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Casual in Denim

LeighLoves feeling effortlessly cool in a simple denim dress and khaki n black heeled boots.

The great thing about denim is that it is timeless, a good fitted pair of ‘go to’ denim jeans should be an essential in any woman’s wardrobe, as they can be worn over and over and mixed and matched with most outfits!

This Denim dress is my 'go to’ outfit when I’m feeling in a chilled out casual mood.

Denim Dress- Jlux Label
Boots- Isabel Marant
Jacket- Zara
Tote- Celine

Prince Harry: A Year In Review

*I don’t think this one is as funny as my essay so don’t get mad at me for not being clever.  Sorry I put it together really quick.  I’ll be funnier next time, I promise.

To commemorate our favorite British ginger love muffin cupcake cutie cute (apologies to Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint but…I don’t see their castles anywhere, amiright?) turning the big 3-0, let’s take a look back at how he spent 29.

*These are my personal faves, which, believe me, were very hard to pick and choose from, since pretty much every time he leaves his front door I freak out.  Feel free to add your own :)  

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<outfit post> tomboy chic:

i decided that 2015 was as good a year as any to reboot a few things in my life. first on my list is getting my fanny back in the gym. in the past when i was a stay-at-home mom i always made time in my schedule for spin class, pilates, yoga, zumba…but since i have returned back to the work force for whatever reason my exercise regime has become non-existent. not good for my body and definitely not good for my soul. my weight has decided to redistribute in areas that i’m far from happy with and i feel a bit sluggish at times.the thing i miss most about regularly exercising is the mental boost that comes along with it. it’s all about maintenance at my age, and i’ve really dropped the ball as far as my health goes. stay tuned as i think i found a solution that will fit beautifully into my life and give our new pup oscar lots of exercise as well. second on my list for the new year is a skincare and makeup tuneup. for certain i will be tripling my water intake as my skin is becoming dry and is prone to breakouts. (yes, even at 56 those pesky pimples can still pop up from time-to-time.) and i need to find a good facialist. as for my makeup, today i had the pleasure of visiting my friend robert williams who is a makeup consultant at bloomingdales. he exfoliated my skin, gently cleansed, moisturised, then skillfully applied my make-up that is showcased in today’s ootd. robert started with a sheer foundation by laura mercier, gave me a smoky eye courtesy of chanel, lined my lips and added a dollop of lipgloss also by chanel, and brushed my brows with ysl. he also contoured my cheeks and lightly brushed my cheeks with blush by dior. i was thrilled with the results. what do you think? it’s so important to consult with experts in the field from time-to-time to stay fresh and on trend. and i have to say i felt like a million bucks when i left the store this afternoon. now all i have to do is remember robert’s tutorial tomorrow morning…the skin care products used today are by ReVive.

denim @Loft; shirt @Gap; blazer and scarf @JCrew; shoes @Ninewest; tote @Zara