her lips and for a moment I thought maybe she wanted it as much as I did. I nodded and leaned forward confidently, placing my hand on the side of her face, reaching around to the back of her neck I pulled her closer with no resistance. I placed my lips on hers and felt a strange fire spreading inside me. Making me feel warm, and pleased. I moved my lips and found that her lips moved back against mine almost perfectly, making this much easier. I slid my tongue out experimentally and licked a strip across her bottom lip, feeling her lips part. I slid my tongue inside, no longer thinking about the dare but only her. Her hands clung to the front of me shit and pulled me even closer, almost making us tip over and fall backwards onto the carpet. I roamed her mouth with my tongue, letting a small and quiet moan escape my lips when her tongue bumped against mine, now rubbing and dancing in the most pleasing way. I grabbed harder at the back of her head ready to deepen the kiss and make something more happen, but I was roughly jerked back into reality.

“Time!” Liam yelled and Niall pulled on the back of my shirt, making me groan at him and glare at Liam. The other two girls chuckled and I looked over at Katlyn who was smiling back at me, her confidence boosted immensely.

“Truth or dare Lou?” I asked, totally not into the game anymore, unless there were more snogging sessions in the future.

“Dare,” Louis bounced happily.

“I dare you to call the last person you were on the phone with and ask them to help you with a boner issue,” I said and Louis eyes went wide before he smiled and started going to his contacts. I was too distracted by the heat radiating off of Y/n’s body to even notice Louis embarrassing phone call and I was watching her watch me out of the corner of her eye. I pulled my phone out and text Niall.

To: Niall
Can you give me another dare like the last one with Y/n, I need more with her, I have a slight issue

I watched Niall receive the text and he glanced over with a curious face till he saw the rising tent in my jeans and he blushed and nodded, putting his phone away so it didn’t look obvious, i tuned back into the game right as Louis was finishing his phone call, the others laughing hysterically. I glanced over a couple rounds later and noticed Niall texting and then like magic, Louis, Liam and Zayn’s phones all went off at the same time, I wondered what he was sending them that he didn’t send me when someone said my name.

“Truth or dare Harry?” Zayn asked with a wink and I raised my eyebrows confused.

“Dare,” I said a bit skeptically.

“I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with Y/n,” he said and my mouth dropped open, had Niall asked them all to give me another dare with Katlyn? I gulped now afraid that she wasn’t as down with this as I thought she was but when I looked over she smiled and nodded shortly. I stood up and walked towards the closet in the dressing room with her, stepping inside to cheering from the others. I rolled my eyes and turned on the light, noticing the closet empty and quite large for a dressing room closet.

“Sorry about them,” I said and she chuckled.

“It’s fine, but your wasting time,” she said in her adorable voice and I leaned forward, pressing my lips to her again and roaming my hands up and down her body, letting her tongue slid into my mouth this time and explore a few seconds before I took over and fought her for dominance, letting my tongue dance against hers and her soft moans at the way my hands were messaging between her legs fill my mouth. I grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her body, lust taking over.

“I think we’re going to need longer than seven minutes,” I moaned as she kissed and sucked at my neck and I felt her nod, our pants filling the small closet with constant noise. I starred down at her body as I removed her bra and I felt my now hard dick twitching and aching to be let out of my jeans. She pulled my shirt over my head and reconnected her lips to mine, kissing deeply and passionately. I felt her hands fumbling with the button on my jeans and then they were sliding to the floor and I sighed as my cock was let loose from some of its confines. She moaned seeing the tent in my boxers and I removed her shorts and rubbed circles over her underwear between her legs, loving the way she moaned into the closet like she didn’t care who was just outside the door. There was a light tap on the door and we both groaned, me messaging her clit through her clothes and her palming at my aching erection.

“We quit, finish the game without us,” I yelled and I heard some grumbling from the other side of the door.

“Really? you couldn’t just get a quick blow job? we’re right out here for crying out loud,” Louis yelled back and I smirked and moaned as she palmed me exceptionally hard.

“Take a walk,” I yelled back my voice going an octave higher as I felt her pull down my boxers and lick the head of my dick.

“This was not the kind of dare I was talking about,” Louis said annoyed and I chuckled and let out an exceptionally loud and over exaggerated moan to get him away from the door, making Katlyn chuckle with her mouth on my dick and the vibration ended up causing a real moan anyways.

“Shit, Y/N your really good at that,” I moaned and I watched her smile with her lips stretched around my throbbing member. She continued sucking me off until the pleasure became too much as I felt my orgasm building and fast.

“God baby, I’m getting close,” I moaned and she pulled off with a pop, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and standing up to kiss my lips again, this time more fierce and hungry. I moved from her lips and slid down onto the floor, removing her underwear and leaning forward and kissing her thighs a few times before I let my tongue slid in between her folds, making her buck forward and grab onto the coat rack in the corner.

“Yes, right there Harry,” she moaned as I thrust two fingers inside her and continued to lick around her clit, licking over it every now and then. She was thrusting her hips forward onto my face after a few minutes of thrusting and licking.

“God yes,” she moaned loudly, rolling her head back and practically screaming my name.

“Stop, I’m gonna cum,” she moaned and I removed my fingers and stopped licking, grabbing a condom out of my jeans I pumped it on and then pulled her down onto the floor with me, letting her lay down in the small space and placing myself between her legs.

“Want me to fuck you?” I asked as I ran my thumb in circles over her clit and she nodded, biting down on her bottom lip deliciously. I leaned down and sucked her bottom lip into my mouth and kissed her hard, as I started to slid the tip of my dick inside her. She gripped onto my shoulders and dug her nails in as I stretched her wide.

