Updated Johnny & Ghost Rider designs for Ghost Rider: Re-Imagined!!  These two were in sore need of a better cleanup job for their character references.

As a bit of a bonus, here are several other outfits that they might appear in!  …and a few you might not see them in. :V  Poor Ghost Rider.  Whatever Johnny’s wearing when he transforms, he’s kinda stuck with it…

toamonster submitted:

Oh geez! I’m so sorry, I had to go to bed! But I’m awake NOW!! So here it it’s!

‘Nothing too fancy, but it does have my heart and soul in it (so keep it away from satan. I love him but, I think I might need those two) I don’t know why but I just thought it was really funny how GR/Johnny’s collar always changed, so of course I had to make a comic about it :Y Anyway, I really love your GR-R, and your art and YOU! So just- JUST HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

(Even if it maybe in the middle of the night where you are, sorry :P)


GR ain’t just cool.  He’s POPPED LEATHER COLLAR cool.


… Like a Ghost Rider!

Ghost Rider (Reyes) & Ghost Rider (Blaze) from All-New G.R. #10
by felipesmithart, Damion Scott, Cory Hamscher & Val Staples

thevaloroushearts  asked:

Zarathos@Bambi: "Hrm. You're a curious-looking member of royalty, I shall admit that. I can detect the essence of espers and sylphs within you... yet as well as an underlying darkness. I am curious as to what precisely makes up your genetic structure, 'Your Highness.' Given your appearance, would it not be wrong to assume you bear the blood of the lifegiver itself...?" he asks while holding his chin in curiosity, his eyes blank.

Queen Darina: The “underlying darkness” you refer to comes from my father, being of Xerneas and Bisharp blood. It seems we are more of the same than previously thought, yes? With that, I do sense your blood is much more than appearance allows others to see. While being a fellow blade, the darkness is much more than those genes could provide. An exceeding amount in fact. I am curious of what Your genetic structure may be. Would you be so kind as to inform me?

[ @thevaloroushearts ]


“We’re the Underblades, see? Yes, you see? And what I say goes, see? Understood?”

“Sure, got it, Big Boss Zar.”

gosh I have several evil duo prompts, I love the idea of the prompts but with how many I have I’m gonna have to mix ‘em up :’D

also don’t ask how Zar’s cigar is sticking on his masked face, I dunno how either vuv);

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Ghost Rider v2 #14

Johnny Blaze had Daniel Ketch under gunpoint, wanting to kill Zarathos (the demon that was Ghost Rider). Blackout had killed several innocents to lure Ghost Rider to him. Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze fought, Blaze almost killing Zarathos, but the demon got away adn went to Central Park to get to Blackout…

EDIT: I took some advice from @anastasia-cherubin and adjusted a few of the motions.  Hopefully it worked all right!  It’s certainly not perfect, but everything’s a learning experience.

Look!!  Rough animation!!

I’d like to clean it up at some point and make it all purty, with a background and junk, but that may have to wait for a bit.  In the meanwhile, have this!

HUGE thanks to everyone in the stream chat who hung out, especially to @heilos and @shadowlillium for their advice on certain parts!

(still best viewed with this song:


It hurts! You fuck!

Ghost Rider vs. All-New Ghost Rider from All-New Ghost Rider #9
by felipesmithart, D. Scott, Cory Hamscher, Victor Olazaba & Val Staples