Today’s nausea hadn’t been so bad and the blonde woman was indulging in a what felt like a rare treat, a brew of her favourite coffee. Rogan had left early, again, and she was absorbed in a new art book when the doorbell rang. As far as she could remember, it was true that her mind wasn’t all it used to be, Evelyn wasn’t expecting anyone. The delivery company knew better than that, after all they were used to visit the house, always dropping one of her new buy on the porch before leaving. Standing up, maybe a bit too quickly, Evelyn was hit with a spell of dizziness. Slowly, and carefully, she made her way to the door, trying to ignore the lightness she was feeling. Pale cheeks and blinking eyes greeted the man on the other side of the door.

“Zave,” Evelyn said, surprise in her voice. “I wasn’t expecting you, was I?”

This wasn’t a way to great a guest, let alone her brother-in-law, and the woman smiled at him, already feeling better. “Come in. It’s good to see you.”


Healing (3)


To everyone else Dr. Schneeplestein’s house wasn’t that outstanding along the row of identical houses down his street, but the egos knew which house was his purely by the lights from his windows. Whenever the light of a room was on, the windows shone cascades of bright warm colours, as if they were stain glass windows. Well, in some ways, they were. Even with a ‘busy schedule’, Schneeplestein once explained, he was still able to chase his childhood passion to become an artist from time to time. Unfortunately, a minimum wage job couldn’t always buy him disposable surfaces to put his paints on or wipe his brushes with, so he began spreading his pallets on the windows and walls of his house. The other egos didn’t mind it. If anything it made the place more colourful. All but one of the doctor’s windows were like this. The final unpainted window was to his office, where a sea green light usually shone out onto the front yard. But this time the light was off.
“It’s never off when he’s home.” Jackaboy thought as he approached the roof of the house, “Something’s very wrong indeed.” He landed in the back garden and tried the back door. Unlocked. Unusual for someone with an obsessive paranoia that every stranger wanted to steal their medical equipment. Jackaboy walked inside.
He walked through the house, observing the place to see if anything had changed. Large messy canvases nearly completely covering each wall, empty or forgotten coffee cups on any self or table, the floors and skirting boards hidden under pages of paper work, with the odd paintbrush lying here and there… Nothing seemed different, but Jackaboy still felt something was wrong. He made his way upstairs.
At the top of the stairs was Dr. Schneeplestein’s office, his private office of important work and surgical practices in which no one, except Schneep himself, could enter, and the door was always closed. So Jackaboy certainly wasn’t comfortable to find the door open at ajar. Jackaboy quietly pushed the door into the office open. Before it was even open half way there was the clinking of glass against the door. Jackaboy peeked around to see a messy pile of empty wine and beer bottles spread out from the door to the far corners of the room. In the centre of the room was the doctor’s desk, and, laying face down with his head in his arms, Schneeplestein motionlessly sat at the desk. “Schneep?” Jackaboy weakly called out.
There was a sleepy grunt from under the doctor’s head. Jackaboy approached slowly until he was at his side and he carefully pulled Schneep up from the desk. The doctor moaned as he was moved, just as a floor board would creak when it’s moved, and his head lolled back as his body slunk down in the chair.  
“If you are here… to zee the gr-r-reat! Vorld renown! And f-f-famous-sh Doctor Henrik Von Schneeplestein… zen come back two hourz-z-z earlier, before hiz life was ruined.” he slurred.
Jackaboy flinched back as the stench of strong alcohol whooshed out of the doctor’s mouth. “You’re drunk.”
“Of courz-z-ze I am!” Schneeplestein spat, picking up a half full bottle of beer from the desk, “You’d be drunk too if you’d let a bezt friend DIE!” He put the bottle to his lips, but Jackaboy grabbed it out of his hand and threw it cross the room, letting it smashed against the wall.
“I need to get you sober fast. We need your help.” Jackaboy picked Schneep up over his shoulders and walked him out of his office.
“You n-need my help?” Schneep mumbled, “Ha! Vhat help vould I be to you? I’m a killer, a life-taker more zan a life-z-s-zaver! Ze government zhould put a health warning on me; ‘Zis doctor iz-s-z dangerous to your health. Do not confront!’. A doctor zat makez you f-f-feel vorse zan vhen you f-firzt arrived! How ironic!” He drunkenly howled with laughed as they entered the kitchen.

