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Meet Lyraye, or Lyra for short.

Finally decided on a name (thanks, wikipedia) and finished up her wig :)
I really love the natural curls of Mohair, but its sooo puffy xD MIght try a short mohair wig someday - also found a new way of glueing self-dyed wefts on (hot glue, wooohoo.) which works exactly the same as if I’d glue them on with latex milk… only need to see about coloring the wig cap before glueing everything on. At least mohair is so thick that you can’t see any bald spots xD


Lyra looks super pale beside Val, lol. No bodyblushing, no tattoos, even her hands aren’t properly blushed… but I really wanted to put her together :D

Took me a bit to figure out clothes that fit and suit her; the FDoll female SD body is super slim, and probably needs MSD tops. Every piece of SD clothing I have is too big on her <.< but that stuff now fits. And she looks like- … a Freestyle dancer? Dunno.
Since I still need to figure out who she is dancer might even be an option xD

On stakeout.

Knox has an usual hobby… she spies on her neighbors XD

I’m super proud of that shirt, it’s nothing special but it’s by far the nicest one I’ve ever sewn. Also she’s finally got her eel tattoo back. I drew it a while ago on paper then scanned it and printed it out again smaller on temp tattoo paper. It needs redoing but I really like the method.