“God Harry your so big,” she moaned and I started to pull out, letting my dick drag inside her tight heat and then slammed back in, hitting her fleshy sweet spot at the back of her pussy.

“Harry yes,” she screamed and I continued hitting the same spot for a few minutes before I slowed my thrusts, feeling the tightening way too soon.

“Jesus Y/N your so fucking tight,” I moaned kissing her neck and leaving purple marks where ever my mouth landed. She was a moaning and squirming mess underneath me, turning me on more and more.

“Fuck me harder Harry,” she moaned and I grabbed her hips and thrust into her hard and quick, hitting that same spot again and making her head and eyes roll back.

“That feels so good,” I moaned, ramming into her tight pussy over and over again making her scream my name and make sounds I had never even heard before.

“Your dick’s so big,” she moaned pulling my mouth down to hers and kissing me hard a few times before letting go to scream out again.

“I’m getting close Harry,” she moaned and I rammed into her harder, feeling my own orgasm building quickly.

“Shit Y/N me too,” I moaned.

“Cum for me Harry,” she moaned. I felt my dick fattening inside her and then I was releasing my white hot ribbons into the condom inside her, feeling her walls clenching around me I continued thrusting letting her ride out her high with me.

“I’m cumming,” I moaned and she rolled her head back and screamed, echoing throughout the closet.

“Shit me too, God Harry yes, I’m cumming,” she screamed and I pulled out once she was done, removing the condom and standing pulling her to her feet I kissed her hard before we both dressed and stepped slowly out of the closet to an empty room. I found my phone lying on the floor and opened it.

From: Lou
Went for a walk, felt like we were living a porno, hope you had fun ;)

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hi!!! would you be able to recommend me some good marcel!harry fics?? its my favourite trope ever but i can never seem to find any, thank you so much, love!! hope you have a good day X

Hello! Hope this is what you wanted: 

Loved You First by Snowy38:

Summary: Harry has lived his life ruled by anxiety, bullied by overbearing work-mates and ridiculed for his geeky look. When a new boss starts Harry can barely look him in the eye but Louis appears to be on his side.
Soon Harry develops feelings for the protective and supportive Louis but Louis tries to fight it at first. There’s rumours about Louis at his last work place and his penchant for his secretaries so Harry has a right to feel insecure.

Harry slowly lets his curls break free as Louis thaws him and they embark on a new beginning together.

Featuring Harry styled as Marcel, Niall as Louis’ best friend and Zayn as Harry’s gay mentor.

Word count: 100,414

straight into my heart and stole it by Love_Me_Dead:

Summary: Zayn and Niall dare Louis to ask the dorky secretary out. Louis falls in love.

Word count: 6,179

You’ll Be the Death of Me by YinAndYangOnIce:

Summary: Basically Louis is a punk who is failing history and Harry is a nerd who’s really good at surprising him.

Word count: 58,035

So I Tiptoe by itjustkindahappened:

Summary: Harry is kind of a dork and Louis is kind of an asshole, and Louis swears this is not going to be like High School Musical, but. Then that stupid pool party happens.

Word count: 8,396

I hear you calling in the dead of night by Thelonelycoast:

Summary: No one really notices Marcel Styles. In fact, Marcel’s so invisible that if his teachers don’t call on him in lessons - and they rarely do - Marcel can go whole days without speaking to anyone other than his mum, his sister, Gemma, his cat, Dusty and the school librarian, Alma. And if he just so happens to have a tiny, miniscule crush on the footie captain, Louis Tomlinson, well, that’s no one’s business but his own. Until Louis notices him back…

Word count: 72,201

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Hi! Do you happen to have any good recommendations for Louis/Marcel fics? Thank you!

Hello! I don’t read Marcel fics much, but I’ll try :)

Marcel AUs

1.  I hear you calling in the dead of night by Thelonelycoast (72k, G)

No one really notices Marcel Styles. In fact, Marcel’s so invisible that if his teachers don’t call on him in lessons - and they rarely do - Marcel can go whole days without speaking to anyone other than his mum, his sister, Gemma, his cat, Dusty and the school librarian, Alma. And if he just so happens to have a tiny, miniscule crush on the footie captain, Louis Tomlinson, well, that’s no one’s business but his own. Until Louis notices him back…

2.  But Why Wonder, Why Wonder? by 100percentsassy (30k, E)

The one where Marcel Styles has improbably landed a job in the fashion industry, and Louis Tomlinson is the actor-turned-lingerie-designer he’s been infatuated with for years.

3.  blinded me with sweater vests by veterization (13k, T)

Marcel really is the geekiest person Louis has ever seen with that gelled hair and that horrendous sweater vest, so it sucks that Louis really, really wants to get to know him.

4.  straight into my heart and stole it by Love_Me_Dead (6k, NR)

Zayn and Niall dare Louis to ask the dorky secretary out. Louis falls in love.

5.  we’re only watching the skies by amyuh (orphan_account) (2k, NR)

marcel au where harry asks soccer captain louis to homecoming.

If anyone knows of any really good Marcel fics not on this list, please let me know!

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Absolutely, the Grammys are corrupt and rigged. But this is about the industry and some real damage is being done here. Harry's Azoff-money campaign is hurting the other boys. Variety is a big publication and they're treating Niall like Harry's punchline. How is Niall supposed to get fair reviews for his debut album in that environment? And Zayn dares to say a word about Harry and immediately gets slapped down. This is about narrative. Harry's not just buying an award, he's buying a narrative.


Haha sorry D.A.R.E. I know you taught me not to fall for this… But I’m going in!!!