I wanna see more “canon gem” ocs and gemsonas b/c i want people who STILL think “there can only be one” to go away

heck, i wanna see people make multiples of the same gem, like here’s three amethysts, here’s another pearl, here’s my ruby and sapphire fanart and here’s my own ruby and sapphire.

just like, make those people who get pissy over gem multiples so mad they just have to get over it or stop


The Official Equestria Girls Website has been updated with lots of new Friendship Games Content. We now also have some images of the upcoming Rollerskater dolls.

What a weird fucking night/morning

Doug and I went to bed early last night because we were both zapped after yesterday. (It was so early that I was watching children still riding their bikes as I was preparing for bed. Disgraceful.)

Anyway, we awoke at like 1:00 a.m. to the sound of a crash in one of the adjoining rooms that scared the bejesus out of us. Doug proceeded to go after the sound with the giant bat he keeps by the bed, only to find nothing. It wasn’t even the cat that caused the noise - he was sleeping on the couch and didn’t wake up. Finally we found what it was: I must’ve propped my wooden back-washing brush up unsteadily on the side of the shower, because it fell over. Alright, great, noise problem solved. We got back into a restless sleep.

The morning comes and I’m so zonked I didn’t even hear Doug’s alarm go off. I know he kissed me goodbye and I briefly woke up, but that’s all I remember. I woke up an hour before my alarm thinking, huh, it’s weird that I’m awake, but I saw it was still an hour before my alarm goes off so I went back to sleep. 

I woke up for good when my alarm went off, made my smoothie and coffee, put on my makeup and clothes, and took care of the dog, as usual. I was in the car ready to roll by 8:30. I looked at my phone for the first time since my alarm went off and saw I had a million texts and missed calls from the girls at reception and my boss being like, OHMYGOD are you okay? Where are you? at which point I thought they’re all fucking crazy and I’m the only sane one on the planet.

Apparently my phone must have picked up EST at some point (which isn’t uncommon in the area, though it hasn’t happened yet since we’ve lived in NWI,) and I’d been living my life an hour behind. Everyone was totally understanding, but I felt like an asshole that I stood up my first clients, and now I’m just all discombobulated. 


doodles of my squid kid characters that were in that comic I made!!! also someone else

the first four are super friends and they splat together. Akino uses the N-Zap ‘85, Murdy uses the Krak-On roller, Rika uses the Kelp Splatterscope, and Keko alternates between the Inkbrush and the Rapid Blaster :ooo

Alto is just my squidsona!!! They don’t do turf war or anything like that. They prefer to just watch,

So I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow about my anxiety, so I just looked up SSRI stuff. I had forgotten that there is no specific anti-anxiety medication - it’s pretty much all “depression/anxiety/related brain issues” medication. And they all have lots of pretty-much-expected side effects. I was on something or other that squashed my sex drive and my emotions generally, then I switched to Effexor which worked well for the depression and anxiety but gave me face zaps and dizziness if I missed or even was late with a dose. I went off the meds when I switched jobs (my depression is largely situational and was triggered by my old job) and I was so dizzy that I had my doctors prescribe anti-vertigo meds.

So. Obviously I talk to my doctor and weigh the pros and cons, but it seems like it comes down to “reduced anxiety with side effects” or “maintain this level of anxiety without meds”.

And just to be fully clear, my anxiety isn’t situational or triggered. I’m an anxious person because my brain produces too much adrenalin. Mindfulness and meditation and awareness and therapy do not cause my brain to produce less adrenalin, so they are not fully effective solutions to this type of anxiety. It’s not something I can “learn to manage” because it’s a brain chemistry issue.

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preference for how he tries to protect you?


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Gabriel is one that always keeps an eye or you, wether you know it or not. When he’s around you he is always close, always ready to jump in when you get in danger or ready to zap you out of a heated situation. He needs to know that you are safe, so even when you are out alone, on a hunt or just on a walk, he watches over you from the distance. More than once during a tough hunt it happened that Gabriel appeared out of nowhere and pushed you out of the way when something attacked you or zapped you away without even appearing himself. He really deserves the name Guardian Angel and does everything to keep you safe, no matter how often you tell him you are able to handle things on your own. But then again it’s very sweet of him to be protective like that and you can not be mad at him when he tells you he only did because he loves you.


Balthazar knows that you are able to protect yourself, but he can’t help but jump in now and then, showing you that he is worried about your safety, even if you sometimes doubt it. When you are out together he always has his arm around your waist, first to show everybody you are his and second because he can act faster this way, getting you out of a situation or pushing you behind him if things get critical. You like when he acts like this, it’s so different from his usual sassy and reckless behavior and proves you once again that there is much more behind his eyes than anyone could see. Balthazar loves when you tell him you don’t need his help, but in the end are happy that he was there.


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The devil has his very own way to keep you safe, something you don’t know but he would never stop doing. Despite watching over you when you are alone he also shields you with his wings everytime he is with you. He keeps them out of your sight, knowing you would probably protest, but they are always there, around you and it only takes him half a second to make them visible and protect you this way. He’s always between you and other people when you are around many of them, making sure none of them touches you and when they accidently do he get’s very angry, shooting them a glare that makes them regret their mistake immediately. Lucifer is not sorry fo acting like this, even when you scold him, he just wants to know you are safe and nobody harms you.

Electro-torture and Coyotes

So last weekend I was fortunate enough to have another scene with one of the best tops around; a man who I honestly believe to be one of the best electricity tops in the country. No one has gear like him or skill like him. His name is Diva, and if you ever meet him dear god talk to him because he’s a bit of a hermit and a ghost.

I had done one scene with him about 9 months ago (the last time I saw him) and I was very impressed by how thorough he was regarding safety and whatnot. Fantastic work. Anyways he knew what I liked, and zapped me with a wonderful little toy that I’m saving up for now. It’s going to be a while because it’s about $400, but very worth it.

Anyways, he is the only person I’ve ever met who can make me scream at the top of my lungs and have that be a GOOD thing. Usually that’s a really bad sign, and something is wrong whether it’s too much too soon or the wrong toy or me not processing the pain right or whatever.

So he’s frying me with his little black box of fun, and I’m screaming like I never have before, and begging him for more like a complete whore. The scene felt like 20 minutes, but was really about an hour I’m told. Eventually some people came to watch the spectacle, because it was so loud that people downstairs wanted to make sure I was alright. None of them had ever heard me scream like that except my partner, who had only heard those noises as a bad thing. And there I was begging for more and bratting so I would get it.

Anyways, after our scene I put on my dress and shuffled away (feeling somewhat different and all around excellent) the host of the party informed me that before the scene started, there had been a group of coyotes outside howling and baying. Apparently my yelling and screaming (which was very primal and apparently very shocking for lots of the guests) scared off the pack of wild coyotes.

I literally chased off an apex predator with my screams.

Now that’s some shit.

I had a dream that I accidentally zapped one of my neopets into a ufo and tbh I’m super pissed they don’t have a ufo neopet

(Open) Kelp Me Now

One afternoon, Kouika was just roaming around the Kelp Dome- her favorite hangout. She was wielding her lucky N-Zap ‘87 for safety measures; after hearing about rogue Octarians, she’s not taking any chances.

“One splat here, one sprinkler there- no, that won’t work! How about two splotches here, then lob the sprinkler onto that middle point! Yeah, that should do it…”

Ko adjusts her specs; recently upgraded by the sea urchin down the alley. I really need contacts.