It’s officially been a year since I finished drawing Zap! I finished it on July 4th, 2014, at 12:30am.

I started working on Zap! when I was a senior in high school and it took me eleven years to draw all 1000 (or so) pages of it. I worked on it nearly every single day during those eleven years. Sometimes it was really hard to keep it going, but I’m glad I was able to finish it and tell the complete story. I learned a lot!

I’m a very work-focused person, so I didn’t take very much time to let it sink in before I started working on drawing  Wilde Life (I think I made it five days before I started drawing it, even though I planned a two-week break?). But making it to the one-year anniversary of when I finished it has really hit me.


Saturday Zap! Preview!

Here’s Holly and Inman reacting to the Generals’ news.

Sometimes people ask me what race Holly and Inman are, and it’s kind of weird because they’re human, but they aren’t Earthlings, so their ethnicity doesn’t really correlate to our current notions. But from my perspective and artistic approach, Holly is mixed-race (her father was persian and her mother was black) and Inman is Indian.

Sometimes I wish I would have made Scherzer black, just because I feel that human races are kind of underrepresented in Zap! (Efrem isn’t expressly white, but among the main group that is it), but I kind of like that they have a little harmonious mixing pot. I like to think that in the future, people won’t really care so much about what color you happen to be.

Though, their is still racism in the Zap! universe, but we’ve really only shown it related to planets. Planetism? Both Justin and Gunner called William a “dog,” which is a slur for someone from Pluto. So, I don’t know, there’s that. Humans probably won’t ever get away from tribalism.


At the end of the month I’ll be in Seattle at Emerald City Comic Con (booth #811!) along with many other fine cartoonists and illustrators. If you come by and see me you can get a free little 6x4 cardstock print with Zap!’s Reona on one side and Wilde Life’s Oscar and Ana on the other! Just cause I luffs ya! (until I run out!)

I’ll also have ZAP! books, including the Gunner and Naveed sexy art booklet, and a few posters for sale. PLUS I’ll being doing sketches and commissions right at the table so you can get me to draw for you!! WHAAT!! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!

So if you’re going to be there remember BOOTH 811.