Welcome to Seattle // Cambray Provo, Owen Curtsinger, and David Lasky // 2009 // Seattle, Wa

A guide to eateries, bookstores, cafes, and bars, this zine offers recommendations to Seattle visitors beyond it’s intended audience- attendees of the 2009 Zine Librarians (un)Conference. Filled with celebrated and hidden spots alike, Capitol Hill suggestions ranging from Odd Fellows to Pettirosso are worth a visit. Complete with a hand-drawn map, “Welcome to Seattle” competes with Urbanspoon and Yelp as a reliable food recommendation source for the Seattle scene.

FBI Distro by multiple authors

This catalogue offers a wealth of zines that advance “females battling ignorance.” Whether you’re searching for a zine comprised of essays on gay marriage or a memoir exploring female high school nostalgia, this catalogue provides commentary on a wide variety of zines seeking to ameliorate ignorance surrounding female oppression.

This is a great example of just how dynamic a zine’s form can be. “Clawin with our Jowls” is supra-bound with twine and duct tape, the cover is screen printed and made of found cardboard material, and it includes a clear square 7-inch vinyl titled, “Pia-No Reeves”. (get it? hardy har har) The meat of contains xeroxed and stapled rants, handwritten prose, a play, and lots of terrible advice