zeephillayy-deactivated20150512  asked:

Doubt your 'albeism' fiasco has anything to do with point of view. The folks like that, here on Tumblr as reference, are just the type who just want something to fight against. You could say that he's an a-hole and you'd be called a racist, there's nothing to a lot of it. Anyway, keep making cool Skyrim stuff, you cool person, you.

Eyuuup, pretty much! Hell, I bet the peeps here would even fight against a bloody pencil. All this fiasco, simply started with me answering an anon and then this sack of ass comes along and starts spilling BS, and not even in a kind matter. And then being surprised to receive an asshole reaction from me. Oh man, this is like a start of a bad joke.

Anyway, thanks mate! I will be keep rolling da guddd stuff.