The pictures all belong to Rico Haase, Marco Zanone and Lena Herrmann / copyright Rico Haase, Marco Zanone and Lena Herrmann !!

Lena Herrmann, born January 28th 1994, is one of the strongest climbers in Germany. After having won lots of junior competitons she started focussing more on rockclimbing. In June 2016 she became the 1st woman to climb 8c+ in the Frankenjura (Germany) with the route “Battle Cat”. Jean-Marc had the chance to do an interview with her. Have fun reading :)

Also, check out the following movie about Lena climbing Battle Cat (8c+): 

1. Wie alt warst du, als du mit Klettern angefangen hast und wie bist du dazu gekommen?

How old were you when you started climbing and how did you discover this sport?

Ich war noch ein kleines Mädchen als ich meine ersten Kletterversuche gestartet habe. Mein Papa hat meine Schwester und mich mit in den Wald genommen, wo wir anfangs mehr im Dreck gespielt haben als zu klettern. Ich erinnere mich unglaublich gern, und sogar noch sehr intensiv, an diese Tage. Später wuchs dann das Interesse für das, was Papa so machte, während wir spielten, und somit entwickelte sich der Reiz fürs Klettern!

I was only a little girl when I started my first tries in climbing. My dad took me and my sister into the woods where we played more in the dirt at the beginning than we were climbing. I love to remember those days and I still remember them as if it were yesterday. Later, I grew some interest in which my father did while I was playing and I developped an attraction for climbing!

2. Hast du irgendwelche Kletteridole?

Do you have any role models in climbing?

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anonymous asked:

Hermione and Snape, what to do think about the talented late Alan Rickman that played Snape. As well as talented Emma Watson that play Hermione, in the films.

Pictured: Severus Snape as portrayed by Alan Rickman and Hermione Granger as portrayed by Emma Watson // Artworks: Severus Snape by Eileen9 and Hermione - Harry Potter by W-E-Z


We’ve already answered a number of questions in regards to the talented, late Alan Rickman, which you can read here, here, and here

As for Emma Watson, we believe she encapsulated Hermione’s personality, drive, and fierce stamina with skill and grace. It’s quite a spot-on portrayal.

Hermione maintains that Miss Watson is ‘far prettier’ than her, but I beg to differ. -disagreeable growl- And why they couldn’t, at least, give Miss Watson my wife’s wild hair is beyond me. That is, perhaps, my only criticism, with all due respect to Miss Watson’s performance. It’s not her fault. 


anonymous asked:

I haven't sent in a prompt in forever, so here's this: Humans and Galra are the only species with "contact sports". Except, Galra "C.S." are the gladiator pits, and that's the only kind of "C.S." most of the universe know. The kind where the opponent is trying their hardest to incapacitate or kill you, even Galra recognise the violence of it. (1/2 due to space)

First off, sorry for taking so long to respond back and pretty much vanishing for the last few days (or however long it has been… I don’t even know anymore…) My week ended up being totally insane! If you’re interested in the details I’ll stick it at the bottom of this under a read more. The TL;DR is more or less that since Thursday I pretty much spent every second either working or sleeping until Saturday and Saturday after work I needed Fiance time.

On to the asks!

While I can’t see Alteans participating or agreeing with Gladiator Pits I can totally see them having Contact Sports on par with rugby (Seriously have you watched a full contact non-american sport? They are BRUTAL and have very little padding!) and things like MMA or Boxing. After all the training simulator that wiped the floor with the team was set on a level fit for a child and their king running into dangerous situations without anyone batting an eye. I can totally see Alteans being the Steve Irwins of the Universe as they explored new places. 

All of that said I think they would all be a bit taken aback when the paladins rough housing with each other and seeing some of the contact sports we find entertaining. Alteans because “Wait, you can’t manage things a child can do and complained about it but this ‘football’ is entertaining for you to do?” and Galra would respond with “you condemn our Gladiator Pits but are cheering as these two humans try to beat the other into submission with their only slightly padded hands?”

Totally going to put these on the back burner to write with later because I can see it fitting into Papa Kitty very well as well as Den Mothers and little one shots! 



Expect this to be a thing. Seriously, I love these things! Didn’t know the name until now (thank you, Zanon) but I looooooove weapons like this! Just imagine the possibilities here. They are numerous and awesome!

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