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your "that's zayn? ok" tags are so on point??? when i first saw that picture i was like that's absolutely not zayn but then i saw the tattoos and was like oh.....ur tags made me realize that it's probably photoshopped tho lol when will the mess that is zigi end bye

The more I look at it, the more I doubt it’s really Zayn. And how pathetic is that? Even for a fauxmance. Gigi girl, have some dignity.

The ram tattoo is off center based on the neck tendons. And in reality, the ram tattoo is not off center. It’s also placed a little too high in the Gigi pic.

The not thick enough lashes and the convenient baseball cap also give it away. I’m guessing that’s really Anwar’s pal again. 

Like this:

And this:

^^Remember when they forgot the bird tattoo at the base of his neck??^^

Besides that there’s a bunch of pix that suspiciously look like Zayn has been photoshopped into them that I’m to lazy to go find. But yeah, I’ve stared at enough pix of Zayn to smell a rat here.