zayn being all silly playing along with niall gives me life

top fifteen uni/college au

1. Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows (31k)

It’s five o’clock in the morning. Louis has a lecture at half eight. He could be using this time to study or to do his readings or to go to the gym, but - well. He doesn’t have any exams coming up, he’s not going to his seminar today anyway and he hates the gym.

Instead he’s using this time to fuck with Harry Styles’ poor little brain.

Louis jogs across the street and jabs the key into the car door. It opens easily, not that he was expecting anything else. He copied the key for a reason, after all.

He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

2. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife (86k)

Louis is ready to find the love of his life, but first he has to stop falling for the punk rocker next door.

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we will find our way

Harry and Louis are uni students studying abroad in New York, stuck in the dorms together over Christmas.

snowed under

Louis picks up a hitchhiker on Christmas Eve.

so put your hands in (the holes of my sweater)

Harry and Louis go on a lot of not-dates.

out of orbit, into gravity

AU in which Harry is a runner with questionable training patterns and Louis’ idea of flirting involves chucking snowballs at moving targets. Niall bakes cookies, Liam is a growing boy, and Zayn silently judges them all.

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The Better Man
  • Little Mix: I'm gonna take Taylor's advice and go left.
  • ----
  • Harry: What? Why would they be mean to me? *looks dejected*
  • Louis: *goes on Twitter* That's it! I'm gonna remind those girls that you don't bite the hand that feed you!
  • Liam: oh come on' man! You can't do that! They're our friends!
  • Niall: Yea, Lou. It was probably only a joke anyway!
  • Louis: But Hazza is...
  • Harry: *composing himself* No, they are right Lou. It was probably a joke and I'm being silly. Better forget it, you'll look stupid if you get riled up and they retort it was a joke...
  • Niall: Fair point.
  • *Louis gets out mumbling like an old man*
  • ------------------------
  • Noël Gallagher: (basically something along the line) "1D is shit"
  • ----
  • Niall: The c****!
  • Liam: Niall! Language!
  • Louis: He is though! Why would he say that?! That was so uncalled for!
  • Harry: He's mean...
  • Louis: *takes his phone* That's it! I'm gonna put things right! Just let him know what a right d*** he is being!
  • Liam: Guys! Take his phone!!!! Quick!
  • *The boys steal Louis' phone*
  • Harry: We're fans of his, remember! We love his music!
  • Louis: Doesn't give him the right to...
  • Liam: It doesn't, but you still can't mess with him. He is a big fish...
  • Niall: Yea, won't bring anything good for us.
  • Louis: So we just shut up and take it?
  • Harry: Basically...
  • Louis: I hate you all! Just so you know! *Goes out slaming the door*
  • -------------------
  • Naughty Boy: "Try and replace that" => Zayn
  • ----
  • Louis: *fuming* THIS TIME IT'S ENOUGH!!! We're not doormats! I'm fed up with letting people walk all over us! And over our fans too! He keeps rubbing it on their faces that Zayn left! This guy has tried to wind us and our fans once too many time, I'm gonna crush him!!! Damn! *takes phone*
  • Niall: Not sure it's a good idea...
  • Louis: Shush! It is! We have to protect those who protect us. It's a bit of give and take...
  • Niall: Still...
  • Harry: *to Liam* Should we stop him?
  • Liam: Well I personally won't...
  • *The other two look flabbergasted while Louis write furiously on his phone*
  • Liam: Well, The Burrito was trying to shade me too for this silly karaoke video. If Louis is willing to play knight in shinning armour, who am I to stop him?
  • *The other two keep watching, dumbfounded.*
  • --------------------
  • Zayn Malik : "@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine ?"
  • *Long silence*
  • Niall: *dumbfounded and sad* Why did Zayn step in?!
  • Liam: *flustered, in a rush* Look Louis you really can't ans...
  • Louis *Gives phone to Liam with an estranged look, tears welling slowly and moves to the door*
  • Niall: *confused* You're not like... Answering...? ..
  • Liam steps on Niall's foot to shut him up.
  • Louis: *dejectedly* Not to Zayn...
  • Never to Zayn... I have more respect than that, what do you take me for?
  • *Exits*
  • ---------
  • Just so you know where I stand regarding some people fleeting l
  • Sense of loyalty.
Stuffed Animals

