Most of being a girl seems to revolve around being afraid, though.

You’re a little girl: Be afraid of not liking the right Disney movie or having cool sleepovers, fancy birthday parties and of not 100% fitting in with the others.

You become a teenage girl: Be afraid of not being pretty or good enough or wearing the right clothes and of not having sex yet.

You get into your twenties: Be afraid of dark alleys and parks at night and drinking and wearing revealing clothes because then they’ll say you asked for it.

What if I’m done with being afraid?

ZAYN MALIK has earned his musical stripes after his debut solo album hit No 1 on Friday.

Now we can reveal the singer – who poses in a black and white top in our exclusive new picture – is in talks with grime artist SKEPTA for a collaboration when Zayn returns to the UK soon.

A source close to the star said: “Zayn is the man of the moment and has stars clambering over each other to work with him.

“He’s talking to numerous artists about collaborating on a track when he is back in England, including Skepta.

“The pair have been huge fans of one another for some time and will be jumping into the studio soon to work on new music.

“Zayn hopes to be back in England soon and spending a decent amount of time here, so he’ll have lots of opportunity to get some recording time in.”

We can’t wait to hear the results.