zayn anon: yes i do

anonymous asked:

Did you notice that Zayn shaved his armpits? Random I know, but I noticed and wanted to share with someone lol

so okay. at first, i was like???? ok anon cool story sure he did. but omfg, i guess he did, would you look at that. though i’m glad you shared this random piece of information with me bc if anyone’s gonna appreciate that, it’d be me, fuck man.

i brought evidence:

brisbane, feb. 11

melbourne, feb. 15

anonymous asked:

what's your theory about zayn? he'll be back?

 So, I’ve spent a good few hours writing all my thoughts below the cut. This should answer your question. :)

In typical Modest and HJPR fashion, I think they’re using a fear tactic to steal money from our wallets without caring what they do to get it.

This is essentially the official Zayn narrative right now:

  • Zayn has left 1D.
  • Zayn might be going solo.
  • He and Perrie are hopelessly in love.
  • He may come back sometime in the future but he’s not certain if he wants to.
  • He has terminated all of his contracts, completely eliminating himself from the band.

 *Important* v

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