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The Rogue Experiment

Rogue’s inability to touch another human being - it’s at the core of the character.  Most of us would agree that not touching other people would be both physically and emotionally difficult.  But how difficult is it really?

I offer you “The Rogue Experiment,” which I will be trying, and I hope you will join me.  For three days, refrain from any skin-to-skin contact.  Wear gloves, be super mindful, don concealing clothes - however you want to do it.  Document it and share your experience with us!



“I’ll have the lobster.”

“Great choice, sir. Would you like to pick the lobster you’ll be dining on?”


“You can point the lobster out from our water tank, if you’d like.”

“Oh. Sure. How about that guy?”

“Great choice. And what would you like for your side?”

“Let’s do the baked potato.”

“Splendid. There’s our potato tank, sir. Which one of those would you like?”

“I pick the potato too? Wow. Okay. That one.”

“Of course. And would you like dinner rolls?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay. If you’ll take a look at our wheat tank, which would you like to be turned into flour for the bread?”

“You guys got a tank for everything, eh? Haha. Um. Those stalks I guess.”

“Perfect. I’ll put those orders right in, and thank you again for picking me from the tank of waiters.”

“You looked the tastiest.”

“You sound like my mom. Haha.”

“Haha. My mom’s mute.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. She sold her voice to a warlock for eternal beauty.”

“Well, she must be very beautiful then.”

“No, the warlock misheard and thought she asked for eternal booty. So she has an infinitely long ass.”

“Oh. At least she can’t complain. Since she has no voice. Haha.”

“She knows how to write. She writes complaints all day. I have to hand them to the warlock and every time I do he zaps me with his wand. I’m treating myself to this lobster dinner to forget all about it, but apparently I can’t even do that.”

“Oh. Well I’ll put your order in now.”

“Wait. Can I change the lobster I picked?”


“I want this one.”

“You’re pointing at yourself, sir.”


“Great choice, sir.”

Kiss of Rage - Fred Weasley Imagine (Part 1)

HERE IT IS, MY VERY FIRST IMAGINE! Hope you all like it, please send in requests and feedback and yadda-yadda-yadda! xxx 

(I made that .gif and it happens to be the inspiration of this Imagine!

UPDATE: I wrote a Part two here!

Y/N, Fred and George have all been best friends since their third year of Hogwarts. The three of them all being in Gryffindor means that they practically spend every waking moment with each other, consisting of walking to classes together, playing jokes with each other and sitting together whenever possible. But, now that Dolores Umbridge has taken on the role of Head Master, that was all about to change.

Professor Umbridge has a need for everything to be her way or the highway, as Y/N and the twins are soon to discover. “I can’t believe all the rules that Umbitch is giving us!” Y/N complains to her two redheaded friends in the Gryffindor common room. “She won’t even let us use magic in our Defense Against The Dark Arts Class!” “Someone needs to teach her a lesson” George says while throwing a mischievous look to his brother “No, no, no.” Y/N says with a stern look. “No. You won’t be pulling anything on her, even if she does extremely deserve it”. “Sadly she’s got a point” Fred agrees, “Her punishments are sure to be far worse than any of the other teachers’”.


A week with Umbridge has come and gone, and things have only gone soaring down hill. Flying on brooms has been forbidden, so that means no Quidditch. But that’s not all that’s been forbidden. Music during school hours and boys having their hands in their pockets have all been banned, she’s even forbidden all Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes products, much to the twins’ and everyone else’s dismay.

When Y/N didn’t think things could get any worse, as she was telling Fred while walking to Potions, a bright spark of light flashed between the two and they flew to opposite sides of the corridor. Looking up from the floor, Y/N sees Umbridge walk in between them, saying in her usual smug voice, “Boys and girls are not permitted to be within eight inches of each other”. Helping Y/N up to her feet, Fred resumes next to Y/N even closer in protest, resulting in a deeper shade of pink settling on both of their cheeks, going unnoticed by the other. You see, Y/N and Fred have quite a fancy to one another, but the other person doesn’t know. Fred is head over heels for Y/N, and she is just as mad about him.

For the rest of that afternoon the two continued to be zapped away from each other along with George if he were on the other side of Y/N. The moment they stepped out of a class together they would be flung across the room by a spark of light, followed by the same commandments of being eight inches away from each other, growing on their nerves more and more with every zap.


