A whole bunch of Dystopian AU stuff for Roo because I love it very much a lot ♥♥

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Every Ghost Misses His Bones

 So I’ve wrote another small oneshot for the amazing geekboyzayn’s AU. You can find all of the amazing information about that here. I love this AU so much.  If you want to read my first oneshot go here.        

Quick warnings for talk of guns and a few curse words. I think that should cover everything but if I’ve missed a warning let me know. 

Pairing: Zayn/Niall, Ghost/Bones

Words: 2314

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The Rebels Come Out At Night
  • Uh oh, I made a thing…all credit & original characters in this 1dystopian au goes to the lovely Roo. My obsession is real, and this seals my fate. Hope you like it! xx

Primus controls it all. They command each of the four zones: the Slums, Zone B, Chelsea, and of course the Centric where the wealthy and Primus itself lives. The wealthy rate, however, stops there. Conditions decline from the Centric; Chelsea is livable and fairly civilized. Zone B is an all-out free for all, with broken down warehouses and empty lots and no police. Nothing like Chelsea. And the Slums are even worse. Some call it “Second Hell” because of all the death and the children who are born into slavery there. Car parts, mining, everything that the Centric needs in produce is leeched from the Slums. Barely anyone survives there, but surprisingly, the Slums are better than the Far Out. The Far Out is everywhere beyond the city, places no one comes back to talk about. The Far Out is suicide, but some choose it over this.

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