zara ruckus

I’m having, without hyperbole, the best week of my entire life.

…I can’t tell you why (yet).

AND I have finally triumphed over the Tumblr CMYK gif limitations, so I can show off a whole back catalog of chromagifs that I could never upload before!


(THE HANDS OF FATE | An Animated Gif by Sarah Zucker, 2012)

Chill Out is my mantra for the week. Also, still riding the #seapunk wave.

(An Animated Gif by Sarah Zucker)

Clockwork Orange Mandala. An Animated Gif by Sarah Zucker, 2013.

(I have a whole hidden cache of these that I have yet to post because I have to resize them for tumblr…keep your eyes peeled/turn on/tune in/drop out)


Gifs from @80sDAD’s album release show on Friday…I was very pleased with how my visuals turned out…retro-visions of an 80s in Los Angeles that never was. Channeling some Back to the Future 2 flashback (un)realness with a fellow Northwestern alum.

(Animated Gifs and Video Art by Sarah Zucker/Zara Ruckus/yourmom)

Check out the (AMAZING) music here: D/A/D Music.


l'éternèbre live at @pehrspace with visuals by @zararuckus (by @screamingclaws)