That night, Harry came running back into the Gryffindor Common room clutching his hand. “Look what she’s done to me!” On Harry’s hand read the words ‘I must not tell lies’ etched into his skin with spots of blood. “This situation is really getting out of hand” said George, trying to stifle his laughter at his attempt at a witty pun. “George, shut up you prat” Y/N said while fighting a smile. Turning to Harry she said “We need to teach her a lesson”. With a confused look on his face, George was off. “What about all of that ‘no no no’ crap you were giving me before? And you Fred, saying that her punishments would be worse than anyone else’s, which is quite clearly true” he remarked. “I don’t care” Fred started, “She’s going out of her way to make us all miserable, and she is not getting away with it” at this moment Fred stood up, his eyes filled with determination. George jumped up at this too. “Great,” he started, “our first rule we break in protest can be that stupid Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes rule, by putting fireworks in her hat, or–“ “No, no, no.” Y/N began, but she needn’t finish, because George had immediately folded his arms with a pout at her first ‘no’. “No. We’re not going to stoop down to her pathetic levels of punishment. We need to do something that will show her that we can’t be bossed around, that we won’t be treated like dirt, and George put that bloody box of fireworks down or so help me” Y/N barked, resulting in further pouting and grumbling from George, and a cute little laugh coming from Fred, who was stood next to Y/N throwing an arm around her shoulder while continuing to chuckle.


The following morning they had Charms first. The three of them walked together, with Fred on Y/N’s left and George on her right. And, to none of their surprises, a great flash of light sparked between the three, propelling them to opposite ends of the corridor. “Boys and girls are not permitted to be within eight inches of each other!” Professor Umbridge chirped as she walked off with that evil smile plastered to her face. After rolling their eyes at the inconvenience of being blasted across the room, they got back to their feet, resuming their original formation and continuing their conversation on who would win between a Hippogriff and Professor Snape. Their debate lasted only a few extra seconds before another great shot of light erupted between the three, once again sending them and their books flying in opposite directions of each other. “Boys and girls are NOT permitted to be within eight inches of each other!” replied that dreaded voice, in a much harsher tone than usual. As Y/N had gotten to her feet, Fred jumped up in a fit of rage, slammed his books onto the floor and yelled, “THAT’S IT!” and before Y/N knew it she was pushed up against one of the columns of the corridor and had Fred’s lips firmly attached to her own. Her eyes widened at the random outburst of affection, but having such a huge thing for the red headed boy kissing her, she kissed right back, despite the mass of students crowded around now, including George whistling and cheering, and Professor Umbridge looking pinker in the face than her dress. She lifted her want and sent a bright spark at the couple, without a thing happening. The flash of light failed to zap the two away; they were intertwined with one another and her zaps of light couldn’t do a thing about it. Umbridge tried again and again with more force each time, but nothing would happen. Y/N and Fred remained held together, their lips locked.

Umbridge now physically tore the two lovebirds away from each other with her own bare hands. As both Y/N and Fred had run out of breath by this stage, they didn’t put up too much of a fight. “YOU TWO WILL MARCH YOURSELVES DOWN TO MY OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!” the tiny woman screeched, as Y/N and Fred stood next to each other with a cheeky grin on both of their faces, their cheeks still blushing from their heated PDA. As Professor Umbridge stormed up the stairs with Y/N and Fred closely behind, the mass of students that had gathered around began to cheer, including George shouting “you should’ve grabbed her arse!” above the other voices. After Umbridge turned and shot George a harsh glare, she continued charging towards her office, where Fred took this opportunity to take hold of Y/N’s hand. Even though they knew they were in for it big time, the smiles never left their faces, knowing that this would be the start of something wonderful.





Mabel pulled the hem of her sweater down so that the star was shooting straight across her chest instead of off to the side. She straightened her headband and made sure both the band-aids on her knees were stuck down all the way. Then she looked up nervously at the glowing blue spiral in front of her and cleared her throat.

“Can they hear me yet?” she asked.

Grunkle Ford stepped back and lifted up the mask he’d been wearing. There was sweat beading on his forehead and his whole face matched the color of his nose.

“Very nearly!” he said. “Just one more minor calibration!”

Mabel nodded, and Grunkle Ford put the mask back on and went back to tinkering with one of his weird science tools. This one looked kind of like the drills they’d used in wood shop class, except the bit was some sort of green laser and sometimes it went cloudy and would go straight through the thing he was working on.

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Cas x Reader

You screamed as Castile popped into the shower behind you, in fact you didn’t remember how you got to the shower, you didn’t even recognise the building you were in until you grabbed a towel and ran into the bunkers war room with a towel clutched around you.

“Ew gross (Y/N), clothing!” Sam yelped.

“Sam… you’re Sam Winchester!” You gawked at him and he pulled a face as if he didn’t get your joke.

“You ok, did Cas zap you somewhere to fast?” he chuckled and you continued to stare at him.


“What’re you guys making so much noise for?” Dean jumped when you screamed again and stared at you like you were a lit sick of dynamite. “What’d Cas do Zap her out to fast?”

