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What's your top 5 fav ziam moments??

Honestly every ziam moment is my fave, but i’ve chosen 5 for ya

1. this interview with the stare that killed me

2. zayn whispering ‘brave’

3. ‘right next to you leeyum”

4. the time when they looked so couple-y (i looked for this one for so long jeez)

5. “of course i love zayn”


Everytime they say ‘i love you’ publicly and are killing me

Also this one because Zayn was claiming Liam is his boyfriend in this intreview:

(all the gifs are not mine)

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Hi Gami! I hope you are well. I just took a ~6 month break from the fandom. I was wondering if during this time there have been any major narrative changes, anything suggesting all the BS might come to an end soon or any reason to believe either larry or ziam is or isn’t together anymore?

The short answer is that not much has changed, Larry and Ziam still seem to be happily together as far as I’ve seen, and we may be looking at 2020 as the earliest the band will be allowed to get back together.

There’s been some wobbling back and forth on the “how much do Zayn and 1D hate each other’s guts” narrative front, but in general they’re still publicly estranged.  Mostly it’s just changed from the most hostile pair (according to narrative) being Zayn and Harry rather than Zayn and Louis.

It’s been as inconsistent as ever with Niall saying he’d talked to Zayn as recently as 2 months ago while print!Zayn said soon after that he was no longer in contact with any of the boys.  Liam still talks about Zayn during interviews on a regular basis and Louis is being publicly more neutral and/or positive, however print!Zayn and Liam claimed that Zayn NEVER had any relationship with Harry.  It’s ridiculous that they can’t seem to stick to one consistent story.

There have been some hints to link Ziam and Larry with each other. 


(the only reason we haven’t seen more from Zayn is because we haven’t SEEN Zayn)


As bonuses:

Larry have been able to talk about each other much more in interviews recently, but that also came along with both Harry and Louis being forced to make straight out denials of things like song meanings, RBB, and their relationship as a whole.

Liam’s narrative took a temporary sharp turn into anti-Zayn territory before course-correcting (seems like TPTB got spooked by the response) and returning to mentioning Zayn in a neutral to positive way in a lot of his interviews.  Even Louis and Niall have mentioned Zayn several times, while Harry’s narrative with Zayn has become the most negative.

Niall is already booked through most of 2018 while Harry is booked through July.  That means that there definitely wouldn’t be time for a 1D reunion until at least the end of 2018.  However,  Liam and Louis’ first albums are due out early next year along with Zayn’s 2nd album.  Liam and Louis both seem to be planning on touring if interest permits, which I suspect it will.

That added to the Liam interview I talk about in this post are the things making it seem more and more like 1D are stuck until 2020.  I don’t think that was their initial plan.  Rather, I think there were clauses and the like that they either didn’t know about or that played out in a way they weren’t expecting.

To get their various quotes and interviews about the hiatus and reunion, use this tag.

I wrote a post recently about the current situation for another ask, so you might be interested in that too.

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