Yohio and Seike are getting along! They like hated each other for a while and it legit broke my heart, but scrolling through Twitter today and seeing that they were getting along and kidding around seriously made me want to cry I was so happy. I miss Seremedy so fucking much and it doesn’t help that they broke up 2 days after my birthday either. I know it will probably never happen, but I hope with all my heart that Seremedy will get back together. You have no idea… I mean I really like Kerbera and all but I just miss Seremedy so bad sometimes that it hurts… But as long as all the band members, Seike, Yohio, Jenziih, Ray, and Linder are happy, I’m happy(same goes for Korro, Freddy, and Zave).


Hope you got a kick out of those stories.

I’m a little mortified.

But it was all in good fun.

(She was obsessed with you in those stories, by the way. Hope that helps.)

  • zay sneaking dave and him into a zoo at night for his and dave’s first date
  • dave complaining and being worried they’ll be caught but zay reassuring him they won’t (and if they do that’s the fun part)
  • dave actually having a lot of fun and liking zay more and more as the date goes on
  • them getting caught and zay has to help dave run away
  • them running all the way home and being out of breath,and dave actually likes the adrenaline
  • them watching movies after and dave refuses to admit he had fun (and zay just find that cute)
  • them falling asleep during the movie and they wake up cuddling (dave is super embarrassed)