“Fuck,” Key hissed softly through his teeth, his head falling back to lightly thump against the stall of the crowded, noisy airport bathroom. His fingers threaded into the jet black head of hair below him and tugged gently, his lips turning to a sleazy, pleasured grin, never wanting the delicious wet sounds of those pretty lips stretching around his cock to stop.

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I decided to contribute to the massive amount of end-of-the-year ffs! This year has been a lot of ups and downs, a lot of excitement, ending pages, and new beginnings. But despite the change, there’s a list of people that I like having as a constant here, because they make/have made my time here really wonderful. Thanks, you guys, for a pretty great year!

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Hey guys! I’ve decided to make a follow forever to mark my 300+ followers and my 6 months since joining tumblr! Last year had it’s up and downs, but one of the best things that happened is that I joined this community, where I’ve met so many great people, learned so many new things, and have made a lot of awesome, fantastic friends. Everyone here is so amazing; you guys are hilarious, kind, and always caring to me and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you guys for making me smile on my worst days and I hope all of you have a splendid rest of the year and that 2015 treats you all well!!

Here’s some of my favorite blogs on here who brighten up my dashboard! Thank you!! (And I still love you even if I didn’t mention you here~)

Love, Rachel 

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Trick or Treat / pg-13 / jongho / 3.6k words

Jonghyun is dared to spend the night in a haunted house.

Halloween falls during Asexuality Awareness Week this year, so here’s a fic that celebrates them both! (also thank you to zarzarthebear for encouraging me to write this and taemburton for reassuring me all was well with it~!)

On top of an isolated hill, at the very edge of the town, there is a house that no one goes to.

It’s more of a mansion than a house, really, huge and dark and looming. Even in sunny daylight it has an ominous aura, with walls covered in dying ivy, the roof a crumbling wreck, the lawn thorny and unkempt. It’s surrounded by a high, sharp barbed-wire fence, which does absolutely nothing to quell the grisly rumours about the place.

Some say it used to be a prison for the worst sort of prisoners. Others say it used to belong to a rich man with eccentric tastes in pleasure, tastes which involved doing unspeakable things to corpses stolen from the local morgue. Still others whisper that it belonged to an ancient family who had an interest in perfecting the art of torture, and that there are dungeons and racks and spiked wheels lurking in secret spaces within the mansion’s thick walls. The only real consensus is that the house is definitely haunted, by ghosts or monsters or worse.

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5noop5  asked:

jongyu, jinki works at a pet store and this really tiny, really cute guy comes in everyday to look at the puppies and jinki wonders why he doesn't just buy one, but he kinda doesn't want him to

“Whoosh," Jinki whispers, feeling air fly past his face. The wheels of the break room chair clatter under him as he speeds down the aisles, his hair flying free. "Vroom vroom.”

He sticks a leg out to propel himself faster and as his sneakers squeak against the linoleum his arms spread outward to repel the threat of collision with the hamster tunnel display or an inconveniently-placed shelf. Jinki likes the slow shift sometimes. It’s nice. No one can blame him for the boredom, though.

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christmas 2013
an excuse to make things for my favorite people on tumblr

Merry Christmas, Zaz :D

man we’ve only known each other for like 2 months but dsdfgsdf i love you bby you’re my soulmate and i’m just so glad i found your blog and decided not to be a lazy ass and send you a message ;w; i hope you have the most amazing christmas ever and that this little thing made it even a bit more amazing ;u; <333

5noop5  asked:

taekey, lick


“—and I didn’t really understand what he was saying — like i was listening anyways — so i was just like, you know, yeah yeah, sure, of course i know what you mean, and he just kept talking and it got really, really boring, but anyways, what i mean is— Taemin excuse me but what in the fuck do you think you’re about to do.”

Taemin freezes, empty plate halfway on the way to his mouth. “Uhm.”

