zanzibar tavern


Why I Love Toronto Reason #70

The Exterior of the Zanzibar Tavern

Now I have never been to a strip club in Canada my experience has been mostly in Europe, but with all the weddings I’ll be attending in the next year I feel as though I will be visiting a few for bachelor parties. Regardless there are two very popular gentlemen’s clubs in Toronto’s downtown core. The first is the Brass Rail and the second is Reason #70.

Zanzibar is on Yonge Street and has been there for over 51 years (the name Zanzibar is a bit more recent having many other names prior to this one). When the bar originally opened it was a dance club which later featured go-go dancers who eventually became topless dancers to the fully nude strippers the establishment has today. Now I’m not going to speak about the inside of the club or the girls inside because this may turn out being an X rated novel, so I’m going to talk about the exterior.

Like I said I’ve never been inside, I so far prefer European strip clubs. However what is remarkable about this building is the outside. The exterior has a neon girl at the very top corner facing south brightly lit. The girl is holding a cane and kicking her leg looking like a more scandalous can-can dancer. The building also has multiple neon stars scatter among the buildings exterior. At the bottom closest to the doorway a big star that that says Club Zanzibar – the girls never stops! Where a light flashes across the word Zanzibar. Now during the day the building does not look attractive, but at night it a light spectacle that I enjoy just standing across the street and watching. I also love the windows with the little gates they have to protect the air conditioner from falling on the men below. I believe this gives it a Moulin Rouge life feel. Remember in the movie after Ewan McGregor sold his script for Spectacular Spectacular and the bohemians had a party where they were hanging outside the windows of their rooming residence. I feel that if we were in that era that is exactly what would be happening, women would be hanging out the window with men, singing loudly and looking out in the city.

This building represents the history of Yonge Street and therefore it cannot be ignored. No matter how scandalous and such the building may be to people you cannot deny that those bright flashing neon stars are a part of this city’s history. You can’t deny it of that. Also it was featured in the Incredible Hulk when the Hulk had his final battle scene check it out at 0:39 on the link below

That is Why I Love Toronto