Jaime and Marlene Zatarain Brown - Anteater Love Stories

“I met the love of my life at a punk rock show in Hollywood around 1997. Back then Marlene and I were young kids looking to have fun, trying to figure life out. Our worlds were very small back then, she was born in Mexico City, but grew up mostly in Monterey Park, CA. I was born and raised in South El Monte, CA. We spent most of our days and nights in a movie theater or a local coffee shop (this is the 90’s so not Starbucks, think more like the set of “friends”).  

One night we were out and started talking about our future, who we wanted to be in life. We both realized that our education had taken a back seat and it was time to move forward. We did some community college but eventually ended up at UC Irvine.  

She studied English while I went to the School of Social Sciences for psychology. Our plan was just to get an education with some hope that it would lead to some amazing job in the future, which luckily we both managed to complete. 

But what we really learned was how to love each other, how to be there for one another.  We learned by hanging out on Ring Road, we learned by making spaghetti in our tiny little off-campus apartment, and by encouraging one another when the stress and pressure of school felt like too much.

We still love UCI, so much so that our son and daughter both proudly wear their Anteater gear on college days at their elementary schools.”

Jaime Brown (via email)