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“Oh shut up. I’m in love with you” (Clint x Reader)

Requested by: @efeysa:

“Ahhh so I saw your post about Clint and yes!! He’s great so thought I’d kick off the Clint fest 😏 how about an imagine or something of the like where the reader and him are always messing about and poking fun and training together, but after a bad day the reader opens up to him and he’s really caring and lovely and they end up confessing to each other? Super base I know but I’m trash for fluffy Clint, I feel like the archer never gets enough love xxx”

 Pairing: Clint Barton (Hawkeye) x Fem-Avenger!Reader

Word count: 999

Warnings: Language (again), shitty ending yas. fluff-ish

A/N: I’m trash for Avenger!reader not sorry about that, so yeah the reader has the senses like a cat YES LIKE A CAT BECAUSE WHY NOT?! Sort of black cat & catwoman you know? With all the skills and that. The end is kinda… rushed but I didn’t know how to end it to be honest!  Hope you guys like it, you can send your requests if you want to! Remember that feedback is always appreciated 💖 have a lovely day. – Lor.

Y/N: Your name.

|| I don’t own Clint or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

Clint laughed when he entered in the training room and saw Y/N jumping from wall to wall and falling gracefully with Peter Parker looking at her like she was the most amazing thing in the world. It was nine in the morning and he had his usual training day with the woman that drove him crazy.

“Though you were training with me” The archer let out and put his bottle of water on the floor.

Peter, who was now trying to follow Y/N steps, fell at the moment he heard the man’s voice and Y/N laughed at him.

“Mr. Barton”

“Don’t call him that.” She said with a smile.

“Right, you told me that! Clint. She was just showing me how to maintain my balance without my webs.”

“It’s okay kiddo, you don’t have to explain me.”

Peter scratched the back of his neck nervously and looked at them.

“Right, I hm I’ll be in the living room.”

Y/N smiled sweetly at him and patted his head. After Peter left the room she placed her eyes on the archer.

“Ready to get your ass kicked Legolas?” She was now behind him with her arms around his waist and purring the words in his ears. Her hands roaming his clothed abdomen, causing him to moan softly.

“Ready kitten.” He said and pinned her down, but she slipped easily under him.

It was always like that, they would flirt a bit, more like a lot and after that they would train hard. Almost really hard. Y/N was an expert in hand-to-hand combat and with everything else that required balance. So sometimes she offered to act as a moving target to Clint, usually against his desires.

“Wanna shoot some arrows at me Hawkeye?” She asked straddling him, keeping him from getting up. With her hands on his chest and leaning her face to his.

Clint arched an eyebrow and opened his mouth to say something but closed it faster, she had a strange look in her eyes.

“So?” She whisperer. After that he started to poke her sides, causing her to laugh and scream.

“OH FOR THOR’S HAMMER GUYS NOT AGAIN!” Tony entered the room covering his eyes with an open hand. “Everytime I came in here I have to see you guys all sweet on each other!”

“We’re not sweet on each other Stark” Y/N stood up quickly and gave Clint a hand to copy her act.

“What do you need Tony?” Clint had an amused expression on his face. He was sweet for her, and Tony knew it.

“Woah woah sorry there, I’ll have to borrow your cat for a while. The Cap needs her.”

“Shit! I forgot” Y/N ran out of the room leaving the two men alone.

Two days after that Y/N hadn’t spoken to Clint, or vice versa. She was busy with missions and so was he. So when Clint entered the living room at midnight and found her in the couch with a massive blanket and a bowl of popcorn he decided to join her.

“Want company?” She looked up with tired eyes.


The blonde one sat beside her and grabbed a bunch of popcorn while she passed channel after channel.

“Are you going to put a movie or…?”

“Ugh Clint, yes I am. If you don’t want me to do zapping leave me alone. Okay?!”

He was surprised, really surprised. And after the words left her mouth she looked down and started to play with the blanket nervously.

“I-I’m sorry I’m tired and… it’s been a long day. I didn’t meant to yell at you.”

He nodded and took her hand in his, but as soon as he did that she looked at him. Once again, something weird in her eyes.

“Besides that, are you okay kitten?” He smiled at her, and her checks went pink. His smile got bigger.

“Well… yes, I mean no. I don’t know.”

“Tell me then. Maybe I can help”

Y/N put down the popcorn and sat closer to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. Unknowing what she was causing to him.

“It’s silly” Y/N said and touched his fingers, one by one. “It’s really silly Clint, you’ll laugh.”

“At you?” she nodded “Never.”

He was enjoying to have her like that, in his arms, with her hands in his and their fingers playing together. And without thinking twice, he started to brush her hair with his fingers, causing her to moan.

“I’m jealous” the words were as soft as a whisper.

She was jealous? Of what? Of who? He could feel his world crumbling down. And she took his silence as an encouragement to keep talking.

“Wanda’s pretty much in love with Vision, and Nat… well Nat is perfect. Everyone has the person that they love at their side and mine…” she trailed off. Shaking her hair.

“And yours?”