Pinching the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes, Kibum takes a deep breath. “Can you. Please. Get rid of that habit, Tae, it’s freaking disgusting, seriously.”

There is a short pause, Kibum staring at Taemin, eyes narrowed, and Taemin’s eyes darting from his boyfriend to his plate that is still hanging in the air and back. 

In one move Taemin brings the plate to his face and licks across it once quickly before setting it back down on the table.

“See it as a compliment,” he shrugs as Kibum glares, smirk playing around the corner of his mouth, “Your food’s too delicious to waste.”

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u greedy hoe

Minho figured, you know, that after Kibum chickened out when he saw the ski lift and Jonghyun tripped over his skis and tumbled down the easiest mountain the resort had to offer, that when he, Jinki, and Taemin came back, they would find the two of them snuggled up in the hotel room with some pity hot chocolate, maybe watching a movie that they put on Minho’s card.

He didn’t figure that they would find the pair of them as soon as they walked in, up on the stage at the back of the lobby, singing that duet they do at the club every second Friday.

“Amateur Night,” he scoffs later, when the pair of them are still preening over their little trophy in the hotel room. “Neither of you have been amateurs for years.”

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im so stuck, i want jongho but i also want taekey since they're both my otps um. uM. um. maaaaybe jongho, late night. since im going to bed :3

“My mouth misses your cock.” Jonghyun intoned and Minho chuckled sleepily.

“Well, that is super romantic, hyung, but I called just to say goodnight.” he explained, turning in his hotel bed and hugging his pillow as Jonghyun whined softly into the receiver. “You’re insatiable.”

“Any calls past midnight should be emergencies or concern my libido.” Jonghyun argued. “But I’ll make an exception for you. Sweet dreams, loser." 

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jongho, twitch

>_______________> zaz plz

“Okay, okay, just— okay, i got this, do it.”

Minho tilts his head upwards to look at Jonghyun whom he’s kneeling in front of, sneering at his all scrunched up face, eyes shut close and lips pressed together tightly.

“Sure?” he smirks teasingly and Jonghyun lets out a miserable sound, something between a moan and a whine.

“Yes I— No. No, fuck this actually, no.” He bats Minho’s hand away from his knee, face flushed crimson. “I don’t fucking care, we’re doing this the old way, with warm water and some patience, I don't care if it’s ‘just a little twitch’, band-aids are the fucking worst.

jonghyunnieboo replied to your post: “jonghyunnieboo replied to your post: “You should write about how…”:

But your writing is so much nicer than mine it would turn into a jumbled mess and sound like I was writing it while trying to get off which probably isn’t far from the truth to be honest—–

but isnt that what makes it good like shit youre all excited nd thinking of lil details as they come to your mind nd it ~feels~ like the moment

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bab wrong au jonghyunnieboo replied to your post: “jonghyunnieboo replied to your post: “You should write about how…”:


what if taems the one saying it

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jongtae, corset, lounge

“I think-” Jonghyun puffed out a few breaths and shifted uncomfortably.  "I think this may be laced a bit too tight.“

"Looks killer from where I’m standing.” Taemin smirked.

“Can you undo me?” Jonghyu frowned at his reflection.

Taemin walked up behind him and placed his hands on Jonghyun’s waist, sliding his hands over the leather of the corset as he dropped a kiss on Jonghyun’s neck. “That was almost the perfect sentence.” Taemin chuckled in his ear as he pulled at the cord down by Jonghyun’s tailbone and started to readjust it.

“Shut up.” Jonghyun laughed and wiggled around a bit, smiling with relief as he was able to move a bit better. 

“How is it?” Taemin asked as he watched the elder twirl, his skirt flitting up to expose the black garters on his thighs.

“Good.” Jonghyun chuckled. “I think I’ll actually be able to sing now.”

“Good.” Taemin beamed. “Because you’re on.”

Taemin handed him a mic and Jonghyun took it, mumbling “Thanks.” and slipping into the stilettos by his chair.