I was watching one of those true (?) accounts of hauntings shows (as I often do) and one episode had a demon kind of similar to my demons. It was a one that would mimic people in the house, and it wasn’t until later that the home owners realized that it would never show its face, even when it was pretending to be someone.

A low-level demon would be someone you talk to, maybe even touch, indistinguishable from humans but with a face that you never actually see or one that you can’t seem to recall.

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Hello! i would like to tell you that Zanverse is the most interesting things ive read upon and i just wanna say that not only is the story so thought out but the detail you have given to the cast absolutely intrigues me. I would absolutely LOVE to know more about the spirit world they venture in. Does it have a specific name then the humans? does it lay on a thin or thick boarder from the humans? and how often do they intervene with the humans in this story? (anything else you'd like to say?)

Thank you! I’m happy you enjoy it, I don’t know what else to say 8-8

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