It’s an odd thing when you realize you’ve never done a proper reference for a character that is paired with one of your friends. Unless of course you’re ME and that’s the case for the majority of your OCS because you’re a jerk. (SORRY GUYS ;; I’M GETTING THESE DONE THO I PROMISE.)

She’s another Trichobi, and one of the taller and more average ones. Unlike the other folk I have presented, Zavalah is pretty darn normal by their species standards! Aside from the mouth that spews her innermost thoughts and being entirely sterile, that is. 

She’s shy, but extremely curious, while being fiercely protective, loyal and dedicated (To a certain puppet boy, that is~). Often times she tags along and is very quiet, taking in the sights and sounds around her. She can easily pick up things with her hair, and even balances on the longer strands like a makeshift chair. Not only is her hair multifaceted, but so is her body, which allows her to easily bend and contort herself into complex dancing moves.