Niall: He made it especially for you. And he felt so lame going into Build-a-Bear and picking out the fluffiest and softest bear. He felt even more ridiculous buying it a prince charming outfit and having to sit at that tiny little computer and type the bears name in. It was all worth it though when he got home and handed you your present. The tour started tomorrow and he would be gone for much too long and so, he wanted to give you something to sleep with while he was away. He gave it a spritz of his cologne just for effect, maybe he couldn’t be there to hold you, but at least he could leave a piece of himself behind. “You made me a bear?” You asked dubiously, pulling him from it’s box. He grinned, hands sliding into his pockets. “This is the cutest thing ever,” you laughed, hugging the bear to your chest. He grinned, watching you rub your cheek along the top of his head. “I wanted you to have something to sleep with while I was away. He’ll keep you safe and chase all the bad dreams away,” he said softly. “I’d much rather have you,” you frowned up at him. He smoothed the crease between your eyes away. “You shouldn’t frown,” he whispered. “And I’ll be home to you soon. In the mean time, beary will keep you company. Plus, press his paw.” You did as he asked, his voice echoing out from the bear. “I can tell you I love you anytime you want to hear it.”

Harry: He’s got to win you that damn white bear you said was ‘so cute.’ He could have probably bought the damn thing at the store for less than what he’d been paying for it, but it didn’t matter. He would win that bear for you. “You really don’t have too,” you said meekly, watching him pull another ten out of his wallet. The guy grinned, tucking the money away and lining up three more baseballs for Harry to throw. The carnival was in town and it was the perfect spring night to go and walk hand and hand, play ridiculous games and eat too much cotton candy. “I got this,” he winked over his shoulder at you and let the first ball fly. He knocked the top bottle off and it shattered, glass flying everywhere. His second ball missed and he was left with his final throw. He bit his lower lip and took his shot, breaking the last three bottles. “I did it,” he said incredulously. “I did it!” You clapped for him and he bowed, the man behind the counter laughed and shook his head. “Which prize do you want?” He asked, standing from his seat. “The bear,” you pointed, child like wonder on your face as he grabbed your prize. “For the lady,” Harry said, handing it to you. You wrapped your arms around it immediately coddling it to your chest. “I love it and I love you,” you crooked your finger at him and he bent down so you could press your lips to his cheek.

LiamHe was so damn tired, all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and never leave. He wanted to wrap himself around you like a vine and hold you close, kiss every inch of your skin until you were breathless. He trudged up the stairs, his body weighing him down. The bedroom was so close yet so far away. Finally when he reached the end of the halllway and pushed himself inside, he froze. He blinked, rubbed his eyes for good effect then blinked again. But no, the image didn’t change. You were wrapped up in his sweater, nose almost tucked into the collar. In your arms were wrapped the teddy bear he’d had since he was a kid and you were holding onto him for dear life. Not to mention you were on his side of the bed, wrapped up in the blankets. Gently he sat down beside you, his heart doing a weird thump in his chest as you wiggled closer to him.”Hey,” he whispered softly, sitting down beside you. You groaned, rolling over and blinking up at him. “Hi Li,” you murmured, hand reaching for his. “You okay?” He asked softly, hand cupping your cheek. “I just missed you, come to bed, please.” He kicked off his shoes and shucked his jacket, kicking off his jeans and pulling shirt off his back. You slid over and he lay down beside you, his arms pressing you right into his chest. Your lips hovered over his heart, repeatedly applying pressure. “I love you so much,” you mumbled, “more than anything.”

Zayn: You really hoped you weren’t being lame. You thought it was a good idea at the time, but now you weren’t so sure. Did guys even like stuffed animals? What did they do with them? “Hey,” you said timidly, walking into Zayn’s art room. He lifted his head from his canvas, a smear of black paint across his cheek. “Hi love, you alright babe?” he asked, dropping his paint brush and standing. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. I just have something for you but now I think it’s silly, so just forget it.” You turned scarlet, eyes to the floor. “No way, I’ll love anything you give me. Let me see.” His brown eyes were kind on your face as he waited. Slowly, you kicked the box you’d wrapped into the room and he grinned like a little boy at Christmas. “You didn’t have to get me anything,” he dropped to his knees and shook the box. “I know, I just wanted you to have something that reminded you of me when you left.” He stared up at you, jaw working back and forth as he said, “I’m always thinking of you.” he said softly. He knelt down and ripped the wrapping paper from the box, as he opened the lid. He lifted out the bear you’d gotten for him and he blinked at it, then at you. “I thought you could take him on tour, you know? And when you miss me you can hug her instead.” He sat the bear down and crossed the room in two quick strides, crushing you into his chest. “I won’t let her leave my side, ever.” You knew he was talking about more than just the bear.

