zayn at the very end aha no

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'Louis didn't mean zayn when talking about the lads being supportive. Bc he's not part of the band. He was only talking about the other lads' ok but the gag isssss....ot5 is gonna happen whether u like it or not! 😂 do they promise to go away when it happens!??? Pls!

So glad that Zouis is alive and well as always!!. Shame that “certain” ppl are going to ignore this fact till the very end. Have a good day/night💕💕💕

Zouisssssss omggg. I can’t wait to see them together! I’m a petty bithc! I want the anti zouis to choke on their words!😂😂

Listen, I know some people are all cynical about Louis’ praise of Zayn and whatever, but they’re missing the point. We have had radio silence from Louis as far as Zayn is concerned and the fact that he’s finally allowed to even say his name AND BE COMPLIMENTARY about him to boot IS HUGE! That’s the big picture and it is without a doubt a huge step in the right direction (aha!). We’re on our way to reconciliation and I’m here for it.

Those that drank 1DHQ’s kool-aid are in for a rude awakening. Like it or not, things are changing and burying their head in the sand won’t alter reality. First Liam, then Niall, now Louis… is Harry. Wonder what they antis will say once he joins in on the fun. Personally, I can’t wait.