Some fool: Are you still going to be Obessesed with this pairing?

Me: Does Tumblr think Heterosexuals are devil spawn?

Some fool: …yes?

Me: There’s your answer.

Death Debts (Jaydick) Part 1/2

For Jaydick week: day 7 Talons/Court of the Owls. Part ½. 

A/N: Think of this as a rougher first version, there are still some revisions to come before it gets posted to AO3 (so feel free to hang on till then) but this is me, diving in to hit jaydick week. This part is 15k. Theres is possibly another 5/6k more in the last part. Bloody hell this was supposed to be a oneshot.

Having his own prisoner was never in Jason’s plan to get the hell back to his own universe. Having that personal prisoner be a Dick Grayson, a screwed up Talon obsessed with his (un)death? 

Oh yeah, Jason was having so much fun. 

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Nightwing: Dating and Replacing

Prompt: YJ nightwing x reader where the reader is Constantine’s sidekick, has magic and joins the team and no one knows who she is except Bart who knows her as the future Mrs Grayson. Bart sets them up because when they first meet they don’t like each other (Like Dick feels that she’s replacing Zantana).

Warnings: None


“You could’ve used a different spell to subdue him, one less dangerous maybe?”
“I knocked him unconscious! I didn’t kill the guy!” You were growing tired of defending your every action to Nightwing, everything you did somehow needed improving.
“That’s not enough! You should’ve kept him conscious for questioning.” The leader in blue reprimanded for what felt like the thousandth time.
“He woke up half an hour later. This way he wouldn’t cause any issues during transportation.” You had kept to safety precautions and their ‘no killing’ rules, what more could he want?
“Forget it (y/n), I have to write the mission report.”
“Whatever.” You scoffed, leaving the vigilante with a dismissive wave.

Yet another argument with Nightwing because of your ‘inability’ to reach his ridiculously high standards. You didn’t understand it, the others must’ve noticed how hard he was being on just you in particular, M'gann had told you not to worry - that your magic was completely fine, but there was something she was withholding.
Constantine had put you on this team for a reason, you hunted demons and dealt with celestial’s as his sidekick for goodness sake - you were completely capable of handling this.

Along came another mission which Blue Beetle had actually congratulated you on and Batgirl had thanked you for saving her from being burnt to a crisp. A job well done right?
“(Y/n)?! What was that? You acted recklessly and -” Nightwing began after everyone had left upon receiving their ‘congratulations’.
By this point, you’d had enough. You and your team knew you had done a damn good job today regardless of Nightwing’s opinions, so the heated anger boiling in the pit of your stomach finally erupted.
“What is your problem with me?!” Came the venomous tone filled with rage.

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