ZARA stole a ton of my friend Tuesday Bassen’s art, and when she hired a lawyer to contact them, they sent her a really shitty response (see above).

As this is happening, we’ve also noticed over a dozen other artists whose work has been reproduced without permission on other products this summer, including my own

All of this is happening at once. This is not a collage of alleged theft over several years. This is all June/July 2016. ZARA is telling independent artists that they don’t matter.

Support the artists by purchasing their originals from them directly. I’ve put together comparison images and links to everyone’s websites here: http://www.shoparttheft.com


I’ve been meaning to post all three of these constellation beauties forever - so now you get them all in one go! You have the option of glowing, lighting up, or just shining in your own way. It’s like a celestial choose your own adventure for your wardrobe! 

Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Dress (Think Geek, ht Ashley Pagnotta)

Light-up Constellation Skirt (Think Geek, ht Jillian Scudder)

Constellation Dress (Zara, ht Emily Ford Herrin via FB)

- Summer

I really am in love with NewYork. Ive been here about two months and i can feel my roots already digging deep. Ive never felt this before, ever! It feels new, its scary, but i like it, a lot. Ive been an entrepreneur for a while now. But not a truly successful one until recently (in my opinion). This move from the West to East coast was the push i needed. I say all this to say, discomfort will bring out of you what is necessary. Id never have been able to reach the next step as a child had i not grown taller. Growth is ALWAYS necessary for progression. 

These last days there has been  stories popping out about ZARA Group STEALING art -
as a reminder of their filthy behaviour I just post this.I’ve been also one of stolen artist (among many) years ago ! I couldn’t do anything (and believed me I’ve tried)

We have to denounce this so it does not happen again.I did worked for textile and brands that actually asked me and paid me for my work, but not Bershka…

Here to go further : https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2016/jul/21/zara-accused-copying-artist-designs-fashion

Please share and denounce this.  #zara #bershka #inditext