zang zi won


Zang Zi Won

“Mechanical Buddhist Sculpture”

South-Korean artist Zang Zi Won is one crafty person. His mechanical sculptures show imagination and a lot of robotic know-how. They feature human shapes with serene faces contrasted with mechanical parts that actually move. apparently at the core of the project, the artist is making a statement about decision-making and the boundary between mechanical though and spiritual inspiration. Below is a video of the mechanical elements in action!


Buddhist-influenced mechanical sculptures of South-Korena artist Zang Zi Won this morning. “The natural human features of Won’s ‘post-human’ or ‘post-person’ sculptures with its serene and meditative expression are juxtaposed against the disjointed mechanical components…At the core of Won’s works is the issue of decision making- the emotive human decisions against the coded and system judgments made by machines.”