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Welcome Home by amaranth’s castaways
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Ennis St. George is finally home! She got sent back to England from customs, and then back to America again. >.< I’m glad she made it here safely. So here’s 10 things about Ennis: 1. She is an athlete, and loves pretty much any sport. 2. She drinks far too many energy drinks. 3. She LOVES to travel. 4. She has dual English and American citizenship. 5. She studied abroad in London and lived with her dad, who spoiled her rotten. 6. She is not very close with her older sister, Elliot, but secretly wishes they were. 7. She loves Pokemon and Star Wars, but doesn’t really consider herself a nerd. (She is, but eh, no one will convince her otherwise.) 8. She’s overcome an eating disorder in her teens. 9. She can deadlift 156lbs. (She likes to feel strong.) 10. She is unafraid to try things like skydiving, rock climbing, and free driving.


Doll Family 2016 par *TatianaB*


Lyra looks super pale beside Val, lol. No bodyblushing, no tattoos, even her hands aren’t properly blushed… but I really wanted to put her together :D

Took me a bit to figure out clothes that fit and suit her; the FDoll female SD body is super slim, and probably needs MSD tops. Every piece of SD clothing I have is too big on her <.< but that stuff now fits. And she looks like- … a Freestyle dancer? Dunno.
Since I still need to figure out who she is dancer might even be an option xD

On stakeout.

Knox has an usual hobby… she spies on her neighbors XD

I’m super proud of that shirt, it’s nothing special but it’s by far the nicest one I’ve ever sewn. Also she’s finally got her eel tattoo back. I drew it a while ago on paper then scanned it and printed it out again smaller on temp tattoo paper. It needs redoing but I really like the method.


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