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jongyu, jinki works at a pet store and this really tiny, really cute guy comes in everyday to look at the puppies and jinki wonders why he doesn't just buy one, but he kinda doesn't want him to

“Whoosh," Jinki whispers, feeling air fly past his face. The wheels of the break room chair clatter under him as he speeds down the aisles, his hair flying free. "Vroom vroom.”

He sticks a leg out to propel himself faster and as his sneakers squeak against the linoleum his arms spread outward to repel the threat of collision with the hamster tunnel display or an inconveniently-placed shelf. Jinki likes the slow shift sometimes. It’s nice. No one can blame him for the boredom, though.

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“Fuck,” Key hissed softly through his teeth, his head falling back to lightly thump against the stall of the crowded, noisy airport bathroom. His fingers threaded into the jet black head of hair below him and tugged gently, his lips turning to a sleazy, pleasured grin, never wanting the delicious wet sounds of those pretty lips stretching around his cock to stop.

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christmas 2013
an excuse to make things for my favorite people on tumblr

Merry Christmas, Zaz :D

man we’ve only known each other for like 2 months but dsdfgsdf i love you bby you’re my soulmate and i’m just so glad i found your blog and decided not to be a lazy ass and send you a message ;w; i hope you have the most amazing christmas ever and that this little thing made it even a bit more amazing ;u; <333

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you're cute songbird. ahem taekey, treehouse pls uwu

Taeyeon has been busy for most of this summer. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t bother Gwiboon very much, except that Taeyeon has been busy without her, off doing something mysterious and secret which she refuses to explain.

Gwiboon tries not to be too upset at her girlfriend’s absence. After all, there are advantages to Taeyeon’s mysterious project, such as her turning up all deliciously suntanned and sweaty and smug, with callouses forming on her hands and the scent of wood and grass clinging to her hair. Gwiboon presumes this means that whatever Taeyeon is doing involves some amount of manual labor, especially since her usually skinny frame is slowly filling out into lean and wiry musculature.

Gwiboon finds this rather hot. She doesn’t say so, of course, since that would take away from her constant complaints about how Taeyeon is gone half the time, but she suspects Taeyeon knows anyway.

It’s a warm afternoon one late summer, after the occasional splinters in Taeyeon’s skin have turned to various paint splatters, when Gwiboon finally finds out what is going on. Taeyeon arrives out of nowhere that afternoon to drag Gwiboon out of her nice, air-conditioned house, out of the neighborhood and into the nearby patch of tame suburban woods.

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taekey, assassins u3u

“You didn’t start liking him, did you?”

Kibum shuts the door, rubbing the bridge of his nose, his brows furrowed together tightly. Taemin’s eyes on him pierce through the darkness and right through his skin, even though he can barely see anything, he feels them. “Shut up, Tae,” he says tiredly, taking his jacket off while he moves his feet to the kitchen. His throat is dry. He hears Taemin coming after him and he wishes he wouldn’t. His judging stare burns his back as he pours himself a glass of gin, downing swiftly before he fills it again.

Taemin’s hand on his wrist stops him, and he looks up unwillingly.

"Did you kill him?” His gaze is intense, stern, and Kibum averts his eyes, yanking his wrist from Taemin’s grip and drinks up.

“Kibum, did you kill him?” Taemin repeats urgently, once again gripping his wrist to stop him from taking a third glass. “Tell me you—”

"I did!” Kibum shouts, shoving Taemin away roughly, eyes clenched shut and his words slurring already. “I fucking did it, so you can leave me the fuck alone and stop fucking worrying about it. I killed him, job done.”

"Good.” Taemin’s voice is cold and Kibum’s eyes snap open. “Because that is our job.” He steps closer, so close their noses are almost touching, stares at him intensely, not allowing Kibum to look away. “It’s the only way we can survive, we have to do it. And you know it.” He grips Kibum’s chin, forcing him to keep looking at him when he turns his head away. “Look at me. You were the one who taught me not to get close to a target, hyung. ‘Get as close as possible but always keep your distance.’”

