today may not be a good time to post this and im sorry for blowing up ur notifs but what the fuck !!!! i hit 1.1k followers !!!! i usually do my follow forever posts at end of the year but i didn’t do this last year bc i was waiting to hit 1k ! now here i am !

i made this blog on april 21, 2014 and had my first post in may 1st of the same year then abandoned this blog and officially came back after a year and now this blog has been running since july 2015 lmao it took me 2 yrs to get 1k rip me

anyways! my experience here on tumblr is Awesome so far! (i am not being sarcastic) (or am i?) and i met great people thru here and have made a lot of amazing friends and lost quite a few, sadly

of course @ everyone thank you thank you thank you thank you all for making my tumblr experience great! i still don’t even understand why y'all still follow my lame ass trash of a blog but i couldn’t ask for more lol i love y'all for still keeping up

NOW all i wanted to do right now at this very fucking moment is to give my mutuals a Huge Shoutout for being so so fucking lovely and so so fucking awesome and so so fucking nice! (even tho i only every occasionally talked to some of you and wish i had the guts to talk to everyone), my sappy ff starts below! :)

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Photos of the Canadian style Wishing dresses. Typical details are:

  • short bodices and a defined bustle shape,
  • short aprons with vertical stripes,
  • multiple rows of velvet ribbons at backdrape, bows, apron and cuffs,
  • big white/blue appliquées at collar and cuffs
  • fabric stripes in spiral/sloaping pattern in the sleeves
  • big golden pattern/appliquées at bottom of side drapes
  • very generous amounts of lace in the engageants

One of these is not like the others… 

Colby Thomas, Sarah Brightman, Janine Kitzen, Teresa de Zarn, Jo Loxton, Trista Moldovan, Robin Botha, Samantha Hill and Felicidad Farag. 

Disclaimer: This is not a blonde Christine. It’s “Madame Firmin” Jo Loxton on a costume borrowing spree. 


For anon: Laird Mackintosh with some of his Christines, as Raoul, Andre, and the Phantom

  1. Glenda Balkan (principal, Toronto)
  2. Teresa de Zarn (principal?)
  3. Kimilee Bryant (u/s and alternate, Toronto)
  4. Elizabeth de Grazia (alternate, Toronto)
  5. Melissa Dye (Principal?, Toronto)
  6. Gay Willis (alternate/principal, Toronto)
  7. Sierra Boggess (principal, Broadway)
  8. Kaley Ann Voorhees (alternate, Broadway)
  9. Susan Owen (u/s, Broadway)
  10. Mary Michael Patterson (alternate/principal, Broadway)
  11. Sara Jean Ford (alternate, Broadway)
  12. Elizabeth Welch (u/s Broadway)

not pictured: Marni Raab (alternate, Broadway), Sarah Bakker (u/s, Broadway), and several Christines in Toronto