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Zayn’s acceptance speech video for winning The Most Stylish Man award at the 2017 GQ Men Of The Year Awards - 09/08 x

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Top 10 ziam gifs

You guys actually want to kill me, ay?

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This tiny whiny cutie pie Zaynie looking at Liam like he holds his heart in his hand and he has the power to squish it (he has) (but he didn’t).

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hahaha this gif is so funny. Zayn going all instinctive to Liam’s arms. Harry falling… Everything in it is precious. LMAO

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lIKE. I know there’s cushioned seats in this room, Liam (Zayn’s sat on one of them). But no no nononon, Liam want’s to seat in Zayn’s bonny legs, cuz the love makes them soft.

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LOOK I WAS LOOKING FOR AN OPPRTUNITY TO TALK ABOUT HIS GIF. LISTEN. When I touch my husband’s face, he always makes it a bit awkward, because he turns his fave towards my hand to kiss it. I’ll stop at that.

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No caption needed.

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Zayn was like “Let me pretend I’m gonna kiss you” and Liam was “Kiss me I dare you”. LOVE IT

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Thirsty Zayn: always a fave.

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THE Ziam hug. <3

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Zayn’s like “omfg those lips” Liam’s like “gotcha!” :) Kill me please.

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