Louis: “Come on darling, up into bed you go,” he said to his five year old daughter. She scrambled onto her pink princess bedspread and wiggled herself back against her pillows. “But mommy said I can have a story,” she whined. Louis’ eyes turned towards you as you stepped into the room. You shrugged when he stuck his tongue out at you. “You tell the best ones,” you grinned. “Alright, alright,” he complied. He watched her grab her stuffed dog, the ear nearly torn to shreds from her fingers running against it. “Daddy, don’t forget to tell it to Tony, too,” she said, lifting the dog into his face. He couldn’t forget even if he tried. His daughter was rarely seen without her fluffy companion and it was so damn adorable to see her wrap her arms around him and hug him. One day, he’d get her a real puppy. He would just have to tell her not to strangle it first. He’d given it to her on the day she was born and it was too big for her then. As he looked at her now, he would give anything to have her back to that size. She’d grown up too quickly and Tony’s neck had worn thin where she’d squeezed him too hard. He wondered if he knew how it touched him that she kept something he’d given her so close. “Daddy, sit,” she tugged his sleeve and he sat down beside her, arm around her shoulders. “Alright, my love, what sort of story do you want tonight?” she curled up to his side and closed her eyes, her little hand tucked in his.

Everything I ever wanted, but nothing that I'll ever need

Liam would wake up and stare at your side of the bed. You were sound asleep, finally. He felt so awful how sick you were for the past few days. He leaned down a bit and gently pressed a kiss to your tummy so as not to disturb you or the baby. He’d climb out of bed slowly and kiss your forehead, placing another blanket on top of you. He’d go out to the living room where he found his little boy Lucas playing with his toys on the floor in the living room. “Hey buddy,” Liam would smile at the three year old. He’d grin excitedly and toddle over to Liam. Liam adored his little boy, as he would adore the second child that would be there in a few short months. Lucas clung to Liam as he would scoop him into his arms and he’d curl up close to his Daddy’s chest. “Mumma?” He’d ask. Liam would smile. Lucas was in love with you and craved your attention. Not that Liam could blame him. “Mumma is sleeping and she’s been feeling icky so we’re gonna let her sleep, okay?” He’d ask. He’d nod and Liam would set him back on the floor and he’d sit beside him and his toys. He’d giggle when Liam accidentally dropped the toys or made them say and do silly things. It was a so adorable to watch and you were thrilled Liam was the father of your children–you couldn’t imagine anyone being more caring and loving than Liam. After playing with toys for a bit Liam would scoop Lucas back up and lay him on his torso as he propped his feet up on the coffee table. “Wanna watch cartoons, buddy?” He’d ask. Lucas would nod enjoying the undivided attention Daddy was giving him. Lucas saw how much Liam was needed and wanted by everyone and he’d hear Liam tell him that “you always come first, before anyone else in my life,” but never really knew what it meant. He just knew sometimes only Mumma would be home and they’d have to talk to Daddy on the phone or on the computer. Liam would kiss the top of Lucas’ head and he’d smile happily. He’d hear the door open down the hall and you’d walk to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You’d venture your way to the living room where you found your two favorite men watching TV. “There’s my favorite boys,” you’d coo. Liam would smile at you. “Hello, beautiful,” he’d greet his eyes lighting up at the sight of you. “How do you feel this morning?” He’d ask worry etched on his face. You’d smile and lightly rub your barely there tummy. “Good,” you’d smile and lean over the back of the couch to kiss Liam’s lips. You’d blush shyly and Liam loved that most about your kisses. The two of you have been together for a good six years and you would still blush a bit every time his lips touched yours. “Good morning, sweet boy,” you’d coo to the little boy on Liam’s chest. He’d grin excitedly and reach for you. “Careful, lad,” Liam would say worriedly. “He’s fine, Li,” you’d promise holding him tightly and squeezing him to you. “I love you so much,” you’d tell Lucas. “Mumma,” he’d say softly. “Yes, baby?” You’d ask. “I hungry,” he’d tell you. “Alright,” Liam would say standing up. “You two, sit,” he’d order. “I’ll make breakfast,” he’d offer. “No, it’s fine,” you’d tell him and you’d set Lucas back on the couch. “Mumma and I will be right back, Lucas, okay?” Liam would ask. He’d nod and turn his attention to the TV. “Hi gorgeous,” Liam would whisper in your ear when you got to the kitchen alone. You’d blush and smile shyly at him. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have a cute girl like you blush after all these years because of his words. “Hi, Li,” you’d giggle. He’d kneel down and lightly rub your stomach. “Hi, princess,” he’d coo to your belly. “Be good for Mumma, okay?” He’d ask politely. “She’s taking really good care of you,” he’d tell her. You’d smile and Liam would stand back up and kiss your forehead and then hold your face in his hands. “I love you so much, baby girl,” he’d coo and place kisses on every inch of your face. “You’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted,” he’d murmur on your cheek. You’d flush and look at Liam sweetly. “I love you too, Liam,” you’d answer. “And you’ve given me everything I never even dreamed of wanting,” you’d sigh softly. He’d kiss you softly for a moment before he heard tiny little giggles from the kitchen. He’d pull away. “Are you giggling at us?” Liam would wonder with a smile. “Are you?” He’d ask and scoop Lucas up to tickle him. Lucas squealed happily and you’d smile laughing along with the two boys. “You love Mumma, don’t you?” He’d ask Lucas holding him out to your face where Lucas giggled more and kissed you with his soft little lips against yours. “My Mumma,” he’d smile. You’d giggle and kiss Lucas’s tiny little nose. “My Lucas,” you’d smile. Liam would pull you close to him with a free arm and he’d hold you tightly. “Mine,” he’d say kissing each of your foreheads. “Thank you so much, angel,” he’d whisper to you. You’d smile softly. “You’re welcome, love,” you’d whisper and kiss his cheek.