Kibum closes his eyes, face scrunched up and lips pressed together tightly. “I know. I fucking know, Tae, but it’s not just that easy—”

"I know it’s not.” Taemin’s voice softens for a moment, but it’s still strict, still urgent even when it falls to a whisper. “But we have to remind ourselves. Always. We need to survive, we’re first. We can’t afford mistakes, we can’t afford weakness, we just can’t, hyung.”

It’s not often that Kibum looks at him like this, so lost and small, desperate to hold on to something, to him. But it makes Taemin give in, always give in and he pulls him close, lets him bite down on his lips, his neck, lets him dig his nails into his skin and take him to bed, where he rips his clothes off his body and lets him forget about everything for just one night.

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kisses ur cheeks i hope this isnt awful of me to ask for a second, but what about jonghyun dating police officer choi minho, like maybe a day in the life, or jjong flirts his way out of a ticket or maybe into one but he gets a number anyway

Jonghyun woke up at the sound of Minho’s radio crackling on, the dispatcher speaking in the code he hadn’t yet deciphered, and groaned. “Why is that on?” he asked as Minho reached over to turn the volume up and listen in. 

“Just in case.” he mumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He swung out of bed and Jonghyun flapped his hand at him.

“Where are you going?” he whined.

“To call in and see if I’m needed.” Minho said, leaning down and pressing his lips to Jonghyun’s messy hair.

“No!” Jonghyun sobbed kicking his feet like a child. “Can’t you pretend you didn’t hear it.”

“That wouldn’t be very ethical, would it?” Minho rolled his eyes as he slid into his slippers and sat on the edge of Jonghyun’s side of the bed. 

“I hate your valiant ass.” Jonghyun grumbled as Minho kissed his cheek. “If you die, don’t expect me to cry for you, not even a little bit.”

“I won’t die, babe.” Minho promised before pecking his lips lightly. 

“I love you.” Jonghyun whispered. 

“I love you, too.” Minho hummed, kissing him again before getting up to make the call.

He came back in the room after about three minutes and slid into bed carefully.

“They don’t need you?” Jonghyun asked as he curled himself around the taller man. 

“Nope.” Minho wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close.

“Good.” Jonghyun hummed, nuzzling into his chest. “Then I hate you again.”

Minho chuckled. “I hate you, too.” he said fondly. “Goodnight.”

…and catch some criminals for me, yeah?

it’s the jongho cop au for zarzarthebear’s birthday uwu 
ilu bby, hope you like it ;w; i had all the fun nd fuzzy feelings drawing this :‘3

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jongho, minho's taking a shortcut through the park home and he sees jjong on a bench reading a harry potter book or smth and before he can even think he just yells out I fUCKING LOVE HARRY POTTER and scurries on over, scaring jjong and the parents of children everywhere


In the midst of exams and the annoying scent of newly-formed couples blooming in the early springtime, Minho’s really out of patience. His walk home is getting longer every day, and that little park on the corner is looking better and better. Even though it’s a dog park, and Minho’s developed a habit of attracting unsavory canine types in the past few weeks. Whatever. The odds of being peed on or bitten are significantly lower when you’re not carrying sausages around, and Minho’s learned his lesson there. He’s only carrying his camera. He’ll hurry through. It’ll be fine.

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hyung, i'm really happy..

christmas 2014: hopefully cute things for definitely cute ppl uwu

merry christmas zaz ;w;

i don’t even know what to say ;; /flaps teen jongho in ur face nd cuddles ur soul forever. you. are. so. sO. important to me. u have absolutely no idea. u r my soulmate nd my cutie butt nd u make me so incredibly happy whenever we text/talk ;3; u kno how stressed I’ve been abt christmas this year, but i still managed to do a thing for u ;w; ((only partly digital bc traditional calms me down for some reason uwu))

gives u a kissie and snuggles u intensely ilu bab, i hope u have an amazing christmas, and that you’re just as happy abt my present as i’m about yours u3u

Hello lovelies this is Saima. I’m sending this post through a friend and I hope you check it out. I’m really sorry for worrying any of you and disappearing so suddenly. All of you made my tumblr more enjoyable so thank you. 

