zayn at london airport

Preference #39 Family Headlines


“Niall Horan caught catching some rays poolside with his family while on holiday in Australia this past week”


“Liam Payne and family touched-down in Spain last week for a quick holiday before heading out on a North American tour this coming month!”


“Louis Tomlinson pictured with daughter Leighton as they hurried from the France airport just yesterday while wife Y/N and son Drew were following close behind”


“Harry Styles caught in New York as he unpacks a stroller from the back of a taxi before doing some sight-seeing with the family”


“Zayn Malik and daughter Blair pictured taking a stroll around the London airport before catching a flight out to Germany last Tuesday”

Ziall evidence

I thought it was pretty cute Ziall moment, where Zayn just can’t keep his hands to himself, and once again touches his boy, and niall in his turn resists a little, because obviously Zayn chose not the best place to show his feelings. I thought in that way until i have learned some of the details. Now  I’m starting slightly differently perceive the situation, and all eventually leads to the fact, that it’s the showdown.

This gifs from the press conference for This is us, August 18 2013. Yes, you aren’t mistaken - the day when Zayn  allegedly  proposed to Perrie. I don’t believe in the authenticity of this engagement, and I guess that on this day (before the conferences), the management told them that Perrie after a couple of days will come to a premiere with a ring on her ring finger, assuming the role of the Zayn’s bride. 

And on these gif, Zayn tries to hold Niall for conversation (yes, Zayn anyway chose not the most suitable place for this purpose).

On the second one you can see how Niall furiously says him something, and Zayn immediately join with him in physical contact, gently put his hand on his stomach, into a kind of soothing gesture. 

Liam and Harry immediately go toward the exit, but Louis marks time, and it seems like he watching for Niall and Zayn, look after them, so those aren’t too dispersed. 

As you can see, Zayn decided to “take the bull by the horns” immediately, and talk to him

Noteworthy that after the London premiere, Zayn and Niall were spotted at Heathrow airport on the their way to New York. The other guys joined them later    

Apparently Mr. Malik wanted to spend time alone with his boy, and perhaps apologize for this mistake that he made

During the NY premiere, Zayn all the time hanging out around Niall

And Niall decided to show everyone whom actually belongs Malik, unceremoniously leaving a kiss on his cheek, that came out quite intimate. Hmm.   

no regrets

Guess what I was watching? ;) No guarantee on anything I wrote here, I did some research but I’m not a specialist in the Olympics or anything I mentioned here.

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One last push against the handles and Zayn was off, adrenaline rushing as quickly as his bobsleigh down the icy track. He could feel Liam breathing against his back and took a deep breath himself, gently steering the bobsleigh around the first narrow turn, this was it, this was their chance. If they nailed this run, they’d beat the Austrian team and actually place third. Third! In the Olympics! No English team had managed that in a long time.

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first of all zayn’s picture seems so much like he was in niall’s house..white wall,black couch,the dent on the wall..(i’m not sure zayn’s house is that classic but I haven’t seen many pics)

then we have niall’s tweet that he’ll just chill on the couch(zayn even has a tatoo says “chilling” and he uses quite a lot this word)

zayn uploads a pic lying on a niall said with the caption lazy sunday..

liam was in denmark,louis in amsterdan,harry and niall in london(we had pics with him from london airport today) and zayn undercover as always(!!!)