Love Happened: Let's Have Another Toast to the Girl Almighty!

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


This is a very important drabble that follows my Is this Happening? Imagine Series! I was going to include it in the sequel but I rather you guys read this now! :] ENJOY! 

Your POV

After recovering from the events of New Years, Harry spontaneously decided to fly me and Madeline to L.A. with him for my last two weeks of break, but Madeline couldn’t come because she had to return to her internship.

Since we’ve arrived, paparazzi had been following us around non-stop. Every where we go pictures were taken of us, it was very surreal; I don’t know if I would ever be use to the fact that my picture is plastered all over the Internet. The Twitter world went into a complete frenzy; there were so many tweets to all of the guys asking about Harry and I, asking who I was, if we are dating, etc.

Although we both established that we were officially together, we decided that we would wait to tell ‘the world’ who I am to him later, which the rest of the guys respected and completely understood.

- - - - -

It’s been about four days since we’ve been in L.A., having alone time with Harry has shown me other sides of him that I haven’t seen, which just make me fall in love with him more and more.

For example, when he’s writing and playing guitar, even though I’ve seen him perform several times, it’s completely different when it’s just him, his red journal and a guitar. It was enchanting.

Ever since I told Harry about my little secret, Harry begs and pouts for me to play and sing to him every day, it’s so cute. Other times it’s just silly like when he begs for candy and junk food, he’s still a kid at heart. Another side of which I enjoy.

And of course one of my absolute favorite things about Harry is his loving side. Harry has made love to me in almost every room of his house since we’ve been here; thinking about it gives me such a rush. Sometimes it will be completely random, like when I’m cooking or just singing or just playing on my phone… Other times it would just be us sitting and he’ll start off slow, just with soft kisses then he just takes me passionately and sends shivers throughout my entire body.

Being with each other changed both of our lives, in a good way so far. We both learn more and more about each other every day, although it’s only been a week, it’s been quite an adventure.

- - - - -

January 6th 2015

One sunny Tuesday afternoon, Harry and I were eating lunch at one of his favorite taco joints in L.A. We’ve came here almost every day for the last four days already; Harry was addicted to these tacos, and his excuse was that once he was on tour, he wouldn’t be able to eat them for a while, and I didn’t complain because they were pretty delicious.

“Hey babe, I told you the guys are coming to stay here for a few days to relax before we have to rehearse for the tour,” Harry said before he took a bite of his korean BBQ taco.

I nodded my head, “I think you mentioned it the other day, they come in this Friday right?” I took a bit of my taco.

Harry took a drink of his soda, “Yes! It’s weird because I have spent most of the last four, almost five years of my life with them and I still miss them when I don’t see them for a week…”

I started laughing because he frowned and I pulled my phone out and snapped a picture.

“Don’t tell them I told you that!” His eyes sparkled.

“Too bad, I’m sending them a snapchat of you now!” I winked and typed: Harry misses you boys, he’s about to cry.

Harry tried to grab my phone, “BABE NO!”

“Eat your tacos.” I stuck my tongue out at him and went back to eating my taco.

Seconds later my phone started going off several times with notifications from snapchat.

As I went through each snap chat of the guys with Harry, I laughed and giggled from their responses.

Niall had a selfie of himself puckering his lips at the camera: tell Harry I miss him too ;)

Louis sent a picture of him winking: tell Harry that he’ll get it good when I see him Sunday ;p

Zayn sent a picture of Pierre holding him, sticking her tongue out: he’s all mine Haz, he don’t want you no more.

