I had the idea of doing the pokemon teams but like retro propaganda posters… Just kind of an excuse to draw cute Pokemon Go ladies. :P 

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Ikon playing pokemon go

lmao i’m pokemon trash and yeah! summer is here and i’m back to writing!! I am deeply sorry for the delay recently but, I have some very exciting announcements coming soon so stayed tuned!! Thank you for reading and have a great day/night!

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  • Casual player
  • Doesn’t understand why the rest are taking the games so seriously
  • Even though he doesn’t seem to care, he is the strongest on Team instinct in the area
  • Likes bug Pokemon
  • The mediator when the guys start arguing on what team is better
  • “At least we aren’t in Team Instinct LOSERS”
  • However, he will beat a bitch if they talk smack about Team Instinct


  • Turn his hat backwards when he goes out hunting
  • He and Donghyuk are the only ones who get along amongst the rivalries
  • Plays the Pokemon theme tune 24/7
  • Doesn’t look where he’s going
  • The type of guy who would knock on your door asking if he could come in to catch a bulbasaur in your backyard
  • Pokemon hoe
  • Choose team Instinct because Zapados looked cool


  • Choose Charmader as his starter Pokemon
  • Takes the Pokemon life very seriously
  • Makes friends with the little kids at the pokestops
  • Team Valor Trash
  • Ended his friendship with Hanbin because of the Mystic/Valor rivalry
  • “Mystic rhymes with Cystic because Cysts are gross fight me you little shit”
  • Wakes up at 3am to recapture gyms


  • Actually broke his phone because when they said throw to catch it, he threw his phone
  • Takes the poke life seriously
  • Will actually fight anyone irl if they even utter the word Valor
  • “Team mystic sHITS ON VALOR”
  • Doesn’t see Instinct as a threat
  • Crap when it comes to gym battles
  • Runs out of data 10 Minutes into the game
  • Runs up and down in his room so that he could hatch his egg


  • Even though he’s on team mystic, he does not get the whole rivalry thing
  • Would have chosen team Harmony but was told by Hanbin that Mystic was the coolest
  • loves collecting all the eggs and walks 24/7 to try and hatch them all
  • actually spent money in the game for more incubators
  • Goes for walk and you don’t see him for 3 days
  • End up in a middle of a field or something
  • Takes selfies of everyone he meets whilst at pokestops or gyms
  • Promotes peace between all of the 3 teams


  • Team Valor tRASH
  • Self-proclaimed best out of all of them when it comes to gym battles
  • Still a bit clueless on how the game works
  • only tries to capture the pretty one
  • “ew why do I keep on getting purple rats”
  • On team valor because he thought it was cool (and because fire)
  • Cried when he caught an eevee
  • Put a lot of effort to make his avatar hot


  • Expert Pokemon hunter
  • 3 short from completing his pokedex
  • Already level 21 after 3 days
  • Told Hanbin that there was a mew in the middle of a busy road
  • Team Valor and is one the most strongest gym leaders in the area
  • Like, no one has ever beaten him
  • Ever
  • Did the cheat to get Pikachu as a starter pokemon 
I love our meme lord.

Okay but like hear me out…. Spark would totally be that kid who is beyond fascinated with fossils and the idea of dinosaur pokemon. Like when he was a kid, he would dig in his backyard for hours looking for fossils. You cannot convict me otherwise. He never did find them because he wasn’t living in the right biome, but he never forgot about that love for fossils, and he jumped at the chance for working for the professor. Basically I’m convinced that Spark has some old ass fossil pokemon and some baby, just-hatched pokemon. There is no in-between, yet somehow all of his pokemon seem to have the same energy he does despite their age.

Friends, members of Team Instinct, etc.

Ok so if this post can get 10,000(symbolic of the valuable egg) notes by October 1st  THE END OF THE YEAR 2016 BABY. I will immortalize team instinct on my body with a dabbing zapados tattoo, or as I like to call it DABADOS! 

If we make it to the half way point I’ll get regular Zapados, BUT FRIENDS LET’S FIGHT FOR DABADOS!!