Pixel Art

Zodiac signs of The Maze Runner cast:
  • Aries:Zart (Joe Adler)
  • Taurus:Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)
  • Gemini:-
  • Cancer:Frypan (Dexter Darden) and Brenda (Rosa Salazar)
  • Leo:Alby (Aml Ameen) and Aris (Jacob Lofland)
  • Virgo:Thomas (Dylan o'Brien)
  • Libra:Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and Chuck (Blake Cooper)
  • Scorpio:-
  • Sagittarius:Sonya (Katherine McNamara)
  • Capricorn:Winston (Alexander Flores)
  • Aquarius:Gally (Will Poulter
  • Pisces:Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and Harriet (Nathalie Emmanuel)
Der Himmel in dir

Rosa- Wie deine Wangen wenn man dir ein Kompliment macht.
Blau- Wie deine großen Augen wenn sie in die Welt rausschauen, etwas sehen was dir fremd ist.
Zart- Wie die Worte die deine Lippen streifen.
Weit- Wie deine Gedanken die keine Ende finden.
Durcheinander- Wie deine Gefühle die alles und nichts sind.
Geordnet- Wie das Lächeln das dein Gesicht verändert.
Schön und gleichzeitig so anders- Wie du


SUPER easy Pixel Art tutorial. Everything you need to know in 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Confidence Booster


anon- newt x reader where he watches her around the glade all the time but didn’t think of her sexually until he got a boner one time while watching her working in the garden. he didn’t know anything about sex but he had to get rid of it so he went to his room and experimented with touching himself even though he had no idea how and realized it actually felt good so he ended up doing it a lot and one time someone catches him and they all tease him about it. just cause clueless newt is so cute XD


i stood in the gardens working and chatting with zart about nothing to important when i look to another part of the gardens and see Y/N sat on the floor weeding the plants i cant help but stare at her she’s beautiful i could get lost in her deep Y/E/C eyes and her smile cant not make me smile oh and her laugh her laugh makes the whole glade seem brighter i just stand there getting lost in everything about her 


i was stood digging up the gardens with newt casually talking 

“do you know what i mean?” i say finishing what i was saying 

“newt?”  say he’s lost in a world all his own again i then stand beside him and he’s stareing at Y/N on the other side of the gardens  i wave my hand in front of his face but he’s unresponsive “OI NEWT” I yell at him but nothing i then start hitting him but still nothing till i get my shovel and hit him on the head with it “OW WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU WANT” he asks

“where to listening to a word i just said” i ask

“uh, yes” he answer unconvincingly

“well what was i saying then” i ask

“uh, okay i zoned out al right” he replies 

“dreaming about Y/N again” i ask

“NO” he shouts

“lier, you've been eyeing her all month, talk to her for shuck sake” i tell him 

“i cant” he replys

“why”  i ask

“if i talk to her i become a stuttering mess” he explains 

“whatever just do your work” i say walking off


i cant help it i get lost looking at her i forget what im doing its lunch now so i go get my food and sit with the guys but before i even start eating i look over to another bench to Y/N sat all alone eating her food as the only girl alot of the guys are well scared of her she sits on the table happily alone i just put my elbow on the table and rest my head on my hand zoning out stareing at her.


as i had a day of running i walk over to the kitchen and i see newt “HEY NEWT” I say as i sit beside him but no response “NEWT” i say again but nothing i then click my fingers in front of his face and nothing “don't even try he’s been like that for ten minuets” zart says with a sigh 

“what’s he looking at” i ask

“how do you think” zart says pointing behind him i look to see Y/N sat on a bench alone and i sigh 

“he’s still smitten” i ask with a sigh

“still, if anything its gotten worse, ive had to break him out of fantasy's four times today” zart says 

i then wave my hand in front of his face again and nothing

“okay ive had it with this” i say standing up and gripping newts hoddie pulling him out of  his seat


i sat blissfully looking at Y/N when suddenly i was being pulled out my seat minho had hold of my hoddie and dragged me away from the bench and pushed me so i hit Y/N’s bench “hiya newt” she smiles with a bit of a laugh 

