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Can we tag you for Skyrim Questionairres? Like it asks what your fave fighting style is, spell, etc. Nothing personal, just about the game? I'd love to see your answers!

Ah thank you for your curiosity! And sure, I don’t mind you tagging me. I’m surprised people are even interested.

When I first started playing Skyrim, I made an Argonian thief named Zartha! He mostly used a bow, but when in close combat he’d use destruction spells (fire based and all of them!) and dual daggers. Sneaking was an important part, and so was alchemy. Dipping those arrows into poisons and just waiting the enemy die without knowing who killed them. I also couldn’t wait to do the Thieves Guild questline since it was one of my favorite questlines in Oblivion.

Another thing I like to do is create different characters for specific quests/guilds. So I usually don’t make one character for everything.

Also here’s some screenshots of him while we are at it:


It’s so easy to forget that I’m an award winning filmmaker

Made during the ReelGrrls workshop in 2011