zara rose


Zara: “What was that, Erin?”

Sally: “Did you just call her love?”

Erin: “That’s what people do when they’re dating.”

Zara: “You’re what?”

James: “Like she said. Dating.”

Sally: “Guys! I ship you so hard!”

Zara: “Wow. I did not expect that, you guys.”

Sally: “Same! Oh, as much as I’d like to see my OTP in action, I really should go now.”

Erin: “We’ll go too.”

Pride Post

Seeing as it is the month of Pride, I decided to update you all on my oc’s sexualities and gender identities. All ocs will be included even if they are straight/cis because all my characters support the peers who aren’t

Camp Half Blood

  • Atsa Sandoval
    • Sexuality: Bisexual/romantic | Polyamorous
    • Gender Identity: Cis-female
  • March Porter
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual | Biromantic
    • Gender Identity: Cis-male
  • Celeste Rousseau
    • Sexuality: Pansexual | Demiromantic | Polyamorous
    • Gender Identity: Nonbinary (They/them)
  • Zara Ye
    • Sexuality: Demisexual | Panromantic
    • Gender Identity: Cis-female
  • Daniel Davenport
    • Sexuality: Homosexual/romantic 
    • Gender Identity: Cis-male


  • Jay McMillan
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual/romantic
    • Gender Identity: Cis-male
  • Misha Bristow
    • Sexuality: Asexual | Homosexual
    • Gender Identity: Trans-male

Young Injustice

  • Rose Nelson
    • Sexuality: Demisexual | Biromantic
    • Gender Identity: Genderqueer (she/her, they/them)
  • Andres Begay
    • Sexuality: Asexual | Greyromantic
    • Gender Identity: Cis-male

Empyrean Academy 

  • Bea Vans
    • Sexuality: Bisexual/romantic
    • Gender Identity: Demi-girl (she/her, they/them)
  • Zarir Razdam
    • Sexuality: Greysexual/romantic
    • Gender Identity: Cis-male

Faenar Institution

  • Sumi the Kappa
    • Sexuality: Pansexual/romantic (leans toward girls)
    • Gender Identity: Agender but she/her pronouns are fine
  • Abioye the Nandi Bear
    • Sexuality: Demiromantic | Bisexual
    • Gender Identity: Cis-male
  • Ulric Rukin
    • Sexuality: Uncertain but her has only ever dated women
    • Gender Identity: Cis-male
  • Merida Robinson
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual/romantic
    • Gender Identity: Cis-female

The Boarding House

  • Kindra the Angel
    • Sexuality: Pansexual/romantic
    • Gender Identity: Agender (people tend to use she/her, Kindra doesn’t really care)

I might add who their current partners are

For the dear eatsleepreadbooks :) 

Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey / Long Way Home - 5sos / Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding / Mockingbird - Eminem / Uncover - Zara Larsson / Borderline - Trove Stryke / Hey Brother - Avicii / Counting Stars - OneRepublic / Black Widow - Iggy Azzalea / Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars 


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get down, make love by queen

we are the champions by queen (damn my phone really loves queen)

wanna be your baby by zara larsson

rose gold by pentatonix

stay low by ryn weaver

you don’t know my heart by rachel platten

the calendar by panic! at the disco

starlight by taylor swift

o vertigo! by kate miller-heidke

trouble in the message centre by blur

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