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AU meme: Harry brings your dad onto the stage of the concert and keeps teasing him about marrying his daughter (y/n), even though he hasn’t said that Harry can marry his you yet.

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AU: You’re a celebrity and Harry likes you

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(pretty shit but this is the first au i’ve made in 3 months haha ily guys x


AU MEME: You were so excited you haven’t seen Zayn in months and he was finally returning from the Tmh tour. Two hours after their last concert Zayn texted you saying he was on his way home. But later that night you woke up and he still wasn’t home.You turned on the tv and sadly the first thing you see is “one direction killed in a plane crash” oh my god

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Au meme: You cheat on Zayn while he’s gone to visit family. 

“Are you joking?" 

”…I felt like you didn’t care. Forgiv-“ You try to say, but he cuts you off with anger and frustration clear in his voice. 

"I didn’t care? Bullshit.I leave for five days all you had to do was call." 

The gifs are soo off.
I am terrible at this but eh it was kind of fun… What do you guys think?