After sitting the doctor down at the kitchen table and telling him to keep drinking glasses of water, Jackaboy instantly flew back to Jack’s house to get Marvin, knowing his magic would be able to make some kind of sobering solution for the broken Schneeplestein. When they arrived, Marvin searched through Schneep’s food cupboards and medicine cabinet and managed to concoct a sobering potion, mainly composed of fresh fruit juices and a lot of coffee. Schneeplestein chugged it down carelessly along with four more glasses of water and a piece of toast Jackaboy Man had kindly made for him. Although the hero and the magician were growing increasingly anxious at the passing time getting closer to 8pm, Jack’s second video deadline, they respected that the doctor needed a long while to recuperate. Eventually the doctor had washed most of the alcohol out his systems, but he was no less miserable than before, even more so now he had a splitting headache.
Marvin pulled up a chair in front of Schneep and sat down. He cleared his throat and asked politely, “Henrik, would you mind telling us what happened to Jack?”
Schneeplestein looked up from his hands for the first time after what must have been 20 minutes. His eyes were red, and about to get redder as he felt a sob welling. He sighed. “He died. Simple az zat.” There was a paused before he dunked his face back into his hands. “I tried to zave him. It waz az simple az a cold. Notzing more. But he… got vorse somehow. T’waz like everything I did to help him turned againzt me! But I tried! Notzing I did vas helping!” Tears wear dripping through his fingers and onto the floor. “I really tried!”
Marvin placed his hands on his shoulders and shook him lightly. “Hey.” He said reassuringly, “We know you tried. We trust you, Schneep, you are a good doctor. You saved Jack from death once before.”
“And there’s still a chance!” Jackaboy interrupted, “There’s always a chance! Marvin’s magic can bring him back to life, can’t it Marvin?”
Marvin smiled at him, even though deep down he felt doubt beginning to grow. He looked back to the doctor. “Yeah. I have the spells to bring him back. But I need your help. You know what infected him, so you know how to cure him, how to get rid of the infection.”
Schneeplestein looked at his hands he had been crying into. His fingertips were still stained brown with Jack’s blood. A shiver ran down his spine and he mumbled, “I can’t get rid of it. I couldn’t before zo vhy vould it go zis time?”
“Because I’m here to help you.” Marvin answered, “And Jackaboy too. We can work together to save Jack!”
“You don’t understand.” Schneep shook his head before leaning back and sighing heavily, “Jack’z illnezz vas an eazy zing to cure… if it veren’t for HIM! If it veren’t for ANTI! He got in ze vay!” Schneeplestein shot up out of his chair and threw his glass to smash on the floor. Marvin jumped away and Jackaboy stood in front of him protectively. Not knowing where to use his aggression, Schneep began punching the wooden doors of his food cupboards. “He UZED ME! He took control of me at important timez and threw me off! He PLAYED vith me, like a TOY!” He violently kicked the lower cupboards, forgetting his shoes were off, and suddenly he fell on the floor clutching his sore toes and hissing in pain.

Jackaboy puffed up his chest with a sharp breath. He didn’t like seeing the doctor like this, and thinking of Anti torturing his friend into doing his evil deeds, in which Schneep would get the blame for, only made his blood boil. He waltzed over to Schneep and pulled him up off the floor.
“Well, we’re going to show him he’s not the one in charge, aren’t we?” He suggested boldly, “I think we’ve all had enough of Anti’s threats and tricks. He is NOT in control of us, we are NOT weak, and we will NOT follow him! Now let’s go and bring Jack back. If not for the fans, then for ourselves. For the chance to prove that we are stronger than he thinks!”
Marvin smiled proudly at the hero as he looked to him with gleaming eyes. Schneep seemed more attentive than earlier, but there was still a hint of uncertainty in his slightly dazed expression. But he was no man to deny Jackaboy Man’s commitment to fight for good, and of all the people in the world to come to his rescue when he himself needed his life saved, he was glad it was Jackaboy.
Marvin rummaged in his pocket for some smoke bombs, and, while passing them to Jackaboy, he said, “Come on. So what it’s past 8pm? There’s always tomorrow.” He summoned his wand from behind his back, asked Schneep for his surgical cap, and tapped his Mary Poppins spell into it. “And anyway, I’m sure last time Jack delayed his video by an hour, so the fans would probably expect a late video.” He smiled and threw his cape over himself and the confused Dr. Schneeplestein, and suddenly there was nothing of them except the magician’s cape and Schneep’s cap. Jackaboy picked them up and strapped them to his belt, then he left the house, locking the door behind him of course, and then flew back to Jack’s house.

