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Until We Meet Again - Nick Amaro

“I owe you one, Y/N/N.” Nick kissed Y/N’s lips before turning to Zara and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you tonight, mi amor.” He spoke to both of them before walking out the front door. As soon as Nick left, Y/N could tell that Zara was upset.

“What’s wrong, darlin’?” She spoke, sitting next to the young girl. Zara sighed.

“Daddy cancelled.” She pouted. It broke Y/N’s heart to see Zara acting so disappointed. It happened often. Nick usually was called in to deal with a case at SVU at various hours during the day and night. Y/N, being the ADA, didn’t consult until much later.

“It’s okay.” Y/N smiled. “We can still go.” Zara’s face lit up at the mention.

“Really?” She asked, jumping up immediately. Y/N chuckled and grabbed her keys and purse. She usually didn’t drive in the city. But today she was going to. For Zara.
“Alright. Buckle up.” Y/N instructed as she opened the car door and let the small person climb in. Y/N buckled her seatbelt herself and started on the road. Throughout the drive, Zara and Y/N laughed and talked. The destination wasn’t far now. As Y/N turned the corner, a car came toward. The car was in the wrong lane. Y/N swerved to the other lane. The one that had multiple cars coming towards then. Zara screamed and shielded her face as the car collided with another. Y/N’s face and head hit the airbag as she felt a shooting pain in her abdomen.

“Y/N…” Zara whimpered. Y/N turned her head in order to see if Zara was alright. She appeared to be uninjured but that didn’t mean anything.

“It’s… Alright.” The lawyer panted. She felt like she was losing oxygen. She looked down and that’s when she noticed that her legs were completely crushed. She attempted to move in order to have more contact with Zara. At the slightly different angle, Y/N was able to get a good look at the 7 year old. Her head was bleeding and her lap was covered in glass. “Do-Does anything else hurt?” She asked, ignoring the sudden pain she felt in her chest.

“My leg…” Zara cried. Y/N sighed. She turned a little more, wincing as she did so.

“Listen t-to me, Zara.” Y/N breathed. “You need to get some help.” Zara carefully undid her seatbelt and opened the door. She was limping but it was obvious that she wasn’t in as much pain as Y/N. Y/N watched as Zara approached a car that was stopped on the other side of the street. It was then that she realized that help was already there.

“…My girlfriend and my daughter.” A familiar voice called amidst all of the noises. Y/N felt herself smile as she watched Nick embrace Zara. The pain in her chest wouldn’t subside. It was difficult for her to breathe. A paramedic peeked his head in.

“Stay with us, okay?” He instructed before putting an oxygen mask on Y/N’s face. It helped the breathing a little but the tightness in her chest continued to grow. The door to the car was ripped off as Y/N fell in and out of consciousness. They managed to remove her from the driver’s seat, a large shard of glass lodged in her abdomen and a silent killer in her chest.

“Y/N! Y/N/N, can you hear me?” Nick yelled, appearing at Y/N’s side. She smiled weakly before losing consciousness again. Nick rode in the ambulance while Olivia and Nick’s mother rode with Zara.


It seemed like ages. Nick sat in the waiting room of the surgical center, a place that would never be the same again.

“How’re you doing?” Olivia asked, sitting next to her detective. Nick nodded wiping his bloodshot eyes.

“Honestly.” He glanced at Liv. “I’m afraid.” He added, putting his head in his hands.

“Mr. Amaro?” A surgeon spoke, holding a clipboard in his hand and a solemn expression on his face. Nick and Olivia both stood up in order to hear about Y/N’s condition. Ms. Y/L/N’s injuries were very extensive, one being a fatal pneumothorax in her left lung. I’m sorry.” The doctor trailed off. Nick stood still. It didn’t feel real to him. Y/N was dead.

“What happened?” Amanda asked, approaching the two. Barba and Fin showed up as well. Nick stayed silent.

“Y/N…” Olivia’s eyes started to water and she felt as though she couldn’t say it. “She didn’t make it.” No one said anything. Everyone was close to the young lawyer.

“She will be missed.” Rafael spoke, his tone full of sadness. Nick simply nodded. He couldn’t speak. Y/N kept him grounded. Even when he didn’t agree with her tactics as a lawyer, she managed to keep both of them civil. He’d miss that. He’s miss everything.


Exactly 8 days later, Y/N’s funeral occurred. Nick and Zara stood side by side in the living room of the apartment that Y/N used to live in.

“Ready?” Liv asked. She was driving to the funeral home. Without another word, Nick and Zara walked out to Olivia’s car. When they arrived, after what seemed like hours, everyone else was already there. Nick felt a bit of guilt course through him. Everyone in the funeral home turned toward the direction of the door when Nick entered. Y/N’s mom approached him, tears in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” He started.

“Me too.” She walked away but not before giving Nick a lingering kiss on the cheek. He walked to the closed casket, slightly disappointed that he couldn’t see her. His hand rested on the casket calmly.

“Until we meet again, mi amor.”



Cutting my hair made me feel like it was mine again. Not my mother’s to dictate, not my grandmother’s worry over, not men’s to find me attractive, not society’s to define as feminine.

I am a goddamn woman because I say I am.

Photography: @papadam-productions

Coat : Zara 

Leggings: India

Top: Akira

Shoes: Antonio Milani