It’s Sleet and Sasha’s anniversary today so I wanted to do them a quick something because they’re both wonderful people and they’re just so damn cute together! I hope you two have an amazing day uwu



Hello! So believe it or not, today (April 1st) is the anniversary of Ebly and I’s relationship. Yeah, I confessed to him on April Fools Day because I have a great sense of timing (but I can definitely tell you that it was no joke heheh)

I’m sorry for incoming sap but this guy is fantastic. He manages to make me feel loved and cared for every day, he knows just what to say to calm me down and to make me feel safe. I believe I’ve grown as a person, I’m becoming more social and comfortable with… well, a lot of a things. He has helped me so much, more than he realises and is so damn kind and thoughtful, I am an extremely lucky guy to have him in my life. This year he’ll be flying down to see me and I’m reeeally looking forward to it. I’m gonna show him around, we’re probably gonna rent out a room or flat somewhere and it’s going to be fantastic. Where will it go from there? I dunno, but it’s gonna be exciting finding out.

I love you Evan, and I hope you have a fantastic day. You deserve it! (PS I’m sorry for my awful handwriting please forgive me and I’m not usually this sappy aaaaaaaaa it’s embarrassing but worth it ok)

another quick doodle of boar guy! not much changed from the old one since i’m a wuss and stick to my comfort zone, but I wanted to try thick lines and actually gave him a body… kinda! He seems happy enough about it.