so in Zatch Bell/Gash Bell, the whole plot is 100 demon children fighting each other for the title of the next Demon king and it’s like

ok demon children- that’s pretty cute! there are even a few animal ones too!

then it’s like

uh ok- well i guess that you can count teenagers as “children” right?

ok now

ok that is definitely not a child

come on now! that one’s smoking!




please watch this truly iconic scene it’s only 25 seconds long

one thing that will never stop being funny to me is how kiyo is extremely super cautious about zatch’s magical lightning powers at the beginning of the manga, to the point where he causes zatch to be super depressed and runs away because kiyo causes him to believe he’s only a danger to others

there’s an armed bank robbery with several hostages, where many lives, including the life of the sole person in his entire school that even remotely likes him, are on the line. he comes up with this convoluted plan to lure the robbers near a pole to knock them out with an electric shock. the attack ends up being a direct attack by accident, so he then runs up to the robbers out of serious concern that he didn’t kill them and he’s visibly relieved when he realizes he didn’t

later on in the manga, though?? it doesn’t matter if you’re an ally, if you piss kiyo off, he gives ZERO shits. oh, you’re folgore, and you’re happily singing about how much you love tiddies?? expect a fresh, steaming hot ZAKERU aimed directly at you

does this look like a face of mercy to you??