Glitched (Part Four)

Dr. Scheepelstein lays Signe down gently, making sure not to hurt her as her eyes slip closed, he didn’t want to do that, but he had to. If she learnt of Sean’s egos then it could cause some mental health problems, not to mention her safety would plummet greatly. She’d be more of a target than she is already. No matter what ego, no Jack wants to see her get hurt.

Schneep looks over to Sean, who is passed out, he seems to be trembling slightly and even though his face barely shows emotion, he looks as if he’s going through great amounts of pain. He tuts. “No, no, no, zis is nut gud, iz it now?” He says, heaving one arm over his shoulder and pulls him to his feet, okay, now he just has to poof away back to the Ego Street, as he calls it, and find out what the problem is, he has an operating room in his house, it automatically appeared there the moment he did and the house shone with that minty blue light, indicating his “canonization”. This’ll be easy, he’s operated on far worse with hardly anything and he was successful! This’ll be a piece of cake! And once Sean is healed, he’ll simply bring him back, put him back where he found him and wait for Signe to awaken again before he calls it a day.

Schneep poofs into smoke with Sean, a new lime green smoke mixing with his mint one as they teleport. Schneep arrives directly into his operating room, there’s a metal operating table in the centre of the room, surrounded by tools, heart monitors, IV drips, all the things that;ll save his life. There’s a computer there too with a fairly tidy desk, though some papers are sprawled out over it but that’s not important right now.

Schneep lies his counterpart down on the operating table and connects the heart monitor to him, the green bar begins bouncing, beeping in a slow rhythm, Schneep scowls at this, fixing his gloves and mask into place.

He removes Sean’s shirt and sure as hell, there’s vein like darkness crawling across various parts of his body, the veins that usually run from the arms and lungs are a frightening black. Those same veins are running up his neck too, beginning to reach the lower parts of his chin, what is this? Poison? Schneep stares at it in shock. Don’t worry, he can still do this.

The doctor begins to operate, working carefully yet still as fast as he can, he keeps himself talking to calm himself, this poison is so intricate, it is travelling so fast, infecting different parts of his body all at the same time, that Schneep can barely keep up, he is losing his concentration, he almost feels the poison leak into his hands, travel up his arms and into his neck, he breathes in shakily, feeling the mask try to suffocate him, in his frustration he quickly throws it away though he still feels as cramped as before, as if all air is being stolen from him.

Schneep, as gently as he can, makes another incision along his chest near his heart, reaching for some A͜nt̵i-bacterial fluid to try and settle this poison, if he adds too much then who know’s what’ll happen?! He goes to inject it into the vein with a shaking hand, don’t fail, don’t fail, don’t fail.

Yet, the moment he presses on the plunger, he feels a sudden dizziness take over, his vision flashes for a moment, startling him, he sees buzzes and almost glitch-like pictures of himself appear for less than a second, he can almost hear laughter in his ears. What’s worse is that his thumb automatically presses hard into the plunger, inserting all of it into his vein, he didn’t do that! That wasn’t him! No!

Schneep barely recollects his bearings before he hears the heart monitor blare in alert and Sean shriek in pain, he never put him to sleep! Oh god, he forgot the most important part! He was so wrapped up in his own greatness he was sloppy, and now this operation has become even more dangerous! It’s too late to do it now, the poison has engulfed all of the veins to the neck and wrists, he’ll make it worse if he injects it now! “Fuck!” Schneep curses in panic, unable to think properly, “Hang in zere, Zean! I’m going to zave you, buddy!”

The minutes creep by slowly, taunting him as he frantically reaches for more and more medicine to help, yet every time he tries to do something, he gets thrown off by something, it glitches and buzzes and confuses him, it controls him like a puppet, either injecting too much, too little, not in the right place, what is happening!? Every time, Sean’s shrieks are the only thing to snap him back to himself, and every time he does, he feels more and more sick, he can feel the poison in his blood, it is reaching his neck, he feels as if someone is throttling him, their hands pressed against his throat, he coughs, almost unable to breathe. 

