zaoll dreaming luv


* * * par *TatianaB*


* * * by *TatianaB*


Doll Family 2016 par *TatianaB*

Ok, I thought it was about time for a resin comparison pic, especially whilst all the above resin is still new, all 2017 cast & all recieved within the last 2 months.
1,2 & 3 at the top are all varieties of NS whilst 4, 5 & 6 are all WS resin parts.

1. Zaoll Dreaming Luv head back - Normal

2. Zaoll Luv head back - Normal. Ordered from Dollmore at the same time as 1 but possibly either from 2 different resin batches and/or one is a slightly older in-stock head whereas the other was cast more recently.

3. Doll Legend 70cm Male jointed hand in Normal Yellow

4. Luts Senior Delf flip flop foot in Real Skin White

5. Immortality of Soul Class 70 foot in New White. As you can see, Luts Real Skin White & IOS New White are a very close resin match.

6. Doll Legend 70cm Male jointed hand in White - very much yellower in colour than IOS or Luts white.


I visited Marionpal for a weekend in June and we took some doll pictures, of course. These were just quick snapshots before sunset, but I’m still pretty happy with them since I’ve wanted to take photos of these two ever since I got Diana in January. ♥ The matching outfits, a mix of pink and blue, were a lucky coincidence we noticed during the photoshoot. ^_^

  • Maria - Dream of Doll Shall (owner: marionpal)
  • Diana - Zaoll Luv

Lyra looks super pale beside Val, lol. No bodyblushing, no tattoos, even her hands aren’t properly blushed… but I really wanted to put her together :D

Took me a bit to figure out clothes that fit and suit her; the FDoll female SD body is super slim, and probably needs MSD tops. Every piece of SD clothing I have is too big on her <.< but that stuff now fits. And she looks like- … a Freestyle dancer? Dunno.
Since I still need to figure out who she is dancer might even be an option xD