Yandere 2P Hetalia~!

Reaction to you trying to escape their basement/locked bedroom and running away~!

~2P America/Allen (AL) F. Jones

You felt your sanity leave your body as the blood of the ones trying to escape that monster that calls himself YOUR lover splatter onto his bat, clothes, the grass and he turns around to look at you. You were never terrified of anything else other than the look he gave you that day..

2P England/Oliver Kirkland

If you know how crazy this guy is why run away?! But if you’re stupid enough and want to run away be my gaze man

2P France/ Francois Bonnefoy

He loved you, no one made his heartache or beat as much you did in such a long time so you leaving,no,no,no,NO. It wasn’t an option he would loose his cool so badly

2P Canada/Matt Williams

Would loose his temper down even though he’s boiling with anger but before getting mad his main goal right now is to find you through these trees that oh he knew so well

2P China/Wang Zao

He would use all of his drug tunnels and contacts to find you and once he does he would slam you agaisnt the wall slut shaming you which would make you cry but since he has a sensitive heart he would cry and beg for forgiveness and not to leave him

2P Russia/ Viktor Braginsky

I’m sure he would threaten you thinking your actions before you decide to escape I mean what could possibly happen to your mom or dad or younger brothers and sister. Mentally making you suffer is his game