zayn and his mirror

You're best friends with one of the other boys and he's jealous

Zayn: “Im going to go hang out with Liam for the day Zayn.” You remind as you slip on your other sock. You watched his expression drop as he stood in the bathroom, checking his overall appearance in the mirror. Zayn loved the fact that you were best friends with his friend, but you were starting to pick up on the fact that he might’v been getting a little jealous. Not that you were taking Liam away from him, but the other way around. “I thought we were going to be able to hang out today.” He groans making a face as he steps out of the bathroom doorway. You role your eyes at his childish attitude, “Zayn we talked about this yesterday, Im going with Liam to the mall today remember?” You start, “And we hang out nearly everyday Zayn, i want to be with some friends today.” “I feel like your spending every second of the day with Liam, Y/N.” He finally admits amd you giggle taking a seat next to him. “Zayn you know thats not true, you need to stop being so jealous all of the time.” You tease causing him to crack a smile despite all of the jealously boiling up inside of him. “M’not.” He shrugs leaning in to press a kiss to your lips, “Just dont want you hanging out with too many other guys unless its me.” He teases back. 

Liam:  “Liam im home where are you at.” You call as soon as you shut the front door behind you. You had just gotten home from spending the day with Louis, and even though you had promised Liam you’d be home by 4, you were nearly 2 hours late. You had reassured yourself that it really wasn’t going to make that much of a scene, but apparently you were way wrong. “Why the hell were you out with him for so late? I thought you said you would be back sooner.” He shouts instantly starting up an argument between the two of you. You scoff and slam the bedroom door behind you, “What? so now im not allowed to hang out with friends and on top of that i have to be back by a certain time? Fuck off Liam.” You laugh lightheartedly and go to turn away, but that was until he took hold of your wrist. “I never said that, of course you can hang out with friends but i guess my jealous side  is really starting to shpw right now.” He explains, tone more content than last time. You shake your head, “Liam, why are you jealous? You know i love you and you only.” You explain and he nods his head, “Yeah i know, im sorry.” He mumurs pecking your lips with his, “Just want you all to myself thats all..”

Niall: “Babe do you really have to go? I thought we were going to watch the game today.” He tries again right as you grab a water bottle from inside of the fridge. Just yesterday you promised Harry you would go ahead and spend some time with him for the day since he has always been one of you closest friends. You were beyond excited about it, but Niall felt otherwise. “Niall im not getting into this same conversation with you. The answer is yes, i dont understand what your whole problem is with me hanging out with him.” You finally confess causing him to groan. “Y/N ive seen the way he acts when you’re around each other, he flirts with you non stop and it drives me insane. Just stay home with me for the day alright?” He urges, his former sentence causing a smile to tug at your lips. “You’re jealous aren’t you?” You question with a slight eyebrow raise and he lets out another one of his long exaggerated groans. “Y/N, come on now.” He starts only for you to giggle softly and press your lips onto his. He instantly kisses you back causing you to smile. “Theres no need to be jealous, Niall. You know for a fact that you’re the only one that i love and Harry could never compete with that.”

Louis: Your eyes instantly shoot open due to the violent buzzing that was taking over your entire night stand. It was in no doubt Niall to remind you about the plans you had for today.“I have to get up, ill be home by 3 Louis.” You murmur looking at the time that was sprawled across your lock screen. 11:00. You slept in. “ Come on Louis, Im supposed to be over at Nialls by 12, and you know how long it takes me to get ready.” You let out an annoyed huff once his grip around your waist tightened. “I dont want you to go.” He wines burring his face into the crook of your neck. When it came to hanging out with some guy friends, Louis really wasn’t the one to give the ‘okay’.” He was definitely the jealous type, and there was really no doubt about that. “Louis,” You try again, now being able to pry his grip away from yours once he was caught off guard. “Ive already promised Niall that we would be able to hang out for the day, you need to quit it with the constant jealousy.” You admit with a slight smirk tugging at your lips. “Its not jealously Y/N,” He lies only for you to giggle and press a kiss to his lips, “And i wouldn’t be this grumpy if it wasn’t for that kid waking us up so damn early.” He concludes 

Harry: “Oh, Zayn’s here!” You exclaim excitedly watching as your best friends car pulled into the driveway of your and Harry’s shared home. It had been a while since you and Zayn were able to spend some time with each other with the boys’ busy schedule and everything, and now that tour was over with you invited him over for the day. Harry had always known that both you and Zayn were very close, but sometimes he tended to get a little overly jealous. You were well aware and even vowed to him that both you and zayn were only friends, nothing more, but as soon as Zayn opened the front door you could sense the jealously building up inside of him. “Zayn, i havent seen you in forever.” You exclaim not being able to contain the excitement building up inside of you. Almost instantly his arms were wrapped around your body pulling you closer into his grip. Harry seemed to let that go for a period of time, watching as you and Zayn had your little scene going on in the middle of the god damned living room, but as the hug became more prolonged as expected he didnt hesitate to step in. “Alright mate, you’ve had your fair share hands off, yeah?” He warns, zayn instantly pulling away from your torso onced he sensed that Harry wasnt playing around.