Liam sent a video of him shaking his head and saying: you miss getting your ass kicked on Super Smash?

Harry playfully pouted, I gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Well I guess if you have other lovers, I’m glad it’s those four guys.”

He scrunched his face and then went back to finishing his tacos.

I was quiet for a moment and chewed on my bottom lip.

“What’s on your mind love?” Harry asked after he drank his soda to wash down his food.

“I think I want to tell the guys my secret.” I looked at him.

Harry’s eyes brightened as a smiled spread from cheek to cheek, “REALLY?”

I grinned, “Yes, will you help me?”

“Hell yeah! I can’t wait to see their reactions!!!” Harry clapped.

- - - - -

January 9th 2015

Friday morning, the guys flight came in around 10am and the paparazzi and fans went out of control. The evening before, as I laid in bed with Harry, scrolling through the many network of social media we were a part of, fans has posted pictures of each of the guys leaving their respected airport, with no known destination, but throughout the night they figured out that L.A. was their final destination.

Harry and I picked up the guys along with their security team guarding them from the massive amount of fans that had crowded the exit to the L.A.X. doors.

There was a second car behind us that was loading each of their suitcases and security team.

“Shit! This is crazy!” Niall said as he hurriedly climbed into the SUV.

“How did they find out we were here?” Louis caught his breath as he hopped in next to Niall.

“We have no idea! One direction fans have their ways!” I giggled.

Liam and Zayn were the last to come in and shut the car door. Harry put his car into drive and exited the airport, the security team following close behind us.

“It’s madness out there!” Liam sighed, “Thanks for picking us up you two!”

“Just for one day, can they just leave us alone?” Zayn mumbled.

“Hey well it’s over now, we will soon be at Harry’s and you guys don’t have to worry about them!” I shrugged.

“Thanks for picking us up and thanks Harry for inviting us over for the week mate!” Louis smiled.

“Yeah no problem, you guys are always welcomed.” Harry continued to drive.

“Well we’re making lunch for everyone! So hope you’re all hungry!”

“STARVING!” The guys cheered.

- - - - -

As soon as we got back to Harry’s house, all the guys knocked out as Harry and I started preparing and marinating meat for a BBQ.

Around 12pm I changed into my bathing suit and threw on a cover up dress. Thank God Harry had a heated pool and roof over the pool to keep us warm, since it was still chilly, despite us being in California. I plugged in my phone blasting Rather Be by Clean Bandit & Jess Glyne through the surround sound system in the whole house to wake all the guys up.

A sleepy Niall and Louis dragged themselves outside into the back yard, yawning and stretching. A half naked Harry was manning the grill in his white trunks, hair tied in a bun and black Ray Bans shielding his eyes.

“OI OI! It smells delicious!” Niall sniffed the BBQ filled air.

“I’m starving…” Louis salivated at the site of the grilled meat.

Liam finally came outside because he tried to wake up Zayn but gave up after 10 minutes.

“Zayn’s not waking up, so I’m going to eat his portion.” Liam plopped down next to Niall, both salivating as they ran their eyes over all the food.

“There’s plenty of food so you guys can eat as much as you want!” I smiled as I handed each of them a beer and turned on the speaker system that surrounded his backyard.

There was steak, ribs, bratwurst, BBQ chicken, chips & my homemade spinach & artichoke dip, celery, carrots and two cases of beer.

“Oi Harry, don’t burn my meat!” Niall snickered.

“Just for that, all meats that are burned are going straight to you,” Harry pointed his tongs at Niall, which made him frown.

After an hour, Zayn finally joined us outside and ate while Louis and I were lounging in the pool, sharing a float and catching up. Liam was sitting in the heated jacuzzi, keeping warm and Niall was bothering Harry as he was swimming laps.

Around 4pm we all agreed that we had enough water. The guys volunteered to do the dishes and clean up as a ‘thank you’ for feeding them, so they all ushered me and Harry inside while they cleaned.

Harry and I took a shower and changed into comfortable clothes. As I was drying and brushing my hair, I gave myself a pep talk in the mirror, preparing myself to finally tell the rest of the guys my big secret.

I was too nervous to notice Harry leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom watching me, smiling to himself. He came in the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me.

“Y/N, don’t be nervous, the guys already all love you.” He kissed my forehead.

“I know I know, I just- I don’t want them to be disappointed to find out that one of their favorite YouTube artists is actually just plain ol’ me.”

I placed my head on his bare chest and took a deep breath then exhaled.