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taekey, young, bistro

Taeyeon carefully peruses the Google search results on her phone for fancy restaurants in the hopes of finding one that isn’t too horribly expensive. It’s the morning of her first anniversary with her girlfriend, and Taeyeon had promised to take Gwiboon out somewhere very nice to celebrate. Gwiboon had given her that look when Taeyeon had insisted on being the one to make the arrangements, that look which meant Gwiboon was prepared to be all okay babe whatever you want while she secretly steeled herself to wind up at McDonald’s for their date that night.

Taeyeon is determined to defy Gwiboon’s expectations of her incompetence. Her attempt to book a reservation the morning of their anniversary while waiting for her school bus to arrive is not going so well, however. Maybe she really shouldn’t have procrastinated so long about this. 

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whispers quietly, about jongho and cop au ;;

Minho should have been home by now. He said he was stopping by CVS to pick up some milk on his way home, but that was over forty minutes ago. Jonghyun pouted as he watched the television flicker before his eyes, the reporters from the eleven o’ clock news droning on about the mayoral election. He glanced sidelong at the front door and sighed, curling up onto his side and snuggling into the comforter.

He was half asleep when a special live report was announced, the alert, startling him, making him grumble and reach for the remote to shut the thing off before he recognized his husband’s large eyes on screen and sat bolt upright, raising the volume. The woman beside him began to speak, describing how Minho was on his way home with a gallon of milk when he spotted a suspicious stranger lurking around the perimeter of a nearby two story home. The man turned out to be the owner’s ex-husband hell-bent on revenge, ready to harm his ex-wife and run off with their children. She turned to Minho and asked what he was thinking at the time he approached the man and Minho chuckled nervously, shifting from side to side as he spoke about his gut feeling. A caption popped up beneath his chest that read Off-Duty Officer Minnow Choi as Minho talked and Jonghyun snorted.

The woman called Minho a hero and he shook it off, laughing, saying that it was just his job. It cut back to the reporter and eventually back to the studio and Jonghyun called Minho up immediately. The call went to voicemail, and because Minho was a major safety dork, and probably close to home, he wouldn’t answer. Just a couple minutes later, Jonghyun heard his car pull up in the driveway and he bounded toward the front door, throwing it open as Minho walked up the porch steps.

“What?” he furrowed his brow at Jonghyun’s gleeful expression. “You saw it didn’t you?”

“My hero!” Jonghyun exclaimed, throwing himself onto the younger man, forcing him to drop the milk. They’d have to buy another one in the morning.

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taekey, three years

“We’ve been together for three fucking years and you still can’t remember that I can’t stand carrots?”

It’s not that big of a deal. It really isn’t. But today has just not been Kibum’s day, and he really was looking forward to Taemin cooking something for dinner. It doesn’t happen much, but he’s good at it, and Kibum really didn’t want to eat crap after such a shitty day of working in retail.

But, you know.

Taemin had to fucking cook a pot roast dish thing that’s like, 90% carrots.

“Uh…” the younger man’s face flushes almost immediately and he scrambles to cover it up with the lid of the slow-cooker, steps away from the counter like it’s molten lava. “Uh, fuck, Kibum. I’m really sorry. I totally wasn’t thinking about that at all, just kinda followed my mom’s recipe-”

“I’m ordering expensive takeout and you’re paying for it.”

He feels a little bad for shitting all over Taemin’s hard work (okay, really bad, now that he thinks about it), but it’s been three years, and he just really fucking hates carrots. “…’kay.”