zara kane

My personal highlight from Saturday night :P

I had been following Chloe Mafia on Instagram for a while, after she had been on Snog Marry Avoid (still the best tv show ever lol) and XFactor (where I was surprised she could actually sing pretty well). I just so happened to bump into her at Torture Garden…..not the sort of place Id expect to meet such a chavvy bimbo but whatever!

Seemed like she was having a hard time making friends (maybe because shes constantly being an absolute mental bitch to everyone) so ended up hanging out with her for a bit lol.

Couldnt stop myself from laughing when she fell over on the dancefloor and tried to pretend that she just wanted to sit down and do her makeup….in the middle of a crowd. 

Friday night before AntiChrist

It was supposed to be a Star Wars theme event but seriously, fuck that. Being a fan of Star Wars is like saying youre a fan of “Music”…….its like, a standard thing. Sure theyre good films but im so sick of having it rammed down my throat all the time.