I was watching one of those true (?) accounts of hauntings shows (as I often do) and one episode had a demon kind of similar to my demons. It was a one that would mimic people in the house, and it wasn’t until later that the home owners realized that it would never show its face, even when it was pretending to be someone.

A low-level demon would be someone you talk to, maybe even touch, indistinguishable from humans but with a face that you never actually see or one that you can’t seem to recall.


The seal on Zan’s back hums with a faint energy but otherwise does nothing. It is a physical manifestation of the binding of Kayin’s soul to a spirit core, thus it thrives not on the body but the core itself. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for its existence other than to brand Zan’s body as unnaturally made.

There are two known types of sensing humans informally categorized as natural/spontaneous and nonnatural/nonspontaneous. Humans with high innate (spontaneous) ability to sense demons and spirits “pull” them over into the human plane. Based on this principle, nonspontaneous sensers are trained in such a way that they forcibly bring demons/spirits into this plane to the extent that they too can see and interact with them.

Kayin is a nonspontaneous senser trained by Baako, who is also nonspontaneous. As to who trained Baako, Kayin does not know… During Zan’s travels in the modern age, he does not encounter anyone that appears to be a nonspontaneous senser, thus he is not sure if the practice has long since died out or if it’s simply extremely rare.

The same–you keep saying that we are the same!

Although Zan houses Kayin’s soul, the two are separate beings. Zan feels compelled to become Kayin, as if it’s in his nature. He rejects it, to the best of his ability, wanting to remain as he is. He even comes to fear that becoming Kayin will erase what he is now. When this internal conflict gets too far out of control, his “dreams” begin to interfere with his consciousness and it becomes harder for him to discern what is actually happening and what is playing in his mind.

A demon’s face is a curious thing, appearing differently depending on human sensory ability. To a human with low ability, a demon’s face may appear blurry, or they may not realize until after the encounter that they cannot recall what that face actually looked like. To a human with high ability, however, a demon face is quite visible and often instills a great sense of discomfort or fear.