“Well mine is an asshole.”

“I’ll kick his ass” Clint said and hugged her tightly.

“Well that would be funny. Can you kick your own ass?”

Her eyes opened widely as she quickly stood up. She did it, she just fucking confessed her feelings, in a weird way.

“Oh shit. Shit, shit.” She said walking around the couch.

Clint was looking at her with a big smile on his lips, and with a heart full of sparks. She liked him, she loved him. He wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by, so he grabbed her hand and pulled to him.

“Clint, I’m sorry. It-“

“I’m the person that you love?”

“Well… yeah, but It’s okay if you don’t fe-“

“Oh Y/N shut up. I’m in love with you, so in love with you that my heart hurts”

She smiled and blushed, and crashed her lips with his.

“Well finally!” Nat shouted at them and walked to her room with a glass of water on her hands. “Wrap it up kids!”

He smiled in her lips. After that they spent the night cuddling in the couch watching movies.

Kidge Headcanons (platonic) (submission)
  • Keith showers daily. Never forgets. Pidge on the other hand, poor hygiene. He reminds them to shower when they get particularly grody. 
  • Pidge will do whatever Keith tells them, no questions asked. If he says punch Lance, guess who’s getting punched.
  • This goes both ways, actually. If Pidge says to poke the robot with something sharp and metal, Keith will do it. He’ll get zapped, but he’ll do it
  • Nobody on the team understands them the way they understand each other. They’re damn near telepathic. They’ll finish each other’s sentences.
  • Keith has anger issues and will sometimes punch the walls. Pidge will usually guide him over to their bed, which I’ll be damned if they don’t share a bed, so he can punch something softer
  • Yes they have idividual beds but they both sleep better with a warm body next to each other, and Keith loves to pressure stim w Pidge on his back. It works
  • When shit gets bad Pidge gets unruly, and binge eats, gets drunk and self harms. Keith is always there to clean them up
  • They both can be pretty reckless (Keith more so) so they’re both pretty adept at dealing with wounds and sniffles. It comes in handy on multiple missions
  • Keith stims by chewing and flapping, as well as pressure stims. Pidge stims with fidgets and rocking, as well as loud clacking sounds (rocking while typing = heaven)
  • They share underwear but Like. Pidge’s looks like girls underwear on Keith and Keith’s falls to their knees. Catch them giving a fuck. Neither do
  • Keith and Pidge actually have the same hair cut; Keith’s hair flops down where Pidge’s poofs up
  • By extension sometimes they’ll style their hair like the other and talk like them all day, pissing everybody off
  • They can fly each others lions. Nobody else can do that. They can’t communicate or do anything fancy but basic lift off, up and down shit. 
  • Sometimes Keith will give Pidge piggy back rides. It’s gay n cute and they work together seamlessly, as always.
  • When the PTSD hits one of them the other never leaves. This makes missions difficult sometimes, but worth it considering how well they usually work together
  • They suffer together over the Kerberose Mission
  • Their official relationship title is “Broplatonic Cryptid Buddies" 

john and sherlock doing zapping, nothing interesting on telly, when they stumble with “the lion king”. The film has already started but they haven’t missed much, because it’s the scene where Mufasa is showing Simba their lands. John remembers having watched this film sometime but he barely holds any memory of it, meanwhile sherlock keeps sulking like a four year old and burying his head against the pillow he has in his arms, muffling sounds of disapproval and asking john to just turn the tv off and go to sleep. but john has none of it and keeps watching the film. he tells sherlock he might like it, but sherlock comes off with a retorical argument of how unoriginal and unproductive this film is. but he watches it anyway, because john has no intention to leave the couch and sherlock isn’t sleepy and although he won’t confess it out loud, he craves for john’s company right now.

they don’t speak for a while then and when Mufasa dies in the film, john’s eyes tear up a little bit. “If i was a kid i bet my kidneys i’d be crying like a baby at this. Sherlock?” John finds sherlock sobbing silently against the pillow, his swollen eyes focused on the tv screen, and when he notices john’s attention on him, he hides his face from embarrassment. “Go away John.”

“Sherlock, is okay to cry. It’s an emotional scene. It is meant to be like that.”

“I don’t cry over kids films.”

“It is not really a kids film, you know.”


“And it’s the feeling everybody has when someone we love leaves this world.”


“I felt like that when i thought i had lost you that time.”


“And i know it’s what you felt when you lost your dog.”

Sherlock’s tears increase. There’s a strangled noise coming out of his throat and then he’s clutching John’s sleeves with anxiety. John shushes him down and opens his arms to welcome him in the warm space they’re providing. “Shhh, it’s okay, Sherlock. Let it all out. It was about time you did that. Let it all out.”

John grabs the tv controller and turns it off. 221B is filled with broken sobs as John’s heart breaks a little bit.

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