The voice in the back of her head wasn’t her own. It was Caroline’s. The blonde was telling her to get over Alex and to move on. Even if going out on one date was all it was going to be, at least it would push her in the right direction. Grace was scared of getting hurt again, but something about Zaul made her feel…better. Just simply better. It was like a breath of fresh air whenever she was around him and despite the fact that she made a mistake with Lucifer he saw something, right? 

Grace knocked a couple of times on his front door and stood back as she waited for him to let her in. There was nothing to be nervous about, but she couldn’t help but feel her stomach backflip and her heart pound as she waited for him to answer the door.

Zach: Wait looks like this apartment only has two bedrooms

Cody/Paul: Woops.

Zach: Thats weird.

Paul: Don’t worry bro you can room with me.

Cody: Or me.

Paul: Cody farts a lot, don’t worry about it. Room with me.

Cody: Paul has ebola, come on Zach. Here I’ll take your stuff.

So the first picture of a shirtless man Zach likes on Instagram is Cody’s brother. Lmao we might need to keep a eye out on the situation…….. You know Paul and Zach have been going back and forth leaving comments on each other pic, leaving slick little comments. Zach might have found a new crush lmao

Saving Caroline || Tyler and Zaul (ft. Caroline)

“Come on, baby,” he whispered as he leaned down to pick up her body. It was cold and it made him actually shiver to the touch. Tyler swallowed back his tears as he looked at her blue-veined face. It was still beautiful even considering the circumstances. He was going to save her. Tyler was determined to bring her back and if it meant he died in the process, he would gladly sacrifice himself in order for Sadie to get her sister back. In order for everyone to get the beloved lively blonde back into their lives. Tyler began to carry her out of where she was placed from last night. He took one last look of the place that they were in and mumbled, “We’re gonna get you out of here. We will find a way." 

He had heard of Zaul and what he could do to people if they died. Tyler didn’t know much other than that he could bring them back to life, but it was definitely worth a try. "Zaul!” he called out after arriving to his place. He had looked him in the Mystic Falls phone book and called a few people, getting connections. The only reason why he wasn’t planning a funeral was because Caroline wasn’t going to have one. He was determined to help her. It was Sadie’s birthday and Sadie n e e d e d her sister more than anybody else did. He understood what it was like to lose family and would have done everything in his will to bring his mother back. He understood.