“There’s nothing plain about you. The guys will probably adore you even more after you tell them.” Harry pulled me out at arms length, “Believe in yourself. You’re amazing.”

- - - - -

All of us were lounging around in Harry’s living room, watching football (soccer) on his brand new 85” SONY 4K TV, which Niall was drooling over. Zayn was texting his sisters, Liam was playing games on his iPad, Louis and Niall were engaged in the game, and Harry’s head was on my lap texting his sister in between watching the game, as I was trying to pay attention to the game but was nervous.

Once the game ended, the guys were all cheering and drinking beer since the team they were rooting for had won. I took a deep breathe and nodded at Harry, signaling that I was ready.

Harry sat up and quickly kissed me and whispered ‘Good luck’ against my lips.

“Hey guys! I have something to show you!” I stood up and grabbed the remote.

I pulled out my phone and connected it to the TV via Apple TV.

“Whatcha showing us? A video of you and Harry doing the naughty?” Louis teased and Harry threw a pillow at him almost causing him to drop his beer.

I could feel my face turning red, “You’re gross Lou! And no, it’s Heartstrings’ new video!”

I unlocked my phone and went to my videos.

Niall immediately stood up, looking very excited. Zayn put his phone down in his lap and Liam finished up his beer.

“What?! She posted a new video? When? I didn’t get a notification!” Niall frantically said as he pulled out his phone and went through YouTube.

“Oh you won’t find it on YouTube, just watch!” I nervously bit my lip as I clicked play.

The guys all gave me weird looks as they turned their attention to the T.V.

- - - - -

Zayn’s POV

As Y/N pressed play, I could tell that she was nervous but I didn’t understand why. The video started off with a blurry Heartstrings playing the guitar, I recognized that it was her own version of ‘Girl Almighty’ and smiled.

Words came to focus in the center of the screen: This cover is dedicated to: Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Love you guys!

“Oi! She left out Harry! Guess she doesn’t like you mate!” Niall stuck his tongue out at Harry, he just smiled and shrugged.

As she began singing the first verse, killing it like always, her guitar and lower body were the only thing I could make out. It was different but nevertheless, awesome. She sounded amazing, making it her own version of our song, which I absolutely dig.

As she sang Niall’s verse, the camera started slowly moving up.

“Vas happening?” I raised an eyebrow.

“SHHHHH!” Niall hissed as his eyes grew.

As the camera slowly moved up it also slowly came into focus. Oh my god, is she revealing herself to us???

Once the camera was finally 100% focused I recognized that it was none other than our very own Y/N singing and playing guitar! My jaw dropped to the ground.

“Y/N?!!?!!” I gasped.

That’s her??? That’s actually her singing!!!

Liam’s POV

My eyes were wide and I dropped my iPad on the floor.

“Y/N???? YOU’RE HEARTSTRINGS???” I looked over at her to see her blushing red, slowly nodding and biting her bottom lip nervously. Harry was holding her hand, assuring her that everything was going to be okay, but carefully watching all of our reaction.

“Oh my god! That is really you!?!” I gaped at her.

As I watched her singing the chorus, I was amazed at her version of our song. It was unique and I loved it! 

She’s incredible! OUR very own Y/N is THE HEARTSTRINGS.

“Damn that’s awesome.” I nodded but was still in complete shock.

I heard a loud thud and looked down to see Louis on the floor.

Louis’ POV

“Holy shit!!! That’s you Y/N?” I said as my ass hit the ground, hard.

I fell off the couch as the video came into focus and I saw that it was Y/N on the screen singing and playing guitar.

I saw her nervously nodding her head, I looked at Harry who was laughing at me.

That bastard knew and he didn’t tell us!

I was speechless, I couldn’t even move. I blinked a few times at the TV just to make sure I was seeing who I was seeing.

As she sang Liam’s verse of the song, Harry emerged on the screen from the side and started dancing along to the song in the background, I started bursting out laughing at his stupidness and my jaw was still dropped as I kept watching to make sure it was actually Y/N!

Holy shit! This is crazy!!!

Niall’s POV

I was so excited to see Heartstrings’ new video! I couldn’t believe that there’s a video that Y/N’s seen before me. I was a little confused but as I watched I got so excited! I love her voice and guitar skills, which was 20 times better than mine and I would kill to just have a session with her!

Wonder why Harry’s name wasn’t part of the dedication.

As she started singing my verse, I got excited because the camera was moving up.

“SSHHHHH!” I hissed at Zayn as I kept my eyes glued to the TV.

“OH MY GOD SHE’S REVEALING HERSELF TO US???” I jumped excitedly.