“uh,.. uh.. h-h-h-h-i” i stutter uncontrollably 

“did you want something or was minho just being a slinthead”  she asks

“uh w-e-ll minho- was .. .be-ing a slint-head” i stutter 

“okay, are you okay” she asks

“i-m uh fine” i reply “bye” i scream before running off to the bench with the guys “YOU SLINTHEAD WHAT THE SHUCKS THE MATTER WITH YOU” i scream hitting minho repeatedly 

“dude you have to lean to talk to her you cant sit here stareing at her for the rest of your life” minho explains

“i can and will” i reply

“no your wont, if you don't talk to her someone else will and then she’ll be gone and you’ll never get a shot with her again” zart says 

“i know its hard” i answer 

“well you better start talking rather then stareing as if you don’t i will tell alby your not doing your work then he’ll give you a different job where you cant look at her” zart threatens

“NO PLEASE DON'T” i beg 

“then start trying to talk to her just try” minho says

“okay” i sigh 


it was strangely warm in the glade today i have been doing my work as i haven't seen Y/N working today till i was working in the planters planting some more cuttings of the bigger plants when i see Y/N in a tank top and very short shorts i cant help but stare a new feeling burning deep inside me as i move the dirt with my hands slowly and softly my eyes completely on her as she bends over to pick something up and my hands clench shut as i stare at her open mouthed but still smirking as she turns to face me and i jump to the floor hiding behind the planter so she didn't see me as i put my head against the planter and sigh happily shutting my eyes a second “HI” i hear Y/N voice say i open my eyes to see her leaning over the planter so she’s looking at me upside down her hair askew and her tits almost popping out her top “uh hi Y/N” i reply 

“awe no stutter, i miss it” she giggles “are you okay” she asks

“yeah why” i reply still a bit nervous

“well you did just drop to the floor when you sore me turn around” she giggles

“yeah im okay, how are you” i ask

“fine thanks” she says “hot though” she sighs

“see you latter” she says giving me a tiny little kiss on the cheek then leaving my view when i calm down again i get up and continue to stare at her till zart turns up “uh newt i think you need to go to your room ” he says quietly

“what are you going on about” i ask

“look down” he says

 i look down  and “what the bloody hell” i say why is there a huge bulge in my pants 

“just go to your room newt” he says i then go back to my room and sit on my bed very confused i then undo my pants and WOW how the hell did it get that big that fast i cant help but stare and wonder what the hell is happening i then get a idea i get up and go across the hall to clints room as he was off today with a cold i step in and he looks a bit confused “what do you want newt” he asks sniffling 

“a medical question” i say

“well what” he asks

“what the bloody hell is wrong with this thing” i ask indicating  to my pants 

“how’d mean” he asks  then just sigh and undo my pants pulling them down enough so he can see “WOW, WOW, WOW NEWT PUT YOUR PANT BACK ON” he shouts

“well what's the matter with it” i ask doing up my pants again 

“well what exactly is wrong with it” he asks

“it got bigger and i feel weird, is it gonna like explode or swell or something” I ask

“where you looking at Y/N by any chance” he asks
“yeah why” i ask

“do you honestly not know” he laughs

“no i don't what's the matter” i ask 

“you got and erection” he says

“a what” i ask
“a boner” he says

“what's that” i ask

“it means your little mate down there has seen Y/N and is getting all existed  as it wants to get it on with Y/N” he explains

