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Hi Zach x Yesterday I had a P.E lesson at school, and because of my weight last year I couldn't even run a proper one lap, this year I did 15 running laps in less than 10 minutes. The problem is, I still felt like a failure, so I had a major breakdown. I felt like everybody was staring at me for the wrong reasons (I'm fat) I'm tired of just focusing on my weight loss thingy, I don't want to compare myself with other girls anymore, I wanna live happily without so much stress, need your help! :'/

Let me do the math real quick…..calculating…

YOU’RE A FREAKIN’ STUD!  In one year you’ve made 1500% PROGRESS!

I know how it is to accomplish something and still feel like it’s not enough because I have dealt with that negative self talk all the time. 

We need to stop talking like that to ourselves, whether you want to or not. When those evil little voices start to throw a party in your head, DENY them.

Say to yourself,

“I am a unique and special individual. I don’t let the negatives project from inside me. I am a strong, beautiful, and kind person. I will not let anyone deny my happiness. This is my life, I control it. I am proud of my progress and will continue to pursue my goals and aspire my personal greatness. These voices in the shadows are not of good but of evil and I don’t lend my ears to them. Fear and failure exist but I choose to be better than yesterday and nothing can hold me back. I love myself unconditionally and I will pour in to others the joy inside me, whether they deserve it or not. ”

Copy, Paste, Cut, tweak this however you want but carry it everywhere with you. When the going gets tough, read this to yourself. Remind yourself of who you are and don’t let anyone define you.

It will get better, I promise.

Lift Life!

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Self righteous with a Jesus complex perfectly describes you

This made me really happy because if you bring Jesus or God to the equation that means you have felt the spirit through my posts! 

8 months ago I didn’t believe in God. 

I give my opinion to the Fitness Family, if they ask for it. Whether you’re a believer, satanist, agnostic, addict, atheist…I don’t judge anyone.

I try my best to live my life the way I think I should and that’s to give, love, and smile.

I can already hear the whispers and murmurs, “That’s so cliche I’m sick. What a loser. He thinks he is better than everyone…Blahhh Blahh blahhh”

If you ever want to talk this one out, I would be honored. In the mean time, I’m going to do that christian thing, “Pray” …I’ll ask for forgiveness too because my first reaction was to hate you.

I’m human, I’m just trying to do my best every day.
Lift Life
, whether you want it or not my hand is always extended to you.