His blood is beginning to seep out of his chest, mixed with that deadly poison, it almost throbs with power, he’s made too many incisions! “Blood clots…blood clots!” Schneep panics, scrambling for something to stop that, but it is too risky, if he’s bleeding now then anything he does to stop blood clots may cause internal bleeding due to the incisions! At least they may stop it?! Fuck, he can’t think any more! “Immune boost, yes, boost zis immune zystem!” He says, injecting the immune boost into his cluttered system, right now, he’s trying everything to help him, but he’s doing nothing to help, he can’t do it!

The heart monitor is faltering.

“Jack!” He cries, he doesn’t care what he calling him anymore, he’s still the same person, and right now, he’s killing him! He can’t save him! He’s trying his best but nothing is working! This poison, what is it? He’s never seen something like this, the way it attacks the body is new and terrifying to him, he shouldn’t have done this alone!

A tab on the computer starts blaring at him, he turns around to see two words in bold white, he can’t process it, his hands start shaking, Systems Failing, his body is shutting down!

“No no no,” He faces Sean again, “Stay vith me, buddy!”

Schneep grabs the scalpel and a cloth, dabbing the blood away and going to make another incision, but the moment it makes a cut, Schneep feels his body lose control, those flashes appear again and laughter fills his ears, psychotic laughter that he cannot unhear, one so terrifying and sadistic that he can’t mistake it.  A̖̙̱̠͇̟ͯ̉̍̑n̫̺̮̠͈̆ͣ̑t͍̓͌͂̋̉̓̆i̦̐̾̆ͅ.

T̒̏͋͗ͥ̊ͦ͏̫̬͓̘̠̝̮į̻͚̻ͧͬͥ̐ͯ̏ͅm̛͍̞̟̯̱͆͗̆ͦe̷͈̝̓'̬̎͘s̼͙̥͌ͬ ̠̱͈̥̮͒ų͚̂͋͑̿p͓͚̠̒,͓̺̫ͥ̓ ̵̞̥̟̺̼̱̏ͥͬ̑ͣd̳̉ǫͤͨͤ̚c̘̰̅̒͐̏͗͟ẗ͖̻ô͍͈̥̭͕͛̑ͤ̍̊ͩ͡r̯̭̤!̫̦̩̙̝͉ͥͯ̌

The scalpel cuts deep into Sean’s body like a knife.

The heart monitor makes a single, droning note.

The doctor realizes, dropping the scalpel and barely hearing in clatter to the ground. “No no no no no!” He exclaims, “JACK NO!” The tears start spilling over his eyes, they won’t stop, pure guilt and pain is all he can feel as he stares at the droning heart monitor with horror. He lets out a pained cry of grief, his legs collapsing under him, he keels over.

Anti cackles. 

O҉h͟ thìś is̸ ḩíl̵ar̛įous! D̷įd̡ ̧y̨o̡u ͘t̸h͜ink t̢ha͏t you̢ c͘ơu͡l̸d ̨s͏ave͢ ̵hįm͞!̨?

Y̶o͜u’re a͜ll̢ ̡WE̕A̡K̕!̨

Ṕath͏e̴t͜i̢c cr͞e̛atu͢r͞e̶s!
Do̷ ͜ýo͟ur͏sel̢f ̛a ̕f́a͘v̴o͘r҉ a҉n̢d͜ ki͘l̶l ̀y͡oúr̨s͡el̷f ̕be̷f̡or̵e͘ ̸I ̢d͜ò it̵ ҉f͏o͟r̸ ͞you͜!
And i͟f̸ ̢yo҉u doń’t m͢in͟d҉,̀ ͘I͘'͘l̛l̕ ͡b̴e͠ t҉ak҉íņg҉ t͡his ţr̵aito̧r wi͡th͢ ́me!  I̷'̀m ̀su͘re͘ Si͡g̵ne woul͞d l̢o̕ve t̕o ͢s̵ee̛ ͞h͜er̛ p̧rec̷ioùs̀ l̢i̸t͏t͘l̵e̕ ̀S͢ȩa̷n ąǵain̢,̛ ͘w̷on͏’t ̛s̀he?͠

Sean’s lifeless body glitches away.

Well…uh…this one’s a little short but at least it had drama in it? >~<