Heyyy there it is. I’m not as proud of this one as I was my last two, but… I don’t know if its because Daruk’s Protection is my least favorite ability, or if its cause I did a bad job. Can’t tell. XD

Anyway URBOSA’S FURY IS NEXT AND I’M SUPER EXCITED. I’m still arguing with myself over the pose I want… but I’m pretty sure it has to do with sassy zap snap fingers. 

I’ll also be streaming that tomorrow with my friends =O I leave links when the stream goes live =w= 

Mipha’s Grace / Revali’s Gale

Evi:  “So, I hear you’ve had your first experience with your alien powers?”

Dani:  “Yeah, I felt so bad.  I zapped dad.”

Evi:  “Why don’t you go get some of the fish and chips that I made and we can talk about ways to work on your control.”

After Dani sits back down….

Natalia laughing:  “You should have seen daddy’s face!  It was so funny!”

Evi shoves food in her mouth so she doesn’t laugh out loud…..

Dragus looks hard at her, knowing she’s laughing on the inside.  

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Love Songs for Sam

It is true like salted caramel.
When you say you want to
Overwhelm me with sex, I 
Become like electricity. I spark;
I zap; I happen. I am ready
Like dice, like toys, like pieces
Of the jigsaw spread out: I am
Devoutly horny in every part
Of my fined frame. Name me
As yours. Claim my body for
Exquisite use. I am cannot refuse.