zarine bashere

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If you had to be locked in a room for three days with one other person, would you rather it was with: a very angry Nynaeve, depressed and brooding Asmodean, obnoxiously drunk Elayne, or Faile? CHOOSE.

Not Zarine. Never Zarine. No. Nynaeve would destroy me (if she could) with the Power, so not her either. Drunk Elayne would be a bit of a handful, and I’m not as good at taking care of people as Nynaeve, so I guess I’m left with Asmodean XD

I will have you for husband tonight, or I will not go until I do!

Faile wants to bang Perrin!

But who wouldn’t with those broad shoulders and muscular arms.

And that is how we come to find Perrin and Zarine Bashere married on the eve of the Great Battle of the Two Rivers.

“I call myself Mandarb.” He could not stop the guffaw that burst out of him. Those tilted eyes regarded him with heat. “I will teach you something, farmboy.” Her voice remained level. Barely. “In the Old Tongue, Mandarb means ‘blade.’ It is a name worthy of a Hunter of the Horn!”

He managed to get his laughter under control, and hardly wheezed at all as he pointed to the rope pen between the masts. “You see that black stallion? His name is Mandarb.”

The heat went out of her eyes, and spots of color bloomed on her cheeks. “Oh. I was born Zarine Bashere, but Zarine is no name for a Hunter. In the stories, Hunters have names like Rogosh Eagle-eye.”

She looked so crestfallen that he hastened to say, “I like the name Zarine. It suits you.” The heat flashed back into her eyes, and for a moment he thought she was about to produce one of her knives again. “It is late, Zarine. I want some sleep.”

He turned his back to start for the hatch that led belowdeck, prickles running across his shoulders. Crewmen still padded up the deck and back, working the sweeps. Fool. A girl would not stick a knife in me. Not with all these people watching. Would she? Just as he reached the hatch, she called to him.

“Farmboy! Perhaps I will call myself Faile. My father used to call me that, when I was little. It means ‘falcon.’ ”

He stiffened and almost missed the first step of the ladder. Coincidence. He made himself go down without looking back toward her. It has to be. The passageway was dark, but enough moonlight filtered down behind him for him to make his way. Someone was snoring loudly in one of the cabins. Min, why did you have to go seeing things?

—  Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time: The Dragon Reborn, Page 405/406