celia-arts  asked:

Looking at Zap! and Wild life your style changed alot and i guess it developed into the style you have for WL when Zap! was starting to end. was it hard to keep the Zap! style going when you clearly had developed beyond it, into a more semi-realistic style?

I actually never drew Zap! in my own personal style, it was a style developed especially for the tone of the comic. It certainly grew as I grew, but it was pretty exhausting to not draw in my natural style for all that time!

I messed around with different styles for WL too, but then I just decided to go with my natural drawing style, and see where that went. It’s been nice to just kind of push my own instincts and try to grow that way, rather than try to conform to a particular aesthetic. :)

anonymous asked:

I read both Zap and Wilde Life (so far) and think that they're really great! Who are your favorite characters in Zap and Wilde Life and why?

I think Reona is for sure my favorite Zap! character. I like that she sort of starts out as the ingenue girlfriend character and ends up the determined hero but always stays herself. I think a lot of times female characters have their femininity stripped from them in order to make them heroic and I like that Reona kept hers. I think it’s good to have tough tomboys, princesses and everything in between.

Other than Reona, I’m very partial to Holly, Inman, and Naveed. Holly and Inman are both just really funny to me and Naveed is great because you spend the entire series thinking she is super loyal to Gunner, but (SPOILERS) then at the end you learn she is super loyal to herself. The entire time she was just doing what she had to do to get what she wanted. Gunner played with fire and he got burned. >:)

For Wilde Life, I’m not sure who is my favorite yet! I like Oscar, and he is the glue that starts to tie this group of weirdos together. He’s so good at keeping things feeling light, and steering the conversation away from himself. People always open up to him, but he never opens up to anybody. He uses levity as a shield, and that’s a total foil to Clifford, who runs around with his heart on his ill-gotten sleeve. 

Sylvia is interesting too, because she also comes off as being an ingenue, but she’s been around for SO LONG. She lived her actual lifetime, then her after-lifetime. There’s just so much to her.

We’re just super early into Wilde Life yet. Eliza hasn’t even been introduced!

Anyway, thanks for reading!