“oh” i say understanding “so my thing wants Y/N” i ask

“no you do your bodies just responding like that” he says

“okay how do i get rid of this boner thing then” i ask

“im not explain it newt shuck off” he says i then go back to my room and sit very confused wondering how to get rid of it trying many different idea’s including hitting it and jumping around nothing works till like an intrinsic like a already knew somehow i undo my pant slip my hand in for a second nothing till i move my hand down and “UH” come out my mouth and an amazing feeling i then keep going and oh it feels so good i cant stop myself from speeding up and gripping tighter to be practically pumping myself and my eyes flutter shut as i keep going continuously speeding up and groaning at this amazingly good feeling till i feel a strange sensation i cant describe and white sticky gunk squirts out and it doesnt feel so good any more and i fall back onto my bed very happy “that was the best thing i have ever done” i say to myself as i do up my pants again and lay on my bed happily till i get an idea “i wonder” i say quietly sitting up a bit and running a hand around myself even with my pants on “OH” I moan in pleasure after that i feel a lot more confident and i quickly go into the glade and back to the gardens where i can still see y/n so i walk over to her “Hey Y/N” i say confidently

“hey newt” she replies 

“i just wanted to say, that you look very beautiful today” i say before winking at her and walking off to return to my work,

the day continued normally till i got back to my room after dinner i cant help but want to do it again so i get into bed under my sheet and unzip my pants then pumping again fast and hard but trying my best to stay quiet even it feels so good i shut my eyes and imagine Y/N in bed with me doing this to me that my hands are hers i cant help but smirk till i come again and then lay back in bed and go to sleep, this continued for almost a whole month spending each night doing that then having much more of a chat with Y/n the next day till one day i got the best idea i have ever had i was sat with Y/N on a bench at lunch as we chatted and i put my hand in my pants under the table giving me another confidence boost to start flirting and i did and she seems to be flirting back this then went on for a few weeks till it got the point where i couldn't talk to her unless i had my hand in my pants till one day we where sat having dinner begin alone on our table as usual and my hand was in my pants slowly stoking as she was talking  “newt can i ask you something” she says
“sure love” i reply leaning on my other arm 

“why when we’re together do you always have a hand under the table” she asks with a smirk

“its just a comfortable position” i reply 

“really because if i didn't know you better i would say you had your hand in your pants” she giggles

i then emmediatly take my hand out and do them back up 

“no- good you.. .uh know me better” shit now i cant talk to her 

“and why are you getting all nervous now” she smirks 

“im not… nervou-s” i stutter

“give me your hand” she says i then show her my hand i was keeping my head up with “no the other one” she says i then do as im told and she looks at my hand tracing her fingers along all the lines  on it giggling a bit to herself sometimes “what are you doing love” i ask her 

“investigating” she smirks before letting go of my hand and smirking even more then bidding me goodnight and going to bed i then go to bed as well getting into bed and unzipping my pants again and starting to pump till my door flys open and its Y/N stood there i don't have time to move my hand or zip up my pants without her noticing so i just have to lay there paralysed with fear as she steps in more and sits on the end of my bed having now shut the door “you’d be surprised what people can find out by looking at your hand” she says smiling 

“what can you find out” i ask a bit worried 

“that you like having your hands in your pants newt” she giggles 

“you-” i begin

“yes i know, ive known for about two weeks” she says sitting beside me in my bed im desperately trying to make eye contact with her but i cant especially when she moves my sheet and gets into bed with me her hands under the sheet so i cant see them till these a hand on my leg and its not mine i cant help but smirk at her and she smirks back “one question” she says gripping me tightly 

“GO ON” i say as its hard not to moan even thought she doesnt move her hand

“why” she asks

“i could only talk to you without stuttering or being stupidly nervous when i had my hand in my pants” i explain to her 

“really” she asks giggling a bit
“yeah” i laugh but a bit guilty 

“awe” she giggles moving her thumb along my tip making me breath in quickly 

“that's a new one” i say or more moan in pleasure till she grips my face and we kiss till she pulls away and gets out of my bed then stands by the door “no more newt okay, you get a problem call your girlfriend” she says smiling then going out the door “also, the guys know too so prepare to die when you see minho next” she says as she walks down the corridor 


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