As she sang my verse, the camera started coming into focus, my heart started pounding from the excitement.

When the camera was focused I realized that it was none other than Y/N that was singing and playing the guitar!

“WHAT!!!” I jumped up and down and looked over at Y/N.

“THAT’S YOU!!!! Y/N!!!” I looked at her and then at the TV then back at her then back at the TV! Harry came on screen in the background and was doing some funny dance moves to her singing.

“SHIT! HOLY SHIT! IT’S BEEN YOU THIS WHOLE TIME!!” I ran over to her and pulled her off the couch and wrapped my arms around her.

“NIALLL!” She laughed and struggled to move in my embrace!

“YOU’RE HER! YOU’RE HEARTSTRINGS! I am so fucking starstruck right now!” I spun her around and around.

I finally put her down, Harry was laughing at me, he stood up and caught her, helping her balance herself, but my drunk ass was already falling on the floor.

“It’s okay, I’m Irish!” I looked up and smiled at her.

Everyone laughed at me but I didn’t care. One of my friends is The Heartstrings!

“Damn! I can’t believe it was you this entire time!” Louis shook his head, still in shock.

“I would have never guessed.” Liam’s mouth hung open as he continued to watch the ending of the video.

“This whole time! This whole time!” I thought back to all the times I freaked out over her videos in front of Y/N and blushed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys for so long… I was afraid you’d be disappointed.” Y/N admitted as she say back down on the couch.

“DISAPPOINTED?” Zayn and Louis and I all hollered.

“Why would any of us be disappointed?” Harry rubbed her shoulders.

“Yeah! I think it’s, it’s just, oh my god… you’re Heartstrings! I am nothing close to being disappointed.” My eyes still fixed on her video in awe.

Louis’ POV

“It’s not disappointing at all! It’s so… I just… Can’t even…” I stumbled over my words like Niall did.

I finally got off the floor and went over to sit next to Y/N. I gave her a hug, and told her that she’s amazing and that she needed to stop being afraid of showing her talents, she’s bloody brilliant. Harry agreed with me.

After the video was over the rest of the guys pulled Y/N up and gave her a massive group hug.

I realized she must’ve have been a wreck trying to tell us her secret and we all felt so much closer to her now that we know.

We all loved Y/N and cared about her more than she knew. We had never seen Harry happier than he is when he is with her, and we hope that she will be here for the long haul.

“OH MY GOD!” Niall jumped back from the hug.

“WHAT?” Y/N and Harry asked at the same time.

A huge smiled appeared on Niall’s face, “It’s time for a jam session! I’ve been waiting for years for this moment!” Niall ran off into his room and grabbed his guitar.

“I’ll get your guitar for you babe,” Harry laughed as he headed upstairs.

“Really Y/N?” I crossed my arms over my chest, pretending to be upset.

She looked worried as she faced me.

“We are super close and you didn’t tell me first?” I pouted.

She realized I was just joking and smiled, “I’m sorry Lou, I really did want to tell you but Harry-“

“Harry is the one that has your heart, blah blah blah!” I teased and gave her another hug.

Zayn picked up his phone, “So can I tell Pierre? I know she’s going to lose it!”

“Yes of course! But I’m still not ready to tell the world! Please, I hope you guys can keep it a secret for me!” She pressed her lips together.

“Of course Y/N, this is your secret to tell, not ours. We love you!” Liam chuckled and sat down on the couch as the rest of us nodded.

Niall finally bounced back into the living room with his guitar and Harry emerged from the stairs with Y/N’s guitar.

Niall sat down across from Y/N trying to catch his breath.

“What do you want to play and sing first?” Y/N smiled as she situated her guitar in her lap.

I smiled and held up my beer and sang, “LET’S HAVE ANOTHER TOAST TO THE GIRL ALMIGHTY!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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#9 Rain

Your name: submit What is this?


You woke up early to the sound of tiny rain droplets hitting the roof lightly making a pitter patter noise as it gradually fell faster and herder. You closed your eyes once again as the rain soothed you back to sleep. The next time you were awoken was when the tasty smell of breakfast filled the bedroom. “Morning babe.” Liam hummed, entering the room with a tray filled with bacon and eggs along with a glass filled with orange juice. “Oh wow thanks, but you didn’t have to do this Liam.” you said smiling as you sat up when he handed you the tray. “But i love spoiling my girl, especially when i have my day off.” He said placing a quick kiss on your cheek. “I thought you and the boys had a photo shoot today for the new album?” “Well, we did, but you’re in luck because it was going to be outside and it’s raining all day today so management cancelled it until tomorrow.” “Another reason I love the rain.” You said eating your breakfast. The rest of the day consisted of you and Liam tangled up in the covers listening to the rain lightly fall creating a calming aura that was just what the two of you needed.


