Day 6 HijUp Model Look, April 13th 2013, The Grand Final at fX Sudirman, Jakarta.

The final yet the first time for them to put their feet on the show, while all the preparation the night before was unsettled yet they put a lot of effort on the stage in the night of the grand final, looking superbly gorgeous with Ria Miranda’s latest collection “Take a Bow” & Miss Marina Accessories the 15 finalist had all the judges attention that night, yet only 5 who could have the grand prizes, it was Ramadhika Febryna as the favorite winner, Astarina Maulida as the photogenic winner, Hany Sabrina as the third winner, Hafizka Chandra as the second winner and Ajeng S. Seruni as the first! 

The event was a big success, the crowd was fantastic the contestant is now on the top list in modeling, I had to tell, it was quite a big exposure for the first event which organised by HijUp with at least 3 co partners ( ZAURA Models, Vicky Astro Photography & Dapur Film Productions ). 

I’m grateful to be part of this, wishing another grand succes for HijUp Festival next year!


Photos: VAP