zara illustrates

Things like this are so infuriating. Zara has blatantly stolen Tuesday Bassen’s designs and are claiming that she’s too small of an entity to matter 😡😡😡 Seriously?!

Just a reminder that Zara sucks ass and steals a lot from independent artists. To add insult to injury it’s pretty costly for artists to defend themselves. Registering a legal copyright doesn’t do much and even getting a lawyer to send a letter costs thousands. Share and be aware.

Me, doodling tonight...

Ooo… Process photos:

Blue lines to work from…

Black overlay of what I like from the sketch

First layer of colors.

I’m working on getting the hang of my Samsung Galaxy Tab A and the S-Pen. It’s a new acquisition, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s pretty, responsive, and it has a rather amazing resolution.

I usually turn off the blue lines at the first color block stage, they’re typically not needed any further, but I like to leave them in place for process examples.

I’ve spent about 2 hours doodling on the tablet tonight… it’s battery is only down to 88%… that is… freaking awesome… because I’ve also dragged the tablet around with me all day using it… I hope the battery life stays this good!