zapotec woman


Did you know - you can sweep the thoughts of millions of years of human evolution into an idea pile, and you can tease the word bubbles of millions of years of plant evolution from moist, flat, planet crumbles - from the piles of millions of kinds of brown? 
Did you know, that there are over a thousand different names for just TOMATOES? And now, from memory, I will list - in alphabetical order - some of my favorite tomato names. Okay. 

Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Black Sea Man (uh oh)
Caspian Pink
Dingwall Scotty
Earl of Edgecombe – which is a tomato with a mustache and a monocle.
Green Zebra,
Halfmoon China
HANK. There is a tomato whose only name is HANK.
Indigo Rose
Missouri Pink Love Apple (disgusting)
Mr. Stripey
Nebraska Wedding
Omar’s Lebanese
Orange Oxheart
Peacevine Cherry
Purple Calabash
Stump of the world
Tiny Tim
Yellow Perfection
Zapotec Pleated 

-WOMAN. Did you know… we planted way too many tomatoes? 

– from ‘Home Gardening Made Easy,’ by Robbie Q. Telfer 

We had a really special guest on our most recent episode of The Brain Scoop (’Restoring Habitats with Magic Beans’). Robb Telfer is a poet who is using his passion for planting to help restore native habitats around the Chicago region. Here’s one of my favorites by him!