The rain always fascinated you. You stood at the patio doors looking out as the small liquid droplets began to drop from the clouded sky. “What are you looking at princess?” Niall asked snaking his hands around your waist, pulling you into his chest. “Just the rain.” You replied smiling up at him. “You know what sounds like fun?” He asked. “No? Should I?” You questioned, but before you got an answer the patio door was swung open and Niall had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder as he ran out into the now pouring rain. “Niall!” You squealed but he didn’t cease his actions. Niall stopped running once he made it to the middle of the backyard only to put you down. You looked up at him as if he were crazy and began to laugh. “What did you do that for?” You asked, still getting soaked by the chilly rain. “So I could do this.” Ha said with a wink and without warning he cupped your face in his wet hands and pressed his lips to yours passionately. Of course without hesitation you immediately began to kiss back with just as much intensity because you knew exactly what he was doing. Niall knew how much you had always wanted to kiss in the rain, even though he thought it was cliche, he wanted to be the one to help you achieve your fantasy. “Y/N, I love you so much.” He said when he finally pulled away. “I love you too Niall.” You replied giving him another kiss.


You and Zayn took advantage of the rain day by staying dry inside while watching a movie marathon. Zayn insisted you pick the first movie to watch while he popped popcorn in the kitchen and grabbed drinks for the two of you. Zayn always being away on tour or in the studio with the boys made you really appreciate any alone time with him. You loved to just cuddle up with him on rain days and relax while your favorite movies played. Once the first movie ended you told Zayn it was his turn to pick. With his knowledge of how much you hated horror movies Zayn decided that tonight would be the perfect time to mess with you and popped in Insidious. The second you saw the title of the movie slide onto the screen you flipped. “Zayn!? You know how i feel about horror movies, why would you pick one to watch?” “Don’t worry Y/N, the scary monsters wont get you, I’m here to protect you.” He said tightening his grip around you as he kissed your forehead. Throughout the rest of the movie, any time you got scared you would hide your head in Zayn’s chest and he would comfort you.


Tonight was date night for you and Louis, you arrived at the fancy restaurant and got sat down at a table in the back with no wait thanks to Louis making reservations. After eating a very tasty meal with casual conversation never ending between the two of you Louis ordered dessert. “Y/N, You have to try the Plum Puff Dumplings they are so good, we can split one if you want.” He added smiling before you agreed. Once the dumpling was brought out you two wasted no time in digging in. You hated to admit it but the silly boy was right, he had a damn good taste in desserts. “Wow, this is amazing Louis!” you said taking another bite. “Not as good as you.” He said with a smirk plaster across his face. His comment made you blush like crazy as you finished eating your half of the dessert. When Louis had finished paying the bill the two of you headed outside to the car. Once you weren’t under the awning of the building anymore you noticed it was raining, you tried you hardest to stay under a roof or awning the rest of the way to the car unlike the cheeky boy walking next to you. “Are you afraid of the rain?” He asked laughing a bit. “No, I just don’t want to get wet.” You said defending yourself. Suddenly you were being dragged out into the rain and louis. “Have a little fun babe, dance in the rain with me?” He asked with his hand out. When you took it he spun you around and you began dancing together in the street with the rain falling around you not stopping the fun.


On rainy days Harry and you made it a tradition to play board games together. The rain had just started and Harry had already brought at least 6 boxes of games down from upstairs into the living room. “Y/N, what game do you want to play first?” “Harry, it just started raining you are insane.” You giggled. “I don’t care i just love playing games with my beautiful girlfriend when its raining outside. Do you want to play Life or Sorry first?” “Life, but let me finish these dishes first.” You heard a groan from in the living room as you dried off the last few bowls and then made your way into the living room. “I call blue.” You said sitting down on the couch. “Ugh, not fair, you know I’m always blue.” Harry pouted picking green instead. The game had been going on for a while and you were ahead, you spun the wheel and moved your car piece, landing on the wedding box. “Yay! I’m married now, hand be a blue guy.” “No, I refuse to let anyone marry you, if anyone is its gonna be me one day.” Harry said ticking his bottom lip out. “Aww, is someone jealous of a little game?” You asked giggling at you boyfriend. “No, i just don’t think your player in the game really wants a husband.” He added lying. “Sure…” After you beat his butt in Life you played scrabble for the remainder of the night. Game nights with Harry were always fun even if he did get jealous time to time of game pieces.