zankyo reference tour final

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カラス (Karasu), part of the CD single Yume Yume released in July 2007, has never left the recorded* live concert set list. This version, performed during the Zankyo Reference Final in Yokohama Arena, is one of the song’s best renditions.

*recorded - videotaped then subsequently released via DVD with the exception of The Shinjuku Loft set list (Overcome Emotion Tour released with the LE version of Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer - 2010). Namely, Yononaka Shredder (2008), Beam of Light Live @ Shibuya AX (Kanjou Effect LE Bonus - 2008), This Is My Budokan?! (2010), Zankyo Reference Tour Final in Yokohama Arena (2012), Jinsei x Kimi Live in Yokohama Arena (2013)