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I know this is weird but, am I the only one in this fandom that wants Eggs and Ennard to take Handy Unit with them in the fake ending?? I know he fired Eggs but it's kinda sad just thinking he's the only one left in the facility, all by himself. I wish they could take him along with them in a USB or something or install him at home. Heck, even use the spare parts and make him a body? Just don't leave him down there...

AGREED, i would watch a whole TV show based on these three and their bickering xD 

  • Investigate the mound of hair.
  • kawmapkarma answered: Is that a crown? Help the -completely innocent- princess up, you fool!

Investigating the mound of hair, you notice the tell-tale sign of royalty - a glimmering crown! No doubt a princess lies underneath, so you make quick work in getting her on her feet.

…Huh? Where… am I?”

You bow and introduce yourself as a brave and loyal knight! After a quick scuffle involving a wizard, your trusty friend Glenn Fireslayer gave him a good zapping with his own wand. This has apparently resulted in the teleporting of a - or rather, the - Frog Princess. There’s a princess for just about everything these days.

The princess looks at you in a deep confusion. You’d attend to her well-being, but, well, there’s a more important matter at hand.

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i was zapping and a movie came on called Ella Enchanted and i just froze cause the opening song is strange magic

Does Ella Enchanted have ‘Strange Magic’ in it? Huh. I’ve only seen Ella Enchanted once and like to forget it exists because… yeahhh

Instead, you should totally totally totally read Ella Enchanted the beautiful and perfect book by Gail Carson Levine, anon, Trust me on this.

Plasma-zapping process could yield trans fat-free soybean oil product

Purdue University researchers have developed a hydrogenation process that could solidify soybean oil for food processing without creating trans fats, which have been linked to heart disease and stroke.

Hydrogenation is a chemical process that transforms liquid vegetable oil to a solid or semisolid state - useful for creating food products like vegetable shortening and margarine. However, the intense heat required in the conventional hydrogenation process causes the formation of harmful trans fats, which can raise cholesterol levels and lead to heart disease and diabetes. Because of this, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration removed partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) from the list of safe foods in 2015. Some food manufacturers now use palm oil and other imported oils that do not require hydrogenation, rather than less expensive soybean oil.

To maintain demand for soybeans in the U.S. food market by safely producing PHOs, former Purdue professor Kevin Keener, now at Iowa State University, and doctoral student Ximena Yépez developed a process known as high-voltage atmospheric cold plasma (HVACP) hydrogenation. This process occurs at room temperature, avoiding the high temperatures that cause trans fats to form.

Traditional hydrogenation processes rely on a catalyst, high pressure and high temperatures to separate molecular hydrogen into atoms, Yépez said, but the HVACP process bypasses the catalyst and uses high-voltage electrical discharges to separate the molecules. Once the hydrogen molecule is split, each atom attaches to the double bonds between the molecules in the oil, giving them more structure. More structured molecules cause the oil to become more solid, or “saturated.”

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Train & equip a trans woman of color to provide sliding-scale electrolysis to her many communities. ONLY 16 DAYS LEFT!!!!

Send Yocheved to electrology school, so she can provide no to low cost electrolysis to Trans folks across the country!

Hi! I’m Yocheved. I’m a working class trans woman of color living in Florida. I have a couple of problems I’m working to solve in one fell swoop and I want your help.

Number one: trans women are overwhelmingly poor, broke, unemployed, underemployed or otherwise strapped. Everywhere. Almost always. And in a country with a heterocentric medical industry, none of our basic care gets covered. One of the simplest things we need for our emotional health and physical safety is often one of the first people notice: we need to afford hair removal, especially on our faces. 

Electrolysis is the most versatile, most permanent hair removal solution available and costs $65-$125 per hour on average (and can take between 100 and 400 hours of treatment time for a trans woman’s full face). There are a very small handful of low-rate, trans-safe/friendly electrologists scattered across the country.

Number two: I am poor. Fun as it sounds, working in coffee shops the rest of my life probably won’t leave me in particularly good health by the time I’m older. I’m willing to tug my own bootstraps, but the laws of physics don’t support the likelihood of me lifting myself all the way up. I’m asking for a boost.

Receiving training as a licensed electrologist will provide me a career that could last a lifetime. This is a gateway to a much more stable life for me. I currently have no way to afford this on my own and FAFSA sure doesn’t cover electrolysis school. I will be thrilled to give back to the communities of which I am a part.

So help me swoop both these the problems right into yesteryear by helping me build a carreer providing low- to no-cost electrolysis to my many trans communities!

The Deal

Let me break down this request, because $10,000 ain’t pocket change:

Tuition at [tk school name]: $5,000

Dectro Apilus Senior 3G electrolysis machine: $4,000

Board Exam for license: $305

Electrolysis needles for use during schooling: $100

Total: $9,804 plus sales tax on the machine and needles

As part of my commitment to ethical crowdfunding, a ledger of my costs and expenditures will be available openly online at:


I feel strongly committed to maximizing the usefulness of this fundraiser–your donations will benefit myself, rural and poor trans communities across the South, and Wild Iris.

For the first year, I want to pledge 15% of profits toWild Irisand 15% to a Trans Affairs account to fund medical transitions, charging a sliding scale of $0 to $140  for trans people. I’ll lug my set-up to queer gatherings/conferences and attempt to tour lgbtq centers in an attempt to really share this resource as far and wide as possible.

This may sound cosmetic, but the impact will be much more than skin deep.

Other Ways You Can Help

Dear jeeb–get the word out! Share this on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Ello, Diaspora, MySpace…whatever you’ve got. Send a personal request to friends and family who you know can afford to help.

And remember to subvert the dominant algorithm: always click “like” and “share” on Facebot so the posts can get popular enough to show up in more and more newsfeeds.

And thank you kindly for reading this far. Your support means a lot.

Donate Donate Donate!!! ONLY 16 DAYS LEFT