WIP For  what I’m working on right now!!! I’ve been working on this for about 2 hours now, 

By the way guys! I like never tell people about it but I DO have a Patreon account!!! I’ve had one for a while but I never bother telling people because I’m not really the type to ask for money, but I know a ton of people have been asking if I have one and how they want to support me! Which is SO SWEET and So helpful! so here it is right here if you guys are interested! and if anyone does, thank you!!! it means a lot and really helps me out, you’d be surprised!

I always just had it there as a tip jar so you wouldn’t get anything if you donated. BUT I think I’m gonna change that! I think I’m gonna post little gif teaser of the animations I’ve been working on so you anyone who is my patreon supporter has a little inside scoop of what is going on with my huge animation projects! :D And I think I’ll post my finished paintings an hour or so before I post them on all my regular social media sites, so you guys get a head start!