Meet the newest member of the family: 
Zarn (Poison Fire) by Enchantica.


A Dragon whose very soul is believed to have been born from the fiery lava rocks of the Great volcanic range in the Dragongorge.Resplendent in firey red, scales of hardened ivory and, upon his majestic, noble head, an amass of fire intertwined scales causing any onlooker into believing a mantle of shimmering hair.

A moment of tranquility is taken by this beast, its wings outstretched, basking in the intense heat of which this beast and of its kind are accustomed to.

However, beware; Zarn and his kind cannot produce a spitting flame (which seems strange considering the creatures habitat) but, produces a fiery poison from within the many spines covering its body and tail, hence its name “Poison Fire”.


I found Zarn here on eBay for $140. I had been watching the listing for a very long time, as I was saving up the money to actually purchase him. It was listed by a private seller as “used”, although it was advertised of never being out of the original box. It came fantastically packaged with the box and COA and has clearly never been displayed.  The quality and color on this piece are amazing! Naturally, you’ll find that the most vivid dragons are those that have never spent time outside of the box.  Even those that are only displayed in glass cases or other enclosed cases fade over time despite being protected.  If you want the best colors and quality, try to buy brand new items as opposed to used.  If you are planning on displaying your figures, do your best to keep them out of the sun.  I will post more about my own personal set-up for my figures soon.  I will still buy dragons that have been on display in homes or stores of course, despite discoloration, if they are exceptionally rare.
This particular Zarn is number 0681/2950.  Zarn was originally released in February of 1998 and was retired in July of 2000.  While the original plan was to limit the production to 2,950 figures, only 1,765 were actually made.  This of course means that this statue is number 0681/1,765.

The included COA states: “Zarn” was produced at our studio in Stoke-on-Trent, England, in a strictly limited edition of 2,950 serially numbered pieces.  Upon completion, this figure was carefully inspected before leaving our studio to assure you that only the finest examples of our work reach your hands.

It is then signed by Phillip G. Holland, the Managing Director of Enchantica.  At the very bottom, it declares that this piece was hand made and hand painted in Staffordshire, England.

Number: EN2225
Name: Zarn
Title: Poison Fire
Artist: Ken Fallon
Brand: Enchantica
Source: Sorcerer’s Library

Welcome to the family, Zarn!
More to come soon.


I’m not sure if many of you have seen the old TV show Land of the Lost but I will always remember the alien with telepathic powers and he was invisible except for a bunch of lights and he read minds and when you had angry thoughts the lights turned red and it hurt him.
And he had a robot dinosaur. Named Fred.

Today’s #29emotions was inspired by @joey_zarn
I still don’t know if this is how to write about love….
Perhaps it is another way to #write about #love.
Here Goes:
Every time I hear someone talk about love,
I think about a pack of beast in my face, roaring at me
with trumpet voices -
sometimes I confuse it to be a beautiful orchestra
and sometimes, I don’t know how to scream back.
We speak of love, like we have never seen
a borderline depressed woman beat the traffic lights.
We speak of love
like we have never seen a prodigal
searching for lost signals to show him
the way back to the lighthouse.
We speak of love
like no man has arrived home
by swimming against the currents
of an ocean that leads faraway down into nowhere.
I still keep a diary
of love that changed direction
on account